Survivor Fantasy League Scoreboard- MvGX week 4

Are you ready for a world where Fantasy Scoring Machine David is a real thing?


Lucy getting the boot isn’t going to cause much damage. Like Paul last week, Lucy was pretty low in terms of popularity in our fantasy league. But to the 12 of you that had her on your team, my condolences.

Individual scoring table

Gen X receives 1 point for the reward win. The Millennials receive 2 points for the immunity challenge win. Adam gets 3 points for finding the idol.

David and CeCe get 1 point for voting out Lucy. And David gets 4 points for playing his idol correctly. If you don’t have David on your team, you are not in the lead in your league.

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Ep 7Ep 8Ep 9Ep 10Ep 11Ep 12Ep 13Ep 14Total

*There is an error in the scoring above. Paul did not get a point this week. The table will be corrected in next week’s post. All (six) teams with Paul will have that point deducted next week as well. (Thanks, jersey_luck!)

Pick-4 League

Survivor Twitter’s own @SurvivorCentral has grabbed the lead from the clutches of Hector The Well Endowed. SurvivorCentral is joined in first place by Rippert, which I can only hope is a play on how Survivor Facebook spells Rupert.

The epic failure watch ends this week, with no team having three of the first four boots on it. Now let’s get a look at that scoreboard.

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1Survivor CentralAdam- 9David- 13Figgy- 7Zeke- 635
1RippertAdam- 9David- 13Michaela- 7Zeke- 635
3HectorTheWellEndowedDavid- 13Hannah- 7Jay- 7Michaela- 734
3ExtraLargePelicanAdam- 9David- 13Jessica- 5Michelle- 734
3Survivor StickAdam- 9Cece- 5David- 13Hannah- 734
6Barbara AndersonDavid- 13Hannah- 7Michaela- 7Zeke- 633
6the sky is fallingDavid- 13Michaela- 7Michelle- 7Zeke- 633
6Sneaky SneakyAdam- 9David- 13Ken- 5Zeke- 633
9Colbster2David- 13Figgy- 7Sunday- 5Taylor- 732
9turgid_legumeAdam- 9Cece- 5David- 13Jessica- 532
11Jake ArmesAdam- 9David- 13Mari- 2Michaela- 731
12Jared HollandChris- 4David- 13Michaela- 7Zeke- 630
12phileAdam- 9Jay- 7Michaela- 7Taylor- 730
12sabina1509Adam- 9Figgy- 7Hannah- 7Michaela- 730
15Kate WeaverDavid- 13Hannah- 7Mari- 2Will- 729
15AlkanarraCece- 5David- 13Jay- 7Paul- 429
15HBO CEO of TitsAdam- 9Hannah- 7Michaela- 7Zeke- 629
15MainstoneMoneyAdam- 9Michelle- 7Taylor- 7Zeke- 629
15IneAdam- 9David- 13Mari- 2Sunday- 529
20IspeakllamaAdam- 9Hannah- 7Jessica- 5Taylor- 728
20Malcolm is my CopilotAdam- 9Hannah- 7Jay- 7Ken- 528
22Scarlett3639Bret- 4David- 13Lucy- 5Sunday- 527
22AnonymooseDavid- 13Ken- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 727
22Other ScottAdam- 9Jay- 7Michaela- 7Paul- 427
22Max_JetsAdam- 9Chris- 4Michaela- 7Michelle- 727
22No Eyes in BlindfoldAdam- 9Bret- 4Michaela- 7Taylor- 727
22Diego ArmandoAdam- 9Hannah- 7Sunday- 5Zeke- 627
22Lira2012Adam- 9Ken- 5Will- 7Zeke- 627
29macontosh2000Hannah- 7Ken- 5Michaela- 7Will- 726
29BirdieHannah- 7Jay- 7Ken- 5Michaela- 726
29DrVanNostrandJay- 7Ken- 5Michelle- 7Taylor- 726
29JimFiggy- 7Hannah- 7Ken- 5Michelle- 726
29ryell-00Figgy- 7Jay- 7Ken- 5Michelle- 726
29Saturday Night PalsyDavid- 13Ken- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 626
29SirLiveAlotDavid- 13Hannah- 7Rachel- 0Zeke- 626
29AubrysWinnersEditAdam- 9Chris- 4Hannah- 7Zeke- 626
29steve2013Adam- 9Chris- 4Figgy- 7Zeke- 626
29Duke Silver TrioAdam- 9Chris- 4Michaela- 7Zeke- 626
29RobothouseAdam- 9Cece- 5Lucy- 5Will- 726
40DutchChris- 4Michaela- 7Michelle- 7Taylor- 725
40jersey_luckChris- 4Figgy- 7Michaela- 7Will- 725
40MsFjordstoneChris- 4Hannah- 7Jay- 7Michaela- 725
40Alycia SwiftHannah- 7Jessica- 5Michaela- 7Zeke- 625
40Disgruntled GoatAdam- 9Bret- 4Hannah- 7Jessica- 525
40sharculeseAdam- 9Hannah- 7Jessica- 5Paul- 425
40NearlyNinaAdam- 9Mari- 2Michaela- 7Taylor- 725
40kristanmarieAdam- 9Hannah- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 725
40imredjimmyAdam- 9Mari- 2Michaela- 7Michelle- 725
40Adli HanifAdam- 9Jay- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 725
40doctor wuAdam- 9Jessica- 5Ken- 5Zeke- 625
51Only Here for the AnimalsHannah- 7Jessica- 5Michelle- 7Sunday- 524
51Ryan DeschampFiggy- 7Jay- 7Ken- 5Sunday- 524
51True AlainerBret- 4Figgy- 7Michaela- 7Zeke- 624
51CrappyChris- 4Jay- 7Michaela- 7Zeke- 624
51rygelChris- 4Michaela- 7Taylor- 7Zeke- 624
51Jeff Probst's HairpieceChris- 4Hannah- 7Michaela- 7Zeke- 624
51CountBulletsulaAdam- 9Bret- 4Sunday- 5Zeke- 624
51fransesquaAdam- 9Mari- 2Michaela- 7Zeke- 624
51Audrey RatajackAdam- 9Figgy- 7Mari- 2Zeke- 624
51Kent McKAdam- 9Mari- 2Taylor- 7Zeke- 624
51MaritimerAdam- 9Mari- 2Will- 7Zeke- 624
62MegaPrimeChris- 4Jay- 7Ken- 5Will- 723
62Crom DeluiseBret- 4Jay- 7Michaela- 7Sunday- 523
62Mike HirschBret- 4Figgy- 7Ken- 5Michaela- 723
62Assistant Dragon SlayerChris- 4Figgy- 7Ken- 5Michaela- 723
62HurleytennisChris- 4Ken- 5Michaela- 7Taylor- 723
62Jenifer PullmanChris- 4Hannah- 7Jessica- 5Michelle- 723
62ZchongFiggy- 7Hannah- 7Mari- 2Will- 723
62Side CharacterHannah- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 7Will- 723
62KingoftongaHannah- 7Jessica- 5Ken- 5Zeke- 623
62PurpleTallyHannah- 7Ken- 5Sunday- 5Zeke- 623
62Prom KingJessica- 5Ken- 5Michaela- 7Zeke- 623
62BananaGrubJessica- 5Ken- 5Michelle- 7Zeke- 623
62m0nit0rmanCece- 5Chris- 4Figgy- 7Hannah- 723
62David GadeBret- 4Chris- 4David- 13Mari- 223
62Purple Rock JohnAdam- 9Ken- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 723
62FigaroAdam- 9Hannah- 7Jessica- 5Mari- 223
62Maulik ShahAdam- 9Bret- 4Chris- 4Zeke- 623
79vaderdawsnJessica- 5Ken- 5Lucy- 5Will- 722
79Random LuckBret- 4Chris- 4Hannah- 7Michelle- 722
79KateBret- 4Chris- 4Hannah- 7Jay- 722
79torchoflawChris- 4Sunday- 5Taylor- 7Zeke- 622
79Come On In HereChris- 4Jessica- 5Michaela- 7Zeke- 622
79CasualFanChris- 4Hannah- 7Ken- 5Zeke- 622
79Barrett VandiverChris- 4Figgy- 7Lucy- 5Zeke- 622
79Puddinsnak1Bret- 4Jessica- 5Michaela- 7Zeke- 622
79davidthemailmanChris- 4Hannah- 7Jessica- 5Zeke- 622
79StormofCutenessChris- 4Michaela- 7Sunday- 5Zeke- 622
79Purple Rock MarkMari- 2Michaela- 7Taylor- 7Zeke- 622
79EmAndScoutInBKHannah- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 7Zeke- 622
79Ms_WoozahFiggy- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 7Zeke- 622
79Jacob SWMari- 2Michaela- 7Will- 7Zeke- 622
79aj hillerAdam- 9Bret- 4Chris- 4Jessica- 522
79OneDirection4LifeAdam- 9Chris- 4Jessica- 5Paul- 422
79Jacob BuckAdam- 9Chris- 4Mari- 2Michaela- 722
79TJ SassAdam- 9Bret- 4Mari- 2Michaela- 722
79TonelokeAdam- 9Chris- 4Mari- 2Michelle- 722
79RoswulfAdam- 9Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 622
79Purple Rock MattAdam- 9Ken- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 622
100Ms. SweaterfanChris- 4Jay- 7Jessica- 5Lucy- 521
100PeachykeeneKen- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 7Taylor- 721
100tocantinsHannah- 7Jessica- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 721
100AlisaShortyKen- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 7Michelle- 721
100forever1267Bret- 4Chris- 4Will- 7Zeke- 621
100dig dougCece- 5Jay- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 721
100Violina23Adam- 9Jessica- 5Ken- 5Mari- 221
100DinoAdam- 9Bret- 4Mari- 2Zeke- 621
100ShitShowAdam- 9Chris- 4Mari- 2Zeke- 621
100Wife of JohnAdam- 9Cece- 5Ken- 5Mari- 221
100TimInSoCalAdam- 9Cece- 5Jessica- 5Mari- 221
111Everyone is someoneChris- 4Hannah- 7Paul- 4Sunday- 520
111Bieber FeverBret- 4Chris- 4Hannah- 7Jessica- 520
111CahChris- 4Hannah- 7Mari- 2Michaela- 720
111K.P. WatershedBret- 4Jay- 7Mari- 2Will- 720
111PandaChris- 4Mari- 2Michaela- 7Taylor- 720
111DezbotBret- 4Ken- 5Lucy- 5Zeke- 620
111Sad LilCece- 5Jessica- 5Lucy- 5Sunday- 520
111Something QuirkyKen- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 7Zeke- 620
111Ethan KyleLucy- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 7Zeke- 620
111corndogshuffleJessica- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 7Zeke- 620
111Dr. HorribleKen- 5Mari- 2Will- 7Zeke- 620
111Anndré BressanMichaela- 7Rachel- 0Taylor- 7Zeke- 620
111Kemper BoydAdam- 9Chris- 4Mari- 2Sunday- 520
111Survivor ClubbAdam- 9Bret- 4Jessica- 5Mari- 220
111SpicyMayoJaySimpsonAdam- 9Chris- 4Jessica- 5Mari- 220
126Purple Rock EmmaJay- 7Ken- 5Lucy- 5Mari- 219
126indescribable hatJessica- 5Mari- 2Sunday- 5Taylor- 719
126Joseph FinnHannah- 7Jessica- 5Ken- 5Mari- 219
126WelldressedEvilHannah- 7Ken- 5Lucy- 5Mari- 219
126survivor is lifeBret- 4Mari- 2Will- 7Zeke- 619
126nipi ipinChris- 4Mari- 2Michaela- 7Zeke- 619
126prettyboyprobstChris- 4Hannah- 7Mari- 2Zeke- 619
126BoooournsChris- 4Mari- 2Taylor- 7Zeke- 619
126HornacekCece- 5Figgy- 7Mari- 2Sunday- 519
135Black DynamiteChris- 4Jessica- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 718
135gouisBret- 4Jay- 7Jessica- 5Mari- 218
135bassmanxviBret- 4Figgy- 7Jessica- 5Mari- 218
135this bear is tops bloobyChris- 4Ken- 5Mari- 2Michaela- 718
135Untitled Clint Howard ProjectBret- 4Hannah- 7Jessica- 5Mari- 218
135Crystal LynneKen- 5Lucy- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 618
135TheForRealDealBret- 4Cece- 5Mari- 2Michelle- 718
142ShamboChris- 4Mari- 2Paul- 4Taylor- 717
142Zach AttackChris- 4Ken- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 617
142Chris DiorioChris- 4Jessica- 5Mari- 2Zeke- 617
145annieBret- 4Chris- 4Mari- 2Zeke- 616

Champions League

Mark opens up a substantial 5-point early lead this week, but loses a team member in the process. It’ll be up to David to carry Mark’s team the rest of the way, though at least that concept seems far less laughable now than it did three weeks ago.


Millennials League

Corndogshuffle has a 6-point lead, and retains a full squad. Black Dynamite was not so lucky, losing Lucy this week and leaving Zeke to carry his team.


Gen X League

Four weeks in, and we’ve got our first eliminated team. Mike Hirsch loses both players in back-to-back weeks. Meanwhile, Alycia Swift stays at the top of the scoreboard.