Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Millennials vs. Gen X episode 10 “Million Dollar Gamble”

That other Thanksgiving is over so it’s time to talk about the tenth episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and the Great Rock Color Injustice.


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Millennials vs Gen X episode 10 “Million Dollar Gamble”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • Great episode, or GREATEST EPISODE?
  • Rock color complaints.
  • That Tribal Council tho…
  • Was David going to play his idol for Hannah?
  • Did David jump the gun in going after Zeke?
  • Did Zeke?
  • What Hannah’s amazing skills of deception say about her chances of winning this game.
  • Should Jessica have flipped on the re-vote?
  • Could Chris have won if he just got over his vendetta with Jessica?
  • David’s growth arc.
  • Adam and his letter.
  • Bret and Zeke and why Survivor MIGHT be better than revolving chairs listening to music.
  • If it was a mistake for everyone to take their eyes off the ball when it comes to Jay.
  • Jay’s suddenly strong position in the game, which we were told could never happen due to his massive mistake in voting out Michaela.
  • How you can help support our site – this week only! (Well other weeks too, but especially this week).

For this season, we hope to do a weekly mailbag segment, so if you have questions for next week, you can comment here, @ us on Twitter, or send us an email.