Survivor: Game Changers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 10

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“I Was Sarah For The First Time In 30 Days”

International Linque

Aubry, Andrea, Culpepper, Cirie, and Sarah got to spend time with their loved ones at the barbecue, and of those five, Sarah is probably the player I’m least interested in seeing more from. But here we are. Sarah says that being around Wyatt allows her to turn off her game mode and be herself, and that tracks. She mentions that Wyatt reminded her to not let her guard down and to not trust other people, which, like, yeah, it’s Survivor. So is this playing like a cop or like a criminal? How does this clip (and its exclusion from the final cut) impact Sarah’s Winner Edit? I do not have the answers to these questions, and as with the question, “What is a fidget spinner?” I am not particularly interested in learning more.

This Week In Confessionals

“He’s So Incredibly Selfless”

International Linque

Where did “Fuck You, Brad Culpepper” come from? How did those assumptions about Brad and about the Culpeppers’ marriage come about? Monica gives some great insight into Brad as a person (though I doubt she’d call him an asshole on national television, if at all). But all that aside, Monica’s a neat lady. Watch this clip of a neat lady.

“It Brought Our Family Even Closer”

International Linque

God, I really don’t know what to say about this. But I think it’s important to watch, so here it is.


International Linque

Let’s get this out of the way. Secret Snickers bars? God, fucking casuals, man. On the one hand, it’s surprising that Jared doesn’t truly understand what his mom goes through when she plays Survivor. But that may be somewhat due to Cirie, who could be downplaying her experience so she doesn’t worry her son and best friend. Cirie and Jared have a rare relationship, and I think it’d be super cool to see more of that. Probably not on a Blood v. Water season because Jared doesn’t seem cut out for Survivor, but maybe on The Amazing Race? That could get me interested in TAR again.

“Socially, I’ve Been Amazing”

International Linque

So I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t put a Troy confessional in these posts. Promise broken. Everything in this confessional tracks with what we know about Troy both as a person and as a Survivor player, and yet I still find this clip extremely funny. I mean, just *kisses fingers like cartoon Italian chef* perfection.

This Week In Ponderosa


International Linque

Results aside, I don’t think anyone can say that Sierra didn’t improve on her previous season. And based on how Sierra was talking, she knew that her Worlds Apart game was “mediocre” and could use improvement. Well, mission accomplished. I’m not sure how good her game this time actually was; her rating by the players and by the edit is somewhere between Good and Ambivalent. But Sierra displayed growth nonetheless. Figurative growth, that is. I don’t think she can physically grow any taller.

Other jurors provided some highlights as well. Debbie, who isn’t there to greet Sierra as the boat pulls up, screams as she enters later and promptly steals food from a literally starving Sierra. But Sierra was desecrating that grilled cheese by dipping it in ranch, so it was probably for the best. Hali, who probably packed all those 4th of July decorations in her bag, said, “[Sierra] led to my demise in both seasons by not ballsin’ up and flipping to help me,” which is both incredibly salty and poignantly accurate.

This Week In The Jury Box

Hali makes a convoluted analogy for Aubry’s game and seems to have lost interest in Sarah’s (YouTube Link and International Linque). Ozzy has his vote set for Andrea with Cirie in a close second (YouTube Link and International Linque). Debbie’s vote is for Andrea, but no word on how attention to hair and make up will impact her decision (YouTube Link and International Linque). Zeke sees Sarah as a frontrunner, is impressed by Michaela and Aubry, and goes out of his way to say he won’t vote for Troy (YouTube Link and International Linque).

This Week In Gifable Moments

When your husband is 40 yards away but trade is making you feel some type of way.

When you realize the camp is probably littered with rat turds

When Sarah votes out Sierra and still gets the Legacy Advantage