Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Game Changers week 5

The true fantasy in this league was believing that good things would happen.


Only 15% of you had Sandra on your teams, but let’s be real here: the pain you’re feeling this week has nothing to do with your fantasy team.

Individual scoring table

2 points to the tribe that won the immunity challenge: Epic Challenge Beast Cirie, Sierra, Michaela, Aubry, Brad, Troy, Troy’s pendulous dong, and Hali.

Three points to Tai for finding an idol. Then another three points for finding a second idol.

One point to Andrea, Ozzy, Zeke, Sarah, and Tai for doing something no one has ever done before: vote out La Reina.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Torchoflaw and Jersey Luck are locked in a tight race for the lead, while the Skynet team has moved into third place. Also moving in to the top ten this week? My wife. You may be thinking, “Why didn’t I get a shout out when I got in the top ten?” And the answer is simple: I am not married to you.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1torchoflawBrad- 12Cirie- 13Tai- 24Zeke- 1261
2jersey_luckBrad- 12Sarah- 12Sierra- 12Tai- 2460
3Random LuckCirie- 13Hali- 10Michaela- 10Tai- 2457
4BananaGrubMalcolm- 6Sierra- 12Tai- 24Troy- 1456
4Loki LunaHali- 10Michaela- 10Ozzy- 12Tai- 2456
6dig dougMalcolm- 6Sarah- 12Tai- 24Zeke- 1254
6BrandyMalcolm- 6Michaela- 10Tai- 24Troy- 1454
8HectorTheWellEndowedMalcolm- 6Michaela- 10Tai- 24Zeke- 1252
8MY WIFEHali- 10Malcolm- 6Tai- 24Zeke- 1252
10PurpleTallyBrad- 12Cirie- 13Sarah- 12Troy- 1451
10Joseph FinnAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Tai- 24Zeke- 1251
12tocantinsAndrea- 12JT- 12Ozzy- 12Troy- 1450
12Barbara AndersonAndrea- 12Brad- 12Sierra- 12Troy- 1450
12DrVanNostrandBrad- 12Ozzy- 12Sierra- 12Troy- 1450
12corndogshuffleBrad- 12Sarah- 12Sierra- 12Troy- 1450
16AubrysWinnersEditAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Tai- 2449
17Diego's ArmanbroAndrea- 12JT- 12Sarah- 12Zeke- 1248
17EmAndScoutInBKAndrea- 12Brad- 12Sarah- 12Sierra- 1248
17Survivor CentralHali- 10Sarah- 12Sierra- 12Troy- 1448
17Los UndesirablesBrad- 12Hali- 10Ozzy- 12Troy- 1448
17cazkayeBrad- 12Hali- 10Sarah- 12Troy- 1448
17nipi ipinBrad- 12Michaela- 10Sierra- 12Troy- 1448
17No Eyes in BlindfoldBrad- 12Hali- 10Sierra- 12Troy- 1448
17vaderdawsnCaleb- 2Hali- 10JT- 12Tai- 2448
25Joshua ChangAndrea- 12Cirie- 13Michaela- 10Zeke- 1247
25CasualFanCirie- 13Michaela- 10Ozzy- 12Zeke- 1247
25True AlainerAndrea- 12Cirie- 13Hali- 10Sarah- 1247
25jaredholland32Aubry- 9Brad- 12Sarah- 12Troy- 1447
25Paul CarbyAubry- 9Sarah- 12Sierra- 12Troy- 1447
25MainstoneMoneyHali- 10Ozzy- 12Tai- 24Tony- 147
31Diego's ArmandadDebbie- 10JT- 12Ozzy- 12Sierra- 1246
31AmyinSoCalDebbie- 10JT- 12Sierra- 12Zeke- 1246
31KateAubry- 9Cirie- 13JT- 12Sarah- 1246
31SuhaibAndrea- 12Michaela- 10Sarah- 12Zeke- 1246
31Purple Rock EmmaHali- 10JT- 12Ozzy- 12Sierra- 1246
31sabina1509Andrea- 12Aubry- 9Cirie- 13Sarah- 1246
31Mike HirschAndrea- 12Michaela- 10Sarah- 12Sierra- 1246
31How's Grandma?Andrea- 12Brad- 12Michaela- 10Sierra- 1246
31Brian GoldBrad- 12Hali- 10Sarah- 12Sierra- 1246
31rygelAndrea- 12Brad- 12Hali- 10Sierra- 1246
31SirLiveAlotCaleb- 2Sandra- 8Tai- 24Zeke- 1246
31Tai-chi in PrivateBrad- 12Hali- 10Michaela- 10Troy- 1446
31HurleytennisCaleb- 2Hali- 10Michaela- 10Tai- 2446
44TorcoLuCirie- 13JT- 12Ozzy- 12Varner- 845
44steve2013Cirie- 13Malcolm- 6Sarah- 12Troy- 1445
44Friend ChooserAubry- 9Ozzy- 12Sarah- 12Zeke- 1245
44kirbstompAubry- 9JT- 12Sierra- 12Zeke- 1245
44Kemper BoydCirie- 13Sandra- 8Sarah- 12Sierra- 1245
44MoloAndrea- 12Cirie- 13Hali- 10Michaela- 1045
44Crom DeluiseAubry- 9Brad- 12Michaela- 10Troy- 1445
44HornacekCirie- 13Hali- 10Michaela- 10Sierra- 1245
52Derek YoungAndrea- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 12Troy- 1444
52Ryan DeschampMalcolm- 6Sarah- 12Sierra- 12Troy- 1444
52David CorbettBrad- 12Ozzy- 12Sierra- 12Varner- 844
52Kent McKBrad- 12Debbie- 10Hali- 10Sarah- 1244
52TJ SassAubry- 9Cirie- 13JT- 12Michaela- 1044
52Head Architect SylviaBrad- 12Debbie- 10Michaela- 10Sierra- 1244
52John KenneyAubry- 9Cirie- 13Michaela- 10Sarah- 1244
52MsFjordstoneAubry- 9Cirie- 13Michaela- 10Zeke- 1244
52TonelokeAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Cirie- 13Michaela- 1044
52Super duper fanAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Cirie- 13Hali- 1044
52kristanmarieHali- 10Michaela- 10Sarah- 12Sierra- 1244
52orangealfyHali- 10Michaela- 10Sierra- 12Zeke- 1244
52bassmanxviCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Tai- 24Zeke- 1244
52this bear is tops bloobyCaleb- 2Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 12Tai- 2444
52CrappyAubry- 9Cirie- 13Michaela- 10Sierra- 1244
67Audrey RatajackCirie- 13JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 1243
67Mike SweeneyAubry- 9Debbie- 10JT- 12Sarah- 1243
67Sad LilCirie- 13Debbie- 10Sandra- 8Sarah- 1243
67gouisCirie- 13JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 1243
67indescribable hatBrad- 12Cirie- 13JT- 12Malcolm- 643
67WampusCirie- 13Michaela- 10Sandra- 8Zeke- 1243
67Side CharacterAndrea- 12Cirie- 13Michaela- 10Sandra- 843
67JimAubry- 9Hali- 10JT- 12Sarah- 1243
67ryell-00Andrea- 12Aubry- 9Michaela- 10Ozzy- 1243
67Prom KingAubry- 9JT- 12Michaela- 10Sierra- 1243
67TheForRealDealAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Brad- 12Michaela- 1043
67Matt WAubry- 9Brad- 12Michaela- 10Sarah- 1243
79Diego's ArmomdoDebbie- 10JT- 12Sarah- 12Varner- 842
79Blake BallAndrea- 12JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 1242
79Conor PatrickAndrea- 12JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1242
79JJBrad- 12Debbie- 10JT- 12Sandra- 842
79Purple Rock MattAndrea- 12Brad- 12JT- 12Malcolm- 642
79Nick BommaritoAndrea- 12JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 1242
79Other ScottJT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 12Sierra- 1242
79Ms. SweaterfanAndrea- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 12Sierra- 1242
79Kevin RogersBrad- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 12Zeke- 1242
79Dubious RobAndrea- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 12Sierra- 1242
79Purple Rock JohnAndrea- 12Brad- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 1242
79Casey CraftonMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 12Sarah- 12Sierra- 1242
79itsafuckingSTICKAndrea- 12Michaela- 10Varner- 8Zeke- 1242
79Andrea MarinAubry- 9Cirie- 13Varner- 8Zeke- 1242
79KGAndrea- 12Brad- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 1242
79FranHali- 10Sarah- 12Sierra- 12Varner- 842
79MrBurkesButtonsCiera- 0Hali- 10Tai- 24Varner- 842
96Kevin NAubry- 9JT- 12Sarah- 12Varner- 841
96IneAndrea- 12Cirie- 13Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1041
96pufflehuffCirie- 13Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sarah- 1241
96TiagoAndrea- 12Cirie- 13Hali- 10Malcolm- 641
96Max_JetsAubry- 9Hali- 10Michaela- 10Ozzy- 1241
101MaritimerAndrea- 12JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1040
101RippertHali- 10JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1240
101ShitShowAndrea- 12Hali- 10JT- 12Malcolm- 640
101Parvatis2IdolsDebbie- 10Michaela- 10Sandra- 8Zeke- 1240
101ReyaHali- 10JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 1240
101Purple Rock MarkAndrea- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sarah- 1240
101aj hillerAndrea- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Ozzy- 1240
101HBO CEO of TitsJT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sierra- 1240
101Violina23Andrea- 12Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 1240
101HankScorpioAndrea- 12Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1240
101Ethan KyleBrad- 12Sandra- 8Sierra- 12Varner- 840
101slothlordeDebbie- 10Michaela- 10Sandra- 8Sierra- 1240
101Sago PalmAubry- 9Cirie- 13Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1240
101Zach AttackBrad- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sarah- 1240
101Crystal LynneHali- 10Malcolm- 6Sierra- 12Zeke- 1240
101BadPlayer91Aubry- 9Cirie- 13Michaela- 10Sandra- 840
101prettyboyprobstBrad- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sierra- 1240
118NearlyNinaAndrea- 12Aubry- 9JT- 12Malcolm- 639
118Adam BAubry- 9JT- 12Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 1239
118Kate WeaverAubry- 9JT- 12Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1239
118Scarlett3639Andrea- 12Cirie- 13Malcolm- 6Sandra- 839
118CarrotsCirie- 13Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Zeke- 1239
118Black DynamiteAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1239
118Jeff Probst's HairpieceAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Malcolm- 6Ozzy- 1239
118Kyle KramerAubry- 9JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 1239
118PuddinSnack1Aubry- 9Malcolm- 6Sierra- 12Zeke- 1239
118george luminarioAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Malcolm- 6Sierra- 1239
128AlishaShortyMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 12Sandra- 8Zeke- 1238
128Come On In HereMalcolm- 6Ozzy- 12Sandra- 8Sierra- 1238
128Zachary ChongDebbie- 10Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sarah- 1238
128Sarah DavisMalcolm- 6Sierra- 12Varner- 8Zeke- 1238
128macontosh2000Debbie- 10Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sierra- 1238
128KingoftongaHali- 10JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1038
128PeachykeeneAndrea- 12Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1038
128Lira2012Aubry- 9Cirie- 13Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1038
128the sky is fallingAubry- 9Cirie- 13Hali- 10Malcolm- 638
128ExtraLargePelicanCaleb- 2Michaela- 10Sierra- 12Troy- 1438
138K.P. WatershedAubry- 9Sandra- 8Varner- 8Zeke- 1237
138Christina BommaritoJT- 12Sierra- 12Tony- 1Zeke- 1237
138Assistant Dragon SlayerAubry- 9JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1037
138DezbotCirie- 13Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sandra- 837
138danomite10Aubry- 9Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Zeke- 1237
138Anthony DePaulAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Ozzy- 1237
138Survivor ClubbAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1037
138Andrei ConstantinAubry- 9Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1237
146AlkanarraAndrea- 12Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Sandra- 836
146MattAndrea- 12Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Varner- 836
146CrashCaleb- 2Hali- 10JT- 12Zeke- 1236
146Something QuirkyAubry- 9Caleb- 2Cirie- 13JT- 1236
146Something Bout FootballCaleb- 2Michaela- 10Ozzy- 12Zeke- 1236
146BundiCaleb- 2Michaela- 10Sarah- 12Zeke- 1236
146MarleneHali- 10Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 1236
146free7694Brad- 12Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Sandra- 836
146JoJo BevilacquaCaleb- 2Hali- 10Ozzy- 12Sarah- 1236
146Irish LuckCaleb- 2Hali- 10Sarah- 12Zeke- 1236
146Jacob SWCaleb- 2Hali- 10JT- 12Sierra- 1236
146Lo BevBrad- 12Caleb- 2Michaela- 10Ozzy- 1236
158Soccer ChampAubry- 9JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sandra- 835
158DutchCirie- 13Malcolm- 6Sandra- 8Varner- 835
158Yoshi Kirby and ToadAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Varner- 8Zeke- 1235
158Jacob.CunninghamAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Malcolm- 6Varner- 835
158TheClutchCityAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Sarah- 12Varner- 835
158PineappleDreamsAubry- 9Caleb- 2Sierra- 12Zeke- 1235
164giorgosCirie- 13JT- 12Sandra- 8Tony- 134
164forever1267Brad- 12Caleb- 2Varner- 8Zeke- 1234
164RoswulfHali- 10Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Sandra- 834
167fransesquaAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Caleb- 2Debbie- 1033
167m0nit0rmanAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Varner- 833
167Alycia SwiftAubry- 9Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Sandra- 833
167WellDressedEvilCaleb- 2Cirie- 13Michaela- 10Sandra- 833
171Taako From TeevhiiCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 1232
171Saturday Night PalsyCaleb- 2Debbie- 10Malcolm- 6Troy- 1432
171Brendan GuyCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sierra- 1232
171AlexCiera- 0Ozzy- 12Varner- 8Zeke- 1232
171Adli HanifAndrea- 12Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Sierra- 1232
171Flat FifthCaleb- 2Michaela- 10Ozzy- 12Sandra- 832
171MaloryCaleb- 2Hali- 10Ozzy- 12Sandra- 832
171StormofCutenessAubry- 9Caleb- 2Cirie- 13Sandra- 832
171Jenifer PullmanAubry- 9JT- 12Michaela- 10Tony- 132
180Janice TengAndrea- 12Ciera- 0Cirie- 13Malcolm- 631
180Ara Morin AcevedoAubry- 9Cirie- 13Tony- 1Varner- 831
182Maulik ShahCiera- 0JT- 12Malcolm- 6Sarah- 1230
182BananaHannahCaleb- 2JT- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1030
182Chris DiorioAubry- 9JT- 12Tony- 1Varner- 830
182Diego ArmandoCaleb- 2Hali- 10Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1230
182Life Of TaiAndrea- 12Caleb- 2Hali- 10Malcolm- 630
187hopefuls016Aubry- 9Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Zeke- 1229
187Survivor StickAndrea- 12Aubry- 9Caleb- 2Malcolm- 629
187Haley HannAndrea- 12Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Tony- 129
187doctor wuAubry- 9Caleb- 2Michaela- 10Varner- 829
187Michael BachnerAubry- 9Caleb- 2Hali- 10Varner- 829
192TiminSoCalCaleb- 2Debbie- 10Hali- 10Malcolm- 628
192Chivafan30Ciera- 0Hali- 10JT- 12Malcolm- 628
192ThisstickhasnonameAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Sierra- 12Tony- 128
195do tell it's micheleMalcolm- 6Sandra- 8Sierra- 12Tony- 127
195Drums XAubry- 9Caleb- 2Malcolm- 6Michaela- 1027
197MalloryAubry- 9Malcolm- 6Michaela- 10Tony- 126
198phileAndrea- 12Caleb- 2Ciera- 0Malcolm- 620

Champions League


I hope you enjoyed your brief return to Champions League, Emma. Your early exit means that I will retain the all-time Champions League scoring crown.

Barbara Anderson is now 9 points ahead of Lira2012, and seemingly on her way to guaranteeing herself a return to Champions League next season. Six teams remain completely intact and fighting for those crucial top four spots.

Outcasts League

I guess the Curse of First Place is over, because Matt actually opened up a lead this point thanks to Tai the Idol God. Alycia Swift remains in second place, and Kemper Boyd loses her first player.

Other leagues

This season, for the first time, I tried to make draft-based leagues available to everyone. You can see the leagues (and check how your teams are doing) here: PRP fantasy leagues