Survivor Edge of Extinction Week 12 Predictions

This week we’ll spend our time prediction an event that will happen and one that probably won’t. Because they want to make things hard on me. Specifically.

Staff Predictions


It’s starting to not feel like they’re ending EoE this week, so I’m not gonna waste a lot of letters explaining why I think it’ll be David.

Hey, that worked really nicely. I’m gonna do the same in not wasting a lot of letters explaining why I think it’ll be Rick.


I’m positive that the EoE challenge won’t happen this week, and that makes me want to say that Wendy will return from the Edge of Extinction.

Her loyal flock of chickens will go through Rick’s bag and find his new idol, which he found hanging out by the raft. But because they’re chickens and don’t understand Survivor’s rules of engagement, they run off into the woods with Rick’s idol. Rick spends the whole day trying to corral the chickens, which is an effort in vain. Exhausted, he loses the immunity challenge and has to go to Tribal without protection (phrasing). And unanimously, the tribe sends Rick Devens back to the Edge of Extinction.


We may be on a Ben or Mike-like train to victory but in the meantime, might as well predict Rick Devens because we know everyone wants him gone.

As for someone maybe returning from the Edge of Extinction, oh… let’s say Moe.

And by Moe I guess I mean David? Why not.


The women left in the game should want either Devens or Gavin gone. Devens should want Aurora or Gavin gone. If Devens is immune in any way, Gavin seems like a good target, so I’ll say Gavin goes home. As for the returning player, I have no idea who will return, so instead, I will use this prediction space to give hope to the thirsty, thirsty Chris fans and pretend that he’s going to win the challenge and come back into the game.


EoE Returnee: Aubry. Because she’s been the only one shown over there even remotely practicing for the challenge. And because I want her to make the finale for the third time in a row.

Boot: Gavin. Because he’s now an immunity threat and Rick has been shown to have idol prowess.


Okay gonna make this prediction quick: if someone returns this week it is Joe. Gotta pick Joe. Everybody loves Joe.

Vote out: I think Rick’s run ends this week. Just kinda feeling like he has hit the end of his run and the only way he gets saved is if a bigger threat comes back from EoE and also doesn’t win immunity. So basically if Joe comes back. But there is no way I’m predicting both the EoE return person and the boot considering the odds this week. So Rick it is


Andy Brad Emma John
Mark Matt
2nd Boot Wendy Keith Wendy Wendy Keith Wendy Wendy
3rd Boot Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy
4th Boot Wendy Aubry Kelley Aurora Wendy Aurora Wendy
5th or 6th Boot Wendy Aubry Wendy Aubry Wendy Wendy Wendy
7th Boot Wendy Julia Dan Joe Dan Dan Dan
EoE returnee Wendy Chris Rick Rick Chris Rick Rick
8th boot Ron Wardrobe Ron David Ron Ron Ron
9th boot Ron Gavin Ron David David David Julia
10th boot Gavin Aurora Rick David Gavin Julie Aurora
11th boot Julie Gavin Gavin Gavin Dan Gavin Wardog
12th boot Aurora Wardog Gavin Rick Ron Wardog Wardog
13th boot Rick Rick Rick Rick Ron Ron Ron
14th out Rick Rick Rick Gavin Gavin Rick
EoE returnee David Wendy David Chris Aubry Joe

Your Turn

Who will be the next to be voted out?

  • Rick (48% Votes)
  • Gavin (19% Votes)
  • Aurora (15% Votes)
  • EoE Returnee (9% Votes)
  • Julie (8% Votes)
  • Victoria (1% Votes)
  • Lauren (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 79

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Who will return from the Edge of Extinction if they do that this week?

  • Aubry (29% Votes)
  • Joe (21% Votes)
  • Reem (13% Votes)
  • Chris (9% Votes)
  • David (9% Votes)
  • Eric (7% Votes)
  • Kelley (7% Votes)
  • Ron Clark (3% Votes)
  • Wardog (3% Votes)
  • Julia (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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