Survivor: Edge of Extinction Bonus Content Roundup – Week 2

Due to two different men bailing on their commitments, you will not be seeing/hearing me on the podcast this week, and you will not be reading Brad’s takes on the bonus videos. But hey, if you’re disappointed by the lack of Emma in your podcast feed (and who wouldn’t be?) at least you can read my words right now.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“Eric the Fisherman”

Eric goes fishing. That’s it, that’s the scene.

This Week in Confessionals

The bulk of these of Kama members saying how easy things have been, maybe being a little restless without the opportunity to vote, and Manu members about how demoralizing it is to lose. The other theme is using returning players for their knowledge and as a shield.

“An Internal Battle”

Well she’s self-aware at least. Aubry has a sense that she’s overplaying and is concerned that her dialogue (yes, she says dialogue again) with individual tribe mates will lead to crossed wires and a blindside. She compares her first two games and explains how she hopes to combine the two very different games with more success. An interesting note is that she expresses the players getting their “sea legs” is the scariest time of the game. The survivors haven’t settled into a groove of the game – especially since Kama hasn’t gone to tribal council – so cray things can happen as everyone figures out how to play.

“He’s Taught Me A Lot”

Come for Ron miming milking Joe and Aubry for Survivor knowledge, stay to learn how he has no intention of ever voting out Joe and letting others do the dirty work when/if Joe loses an immunity challenge. “America won’t hate me for that,” he says. Is Ron going to be worried about his image during the game?

“I Don’t Want To Go Again”

Extended length seems to be a trend for Chris. This confessional is almost four minutes long, so allow me to sum up: Chris is tired of losing and wants to have the numbers. He feels a lot of pressure to carry the tribe in the challenges and wants to be better than Joe. He compares it to the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers saying how you can’t win with just one player… making him Lebron, I guess. Which is an interesting take given that Joe has been the real difference maker. Maybe Eric is Klay Thompson or something? I don’t watch basketball. Maybe this third challenge will be the 2016 finals that Manu is waiting for.

“It Didn’t Go As Planned”

“You can practice swimming all you want, but at the same time it’s just not the experience as when you’re actually in the challenge.”

“Swimming in the ocean and swimming in the pool is not the same. Like, I practiced so freakin’ much in the Duke pool, it was ridiculous, and I was doing good.”

“The Person I Trust The Most”

In case there was still any question, it’s very likely that Wendy was the one who voted for Kelley. So why did Keith (probably) vote for Wendy? He knew about the Wentworth plan… was there fear she had an idol? It sure would be nice to see the vote reveals, but alas. This is the second time that Wendy was unwilling to write down an ally’s name, but this time it was not reciprocal. It’s hard to tell by her reactions because they were subtle, but there’s also the chance she didn’t expect the Keith “blindside.” Will that affect how she trusts other players? That could potentially lead to some interesting gameplay, unfortunately I worry we won’t get to see it due to her injury that’s soon to come.

“What’s Going to Happen?”

Reem content is less fun when there’s no one for her to argue with. The Island of Extinction or Edge of Extinction or whatever definitely looks like a rough time. She says she’s so tired that she didn’t go fishing because she was afraid of drowning. So, not great news for Keith if he decides to join her.

This Week In Gifable Moments

Note: I don’t know how to make gifs and am unwilling to learn, so these are all sourced from

When you signed away your voice and you’re waiting for Prince Eric to arrive.

When it’s 2004 and “Yeah!” just came on at the school dance.

When people say Wentworth is a villain now.

When… I… um… wow.

When you find out Chris is getting married in a couple months.