Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- Kaoh Rong week 2

Episode 2 is in the books, which means your Survivor fantasy league teams are now locked. Let’s see how they’re doing, shall we?

Remember how you had the opportunity to change your picks after episode 1? Seven of you stuck with Darnell. Rather than believing that you were either too lazy to change your teams or simply forgot, I’ve decided that the seven of you looked at the rest of the cast and decided Darnell was still the best option.

The fun part about allowing you to change your picks after the first episode is seeing how much the picks change once you have more information to work with. Here’s how much that season premiere swayed you:

Kaoh Rong before after episode 1

You guys flocked to Kyle Jason, Neal, Caleb, and Jennifer (how’d that one work out for you?) based on the those first 90 minutes. And you abandoned Darnell (though not as much as you should have), Debbie, Tai, and Nick.

Individual scoring table

A nice easy week for fantasy scoring this week: 3 points for Beauty, 2 points for Brains, 1 point for a few of those Brawn tribe members. Your week 2 scoreboard:

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Total

Pick-4 League

Nothing to see here, just your standard 32-way tie for first place.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1AlkanarraDebbie- 5Liz- 5Neal- 5Peter- 520
1Ara MorinAubry- 5Liz- 5Michele- 5Neal- 520
1Crom DeluiseAubry- 5Debbie- 5Joe- 5Nick- 520
1Lauren MLiz- 5Neal- 5Nick- 5Peter- 520
1Kevin MAnna- 5Liz- 5Neal- 5Peter- 520
1John BelzAubry- 5Michele- 5Neal- 5Peter- 520
1Joseph FinnAubry- 5Debbie- 5Peter- 5Tai- 520
1Audrey RatajackAubry- 5Julia- 5Liz- 5Tai- 520
1Tamir MAnna- 5Neal- 5Nick- 5Peter- 520
1MalcolmJoe- 5Julia- 5Nick- 5Peter- 520
1Max_JetsAnna- 5Aubry- 5Joe- 5Michele- 520
1Mikdyer252Anna- 5Aubry- 5Julia- 5Liz- 520
1torchoflawAnna- 5Julia- 5Liz- 5Peter- 520
1JimJulia- 5Liz- 5Michele- 5Neal- 520
1Diego ArmandoAnna- 5Liz- 5Michele- 5Neal- 520
1HectorTheWellEndowedLiz- 5Michele- 5Neal- 5Tai- 520
1Sinan FaiadAnna- 5Aubry- 5Liz- 5Michele- 520
1Arran MilneAnna- 5Caleb- 5Liz- 5Neal- 520
1Derek WilliamsonAnna- 5Joe- 5Liz- 5Tai- 520
1IcarusArtsAnna- 5Liz- 5Neal- 5Nick- 520
1DinoAnna- 5Liz- 5Peter- 5Tai- 520
1rygelAubry- 5Caleb- 5Neal- 5Nick- 520
1RobothouseAnna- 5Liz- 5Nick- 5Peter- 520
1LouieLeeLiz- 5Michele- 5Peter- 5Tai- 520
1WampusAnna- 5Aubry- 5Michele- 5Neal- 520
1Random LuckJulia- 5Nick- 5Peter- 5Tai- 520
1Barbara AndersonAubry- 5Julia- 5Michele- 5Tai- 520
1Ethan KyleJoe- 5Julia- 5Nick- 5Tai- 520
1IneAnna- 5Julia- 5Liz- 5Michele- 520
1ShitShowAnna- 5Julia- 5Liz- 5Nick- 520
1macontosh2000Anna- 5Aubry- 5Michele- 5Tai- 520
1LukaAnna- 5Caleb- 5Julia- 5Michele- 520
33Josh PotterJoe- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Peter- 517
33gouisAnna- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Neal- 517
33jackdw97Cydney- 2Liz- 5Michele- 5Neal- 517
33Purple Rock EmmaKyle- 2Liz- 5Michele- 5Peter- 517
33Purple Rock JohnAubry- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 5Neal- 517
33Maulik ShahAnna- 5Joe- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 517
33Chase SAnna- 5Aubry- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 517
33itsafuckingSTICKAnna- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Peter- 517
33Mike HirschAnna- 5Aubry- 5Cydney- 2Neal- 517
33Something QuirkyCydney- 2Michele- 5Neal- 5Peter- 517
33Anndré BressanCydney- 2Julia- 5Liz- 5Peter- 517
33Prom KingAnna- 5Aubry- 5Kyle- 2Neal- 517
33Thethings Wedo4LoveAlecia- 2Caleb- 5Neal- 5Peter- 517
33Malcolm is my CopilotJoe- 5Kyle- 2Neal- 5Tai- 517
33Skip, In Outer SpaceJoe- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 5Neal- 517
33Bieber FeverCaleb- 5Cydney- 2Neal- 5Peter- 517
33PeachykeeneAlecia- 2Michele- 5Peter- 5Tai- 517
33Purple Rock MarkAubry- 5Julia- 5Kyle- 2Tai- 517
33Ms_WoozahAnna- 5Cydney- 2Michele- 5Peter- 517
33Friend ChooserCydney- 2Michele- 5Nick- 5Peter- 517
33Anna RAnna- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Michele- 517
33RickyBAnna- 5Caleb- 5Kyle- 2Peter- 517
33CountBulletsulaCaleb- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Michele- 517
33David GadeAnna- 5Kyle- 2Neal- 5Tai- 517
33Kent McKAnna- 5Caleb- 5Debbie- 5Kyle- 217
33antikontiKyle- 2Liz- 5Michele- 5Tai- 517
33tanjaAnna- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 5Neal- 517
33indescribable hatAnna- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Nick- 517
33Purple Rock MattAnna- 5Kyle- 2Nick- 5Peter- 517
33SirLiveAlotCydney- 2Julia- 5Nick- 5Peter- 517
33m0nit0rmanCydney- 2Michele- 5Peter- 5Tai- 517
33Dr.HorribleAnna- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Tai- 517
33HeisenbergAnna- 5Debbie- 5Kyle- 2Tai- 517
33prettyboyprobstAnna- 5Kyle- 2Neal- 5Nick- 517
33KingoftongaJulia- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Nick- 517
33Poor Sheltered HomeschoolerAnna- 5Kyle- 2Peter- 5Tai- 517
33Joel GaastraAnna- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 5Peter- 517
33Curtis VendelandAnna- 5Caleb- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 517
33Banana TeamAnna- 5Julia- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 517
33ebolamonkey84Anna- 5Aubry- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 517
33EmAndScoutInBKAnna- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 5Tai- 517
33LillewieAnna- 5Julia- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 517
33Marco LemaAlecia- 2Anna- 5Michele- 5Nick- 517
33Jacob SWAnna- 5Julia- 5Kyle- 2Tai- 517
33dig dougAnna- 5Caleb- 5Kyle- 2Tai- 517
78Disgruntled GoatJennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 5Peter- 516
78TiminSoCalDebbie- 5Jennifer- 1Joe- 5Liz- 516
78PuddinSnack1Jennifer- 1Joe- 5Liz- 5Neal- 516
78NearlyNinaCaleb- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 516
78turgid_legumeJennifer- 1Neal- 5Nick- 5Peter- 516
78Drums XDebbie- 5Jennifer- 1Joe- 5Tai- 516
78Doctor WuAubry- 5Julia- 5Neal- 5Scot- 116
78sweaterfanDebbie- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 516
78DutchAnna- 5Debbie- 5Jennifer- 1Neal- 516
78bassmanxviJennifer- 1Joe- 5Liz- 5Michele- 516
78corndogshuffleAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 516
78SG StandardAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 516
78aj hillerLiz- 5Michele- 5Neal- 5Scot- 116
78Jacob.CunninghamCaleb- 5Jennifer- 1Joe- 5Neal- 516
78BoooournsAubry- 5Caleb- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 516
78KevinJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 5Peter- 516
78Untitled Clint Howard ProjectJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 5Neal- 516
78MrBurkesButtonsJoe- 5Julia- 5Neal- 5Scot- 116
78free7694Liz- 5Michele- 5Peter- 5Scot- 116
78Kemper BoydJennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 5Nick- 516
78Black DynamiteAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Nick- 5Peter- 516
78tigersmidnightAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Michele- 5Peter- 516
78ZC7Anna- 5Jennifer- 1Julia- 5Liz- 516
78Adli HanifAnna- 5Aubry- 5Jennifer- 1Michele- 516
78Scarlett3639Aubry- 5Jennifer- 1Julia- 5Tai- 516
78Crystal LynneAnna- 5Liz- 5Nick- 5Scot- 116
78tocantinsJennifer- 1Julia- 5Nick- 5Peter- 516
78DrVanNostrandAnna- 5Caleb- 5Jennifer- 1Peter- 516
78ryell-00Anna- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 516
78Jeff Probst's HairpieceAnna- 5Caleb- 5Jennifer- 1Neal- 516
78cazkayeAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Michele- 516
78DukeSilverTrioCaleb- 5Jennifer- 1Michele- 5Neal- 516
78SueSurvivorAnna- 5Liz- 5Michele- 5Scot- 116
78bder19Caleb- 5Jennifer- 1Julia- 5Nick- 516
78Everyone is someoneJulia- 5Nick- 5Scot- 1Tai- 516
113WagnerAubry- 5Darnell- 0Debbie- 5Tai- 515
113KeepCalmAndHodorOnAnna- 5Darnell- 0Liz- 5Michele- 515
115JacksDadCydney- 2Kyle- 2Liz- 5Neal- 514
115heartbreakingowlCydney- 2Joe- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 514
115kristanmarieCydney- 2Kyle- 2Liz- 5Tai- 514
115True AlainerAlecia- 2Anna- 5Kyle- 2Neal- 514
115hornacekAlecia- 2Cydney- 2Neal- 5Tai- 514
115BananaGrubCydney- 2Kyle- 2Michele- 5Neal- 514
121fransesquaJennifer- 1Kyle- 2Liz- 5Peter- 513
121Come On In HereDebbie- 5Jennifer- 1Joe- 5Kyle- 213
121Violina23Jennifer- 1Kyle- 2Neal- 5Peter- 513
121GeorgeCydney- 2Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Peter- 513
121RoswulfAlecia- 2Jennifer- 1Michele- 5Neal- 513
121Saturday Evening PalsyJennifer- 1Kyle- 2Neal- 5Nick- 513
121Survivor CentralAnna- 5Kyle- 2Peter- 5Scot- 113
121Assistant Dragon SlayerAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Kyle- 2Liz- 513
121KAL BJennifer- 1Kyle- 2Michele- 5Peter- 513
121Ryan DeschampAlecia- 2Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Nick- 513
121quinnAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Kyle- 2Neal- 513
121No Eyes in BlindfoldAlecia- 2Aubry- 5Jennifer- 1Michele- 513
121EemelimansikkaAnna- 5Kyle- 2Liz- 5Scot- 113
121vaderdawsnCaleb- 5Jennifer- 1Kyle- 2Peter- 513
121IspeakllamaJennifer- 1Kyle- 2Liz- 5Michele- 513
121Survivor FanCaleb- 5Cydney- 2Jennifer- 1Neal- 513
121Jenifer PullmanCaleb- 5Jennifer- 1Kyle- 2Neal- 513
121WelldressedEvilCaleb- 5Cydney- 2Jennifer- 1Peter- 513
121DezbotCydney- 2Jennifer- 1Neal- 5Tai- 513
121Fishbach Was HereCaleb- 5Kyle- 2Peter- 5Scot- 113
121Other ScottAnna- 5Kyle- 2Scot- 1Tai- 513
121AshCaleb- 5Jennifer- 1Kyle- 2Michele- 513
143Lira2012Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Neal- 5Scot- 112
143forever1267Aubry- 5Caleb- 5Jennifer- 1Scot- 112
143ExtraLargePelicanAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Liz- 5Scot- 112
143Yangbang'dDarnell- 0Debbie- 5Kyle- 2Neal- 512
143SybilAubry- 5Darnell- 0Debbie- 5Kyle- 212
143NrocketAnna- 5Jennifer- 1Michele- 5Scot- 112
143KateDarnell- 0Joe- 5Kyle- 2Michele- 512
143Special Agent PhileAlecia- 2Caleb- 5Darnell- 0Nick- 512
151Rob BrodeurDarnell- 0Jennifer- 1Michele- 5Neal- 511
152Will HolstonAlecia- 2Jennifer- 1Kyle- 2Michele- 510
153this bear is tops bloobyCydney- 2Jennifer- 1Joe- 5Scot- 19

Champions League

Fun tidbit about Champions League: Emma traded picks with me, and she took Jennifer with her first pick and almost took Darnell with her second before changing her mind. We were this close to a 1-point finish from Emma.

Champions week 2


Outcast League

It’s the Haves vs. the Have Nots in the Outcast League, with over half of you tied for first. Sharculese cannot be feeling good about his chances at this point. Still plenty of room on that Alecia bandwagon, though.

Outcasts week 2