Survivor: Ghost Island Bonus Content Roundup – Week 4

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Poltergeist Archipelago.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“A Normal Day For Seb”

I spent 90 seconds watching this Secret Scene, and I don’t think I gained anything from it. I spent another 90 seconds thinking about what I should write for this clip. This is it. I’m moving on. You should too. Sorry for wasting your time.

This Week In Confessionals

“Take Names And Break Records”

This clip is Chris Noble at his Chris Noblest (freestyles aside), and you could probably tell that just by noticing his manspreading.

But let’s start with Chris Noble thinking that his never having gone to Tribal gives him an advantage over his competition. *lean into microphone* WRONG. Chris Noble has never been vulnerable to elimination, sure. But he’s exactly at the same spot as everyone else: Final 16. And he hasn’t been tested in the fires of tribal council (pun kinda intended), so his inexperience in that area will actually give everyone else an advantage over him. But of course, Chris Noble lacks the awareness to realize that.

Chris Noble also lacks the awareness to know that his tribe’s challenge success is papering over their dysfunction. Sure, things seem nice when you have croissants and never go to tribal, but Naviti would implode under the slightest bit of pressure. Naviti has good chemistry like Betsy DeVos has qualifications; you can say you have it, but the rest of us know better.

And speaking of people who fail to be cogent on CBS broadcasts, here’s Chris Noble on the mindset of winning:

Winning is contagious, but winning is also a mindset. It’s how you treat your day. When you wake up in the morning, do you think negative or positive thoughts? When you make your coffee, are you making it just to make it? Or are you making it to kick some ass? When you walk to work, are you walking just to go to work? Or are you walking to take names and break records? When you work out, are you working out just to go through the motions? Or are you working out to be the best you can be?

“A Ballsy, Risky Move”

Domenick has poor impulse control. And I’m not saying that just because of what we’ve seen him do strategically in prior episodes. In this confessional, he seems to have solid plans for his long-term game, but he clearly can’t keep himself from self-sabotaging. Here are some of the things Dom tells us here.

It’s a ballsy, risky move any time you tell somebody you have a relic out here or an idol out here.

That’s what we’ve been saying, my dude.

So of course I don’t want to do it.

Wait, what?

You also don’t want to show people how many tools you have in your bag because it looks like you’re the guy and that goes out and gets everything and grabs everything and you’re, y’know, a force to be reckoned with, y’know, when it comes to a bag of tricks, as Tony would say, y’know, you don’t want to have too many bag of tricks, or you do want to have them, you just don’t want everyone to know that you have them because then immediately you come off as the guy that doesn’t sleep at night and you’re out scrambling, looking for relics left and right.

But you … You showed them … You showed everyone your … What?

Sit back, let the game play itself out, and hopefully you could work with the people instead of the tools you have because if you can get through a tribal with just people’s trust and loyalty, that allows you to hold on to your idols and whatever are the tools you have out here for another day.

I know that Domenick said these words because I watched him say them so that I could write them down. And yet when I see these words attributed to him, my reaction is still

“The Adventure That I Needed”

Look, it’s slim pickings this week. This is a fine clip for Wendell fans (and I know there are a ton of you out there; nothing personal against the guy, but I don’t really get the hype). You get to know a little more about Wendell’s personal life and his life journey from lawyer to entrepreneur to future father. Have at it.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When the breakfast is what? Con-ti-nen-tal.

When they wonder if there’s a better way to make a Chelsea bun.