Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX week 10

Fantasy scores are here. It’s time to rock out.


Jessica and Chris both got added to a bunch of teams after the season premiere. Chris was on a third of all teams, and Jessica was on a quarter. So this double episode week is going to devastate a large swath of the fantasy league.

Reminder of player popularity, at the request of the HBO CEO of Black Rocks.

Individual scoring table

Adam, Bret, Hannah, Sunday, and Zeke each get a point for winning the first reward challenge. Bret, Sunday, Zeke, and lucky-rock-selecting David get a point for the second reward challenge.

David and Jay each get four points for individual immunity challenge wins.

Adam, David, Hannah, Jessica, Ken, Will, and Zeke get two VTEP points for voting out Chris. And no one- not a single person- gets a point for the rock draw. (I went back and checked, and that’s what we did when this happened in Blood vs. Water.)

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

Pick-4 League

Sneaky Sneaky stays atop the standings this week. MegaPrime falls to eighth place and loses his first player. XL Pelican and Jared Holland were the other two top-10 teams to lose a player. Confirmed witch Barbara Anderson is still in third place.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1Sneaky SneakyAdam- 25David- 39Ken- 25Zeke- 25114
2HectorTheWellEndowedDavid- 39Hannah- 25Jay- 28Michaela- 15107
3Barbara AndersonDavid- 39Hannah- 25Michaela- 15Zeke- 25104
3RippertAdam- 25David- 39Michaela- 15Zeke- 25104
5Malcolm is my CopilotAdam- 25Hannah- 25Jay- 28Ken- 25103
6Lira2012Adam- 25Ken- 25Will- 27Zeke- 25102
6ExtraLargePelicanAdam- 25David- 39Jessica- 20Michelle- 18102
8MegaPrimeChris- 20Jay- 28Ken- 25Will- 27100
9PurpleTallyHannah- 25Ken- 25Sunday- 24Zeke- 2599
9Diego ArmandoAdam- 25Hannah- 25Sunday- 24Zeke- 2599
9Jared HollandChris- 20David- 39Michaela- 15Zeke- 2599
12Survivor CentralAdam- 25David- 39Figgy- 9Zeke- 2598
13CountBulletsulaAdam- 25Bret- 23Sunday- 24Zeke- 2597
13the sky is fallingDavid- 39Michaela- 15Michelle- 18Zeke- 2597
15KateBret- 23Chris- 20Hannah- 25Jay- 2896
16forever1267Bret- 23Chris- 20Will- 27Zeke- 2595
16CasualFanChris- 20Hannah- 25Ken- 25Zeke- 2595
16AubrysWinnersEditAdam- 25Chris- 20Hannah- 25Zeke- 2595
16KingoftongaHannah- 25Jessica- 20Ken- 25Zeke- 2595
16doctor wuAdam- 25Jessica- 20Ken- 25Zeke- 2595
21Survivor StickAdam- 25Cece- 5David- 39Hannah- 2594
22Maulik ShahAdam- 25Bret- 23Chris- 20Zeke- 2593
22BirdieHannah- 25Jay- 28Ken- 25Michaela- 1593
22Disgruntled GoatAdam- 25Bret- 23Hannah- 25Jessica- 2093
22Kate WeaverDavid- 39Hannah- 25Mari- 2Will- 2793
26macontosh2000Hannah- 25Ken- 25Michaela- 15Will- 2792
27Scarlett3639Bret- 23David- 39Lucy- 5Sunday- 2491
27Saturday Night PalsyDavid- 39Ken- 25Mari- 2Zeke- 2591
29Crom DeluiseBret- 23Jay- 28Michaela- 15Sunday- 2490
29davidthemailmanChris- 20Hannah- 25Jessica- 20Zeke- 2590
29HBO CEO of TitsAdam- 25Hannah- 25Michaela- 15Zeke- 2590
29IneAdam- 25David- 39Mari- 2Sunday- 2490
33turgid_legumeAdam- 25Cece- 5David- 39Jessica- 2089
33SirLiveAlotDavid- 39Hannah- 25Rachel- 0Zeke- 2589
35MsFjordstoneChris- 20Hannah- 25Jay- 28Michaela- 1588
35Bieber FeverBret- 23Chris- 20Hannah- 25Jessica- 2088
35aj hillerAdam- 25Bret- 23Chris- 20Jessica- 2088
35CrappyChris- 20Jay- 28Michaela- 15Zeke- 2588
35BananaGrubJessica- 20Ken- 25Michelle- 18Zeke- 2588
35Colbster2David- 39Figgy- 9Sunday- 24Taylor- 1688
41DrVanNostrandJay- 28Ken- 25Michelle- 18Taylor- 1687
41Only Here for the AnimalsHannah- 25Jessica- 20Michelle- 18Sunday- 2487
43Random LuckBret- 23Chris- 20Hannah- 25Michelle- 1886
43IspeakllamaAdam- 25Hannah- 25Jessica- 20Taylor- 1686
43Ryan DeschampFiggy- 9Jay- 28Ken- 25Sunday- 2486
46torchoflawChris- 20Sunday- 24Taylor- 16Zeke- 2585
46Jeff Probst's HairpieceChris- 20Hannah- 25Michaela- 15Zeke- 2585
46Duke Silver TrioAdam- 25Chris- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2585
46Prom KingJessica- 20Ken- 25Michaela- 15Zeke- 2585
46Alycia SwiftHannah- 25Jessica- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2585
51StormofCutenessChris- 20Michaela- 15Sunday- 24Zeke- 2584
51phileAdam- 25Jay- 28Michaela- 15Taylor- 1684
51MainstoneMoneyAdam- 25Michelle- 18Taylor- 16Zeke- 2584
51David GadeBret- 23Chris- 20David- 39Mari- 284
55Jenifer PullmanChris- 20Hannah- 25Jessica- 20Michelle- 1883
55Puddinsnak1Bret- 23Jessica- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2583
57AnonymooseDavid- 39Ken- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 1581
57Jake ArmesAdam- 25David- 39Mari- 2Michaela- 1581
59Come On In HereChris- 20Jessica- 20Michaela- 15Zeke- 2580
59ryell-00Figgy- 9Jay- 28Ken- 25Michelle- 1880
59K.P. WatershedBret- 23Jay- 28Mari- 2Will- 2780
62No Eyes in BlindfoldAdam- 25Bret- 23Michaela- 15Taylor- 1679
62steve2013Adam- 25Chris- 20Figgy- 9Zeke- 2579
62Dr. HorribleKen- 25Mari- 2Will- 27Zeke- 2579
62MaritimerAdam- 25Mari- 2Will- 27Zeke- 2579
66Max_JetsAdam- 25Chris- 20Michaela- 15Michelle- 1878
66DezbotBret- 23Ken- 25Lucy- 5Zeke- 2578
68JimFiggy- 9Hannah- 25Ken- 25Michelle- 1877
68vaderdawsnJessica- 20Ken- 25Lucy- 5Will- 2777
68survivor is lifeBret- 23Mari- 2Will- 27Zeke- 2577
68Purple Rock MattAdam- 25Ken- 25Mari- 2Zeke- 2577
72HurleytennisChris- 20Ken- 25Michaela- 15Taylor- 1676
72rygelChris- 20Michaela- 15Taylor- 16Zeke- 2576
74DinoAdam- 25Bret- 23Mari- 2Zeke- 2575
74AlkanarraCece- 5David- 39Jay- 28Paul- 375
76sabina1509Adam- 25Figgy- 9Hannah- 25Michaela- 1574
77Ms. SweaterfanChris- 20Jay- 28Jessica- 20Lucy- 573
77sharculeseAdam- 25Hannah- 25Jessica- 20Paul- 373
77gouisBret- 23Jay- 28Jessica- 20Mari- 273
80Mike HirschBret- 23Figgy- 9Ken- 25Michaela- 1572
80Everyone is someoneChris- 20Hannah- 25Paul- 3Sunday- 2472
80True AlainerBret- 23Figgy- 9Michaela- 15Zeke- 2572
80Zach AttackChris- 20Ken- 25Mari- 2Zeke- 2572
80prettyboyprobstChris- 20Hannah- 25Mari- 2Zeke- 2572
80ShitShowAdam- 25Chris- 20Mari- 2Zeke- 2572
80Joseph FinnHannah- 25Jessica- 20Ken- 25Mari- 272
80Violina23Adam- 25Jessica- 20Ken- 25Mari- 272
80FigaroAdam- 25Hannah- 25Jessica- 20Mari- 272
89jersey_luckChris- 20Figgy- 9Michaela- 15Will- 2771
89Kemper BoydAdam- 25Chris- 20Mari- 2Sunday- 2471
89Other ScottAdam- 25Jay- 28Michaela- 15Paul- 371
92annieBret- 23Chris- 20Mari- 2Zeke- 2570
92Adli HanifAdam- 25Jay- 28Mari- 2Michaela- 1570
92Untitled Clint Howard ProjectBret- 23Hannah- 25Jessica- 20Mari- 270
92Survivor ClubbAdam- 25Bret- 23Jessica- 20Mari- 270
96DutchChris- 20Michaela- 15Michelle- 18Taylor- 1669
96Assistant Dragon SlayerChris- 20Figgy- 9Ken- 25Michaela- 1569
96Side CharacterHannah- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Will- 2769
96Jacob SWMari- 2Michaela- 15Will- 27Zeke- 2569
100OneDirection4LifeAdam- 25Chris- 20Jessica- 20Paul- 368
100Kent McKAdam- 25Mari- 2Taylor- 16Zeke- 2568
102SpicyMayoJaySimpsonAdam- 25Chris- 20Jessica- 20Mari- 267
102Purple Rock JohnAdam- 25Ken- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 1567
102kristanmarieAdam- 25Hannah- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 1567
102Chris DiorioChris- 20Jessica- 20Mari- 2Zeke- 2567
102Something QuirkyKen- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2567
102EmAndScoutInBKHannah- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2567
102fransesquaAdam- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2567
109TonelokeAdam- 25Chris- 20Mari- 2Michelle- 1865
109TJ SassAdam- 25Bret- 23Mari- 2Michaela- 1565
111BoooournsChris- 20Mari- 2Taylor- 16Zeke- 2563
111ZchongFiggy- 9Hannah- 25Mari- 2Will- 2763
113this bear is tops bloobyChris- 20Ken- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 1562
113CahChris- 20Hannah- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 1562
113Jacob BuckAdam- 25Chris- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 1562
113nipi ipinChris- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2562
113indescribable hatJessica- 20Mari- 2Sunday- 24Taylor- 1662
113tocantinsHannah- 25Jessica- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 1562
113RobothouseAdam- 25Cece- 5Lucy- 5Will- 2762
113corndogshuffleJessica- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2562
121Audrey RatajackAdam- 25Figgy- 9Mari- 2Zeke- 2561
122AlisaShortyKen- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Michelle- 1860
122imredjimmyAdam- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Michelle- 1860
122Purple Rock EmmaJay- 28Ken- 25Lucy- 5Mari- 260
125m0nit0rmanCece- 5Chris- 20Figgy- 9Hannah- 2559
125Barrett VandiverChris- 20Figgy- 9Lucy- 5Zeke- 2559
127PeachykeeneKen- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 1658
127NearlyNinaAdam- 25Mari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 1658
127Purple Rock MarkMari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 16Zeke- 2558
130Black DynamiteChris- 20Jessica- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 1557
130WelldressedEvilHannah- 25Ken- 25Lucy- 5Mari- 257
130Wife of JohnAdam- 25Cece- 5Ken- 25Mari- 257
130Crystal LynneKen- 25Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 2557
130RoswulfAdam- 25Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 2557
135Anndré BressanMichaela- 15Rachel- 0Taylor- 16Zeke- 2556
136Sad LilCece- 5Jessica- 20Lucy- 5Sunday- 2454
136bassmanxviBret- 23Figgy- 9Jessica- 20Mari- 254
138PandaChris- 20Mari- 2Michaela- 15Taylor- 1653
139TimInSoCalAdam- 25Cece- 5Jessica- 20Mari- 252
140Ms_WoozahFiggy- 9Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2551
141dig dougCece- 5Jay- 28Mari- 2Michaela- 1550
142TheForRealDealBret- 23Cece- 5Mari- 2Michelle- 1848
143Ethan KyleLucy- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 15Zeke- 2547
144ShamboChris- 20Mari- 2Paul- 3Taylor- 1641
145HornacekCece- 5Figgy- 9Mari- 2Sunday- 2440

Champions League

It’s a tight race for the top spot in the Champions League Non-Witch division, as Mark and I are tied at 44 points. All those who doubted my decision to select Sunday in round two can post their apologies in the comments below.

Ispeakllama’s team, already stung by the loss of Taylor last week, is now completely eliminated.


Outcast League

A tale of two trios: three teams got eliminated this week (Kemper Boyd, Adam B, and Violina23), and three intact teams are in the top three (Emma, DrVanNostrand, and Hornacek).