Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Game Changers episode 6 “Vote Early, Vote Often”

Win or lose, the queen stays the queen. Adios.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Game Changers Episode 6 “Vote Early, Vote Often”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • The value of a six episode homage to Sandra.
  • How we’re taking her departure.
  • The emotional journey of watching the episode.
  • If there was anything she could’ve done to save herself.
  • If it was the right move to take her out.
  • Last thoughts for the haters.
  • Choosing a career highlight for Sandra among the many, many available options.
  • How we feel about the season going forward given recent trends.
  • What can we reasonably hope for at this point?
  • Have the producers messed this season up via casting, swaps, twists, etc?
  • Brad and Troy’s penis partnership.
  • The ridiculous Cochran cameo and how it could’ve been better or worse.
  • Tai’s idols and what they say about him.
  • Our spoiler policy.

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