Survivor: Ghost Island Bonus Content Roundup – Week 9

Barbara Anderson shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Witch Woods.

This Week In Secret Scenes

”Return from Tribal”

We get to see the reaction to Michael’s idol play and everyone seems to really respect the move he made. Despite how much everyone brags on him and calls him “Tai Russell” for his idol abilities,Michael has a great and often undiscussed epiphany-it’s really lonely when you realize that everyone is truly out to get you and you only survived the attack because you got lucky (phrasing) and found an idol in the right spot. The other highlight from this scene is Wendell discussing how everyone stayed “Naviti Strong” to carry out their plan. So, I guess it is not just Kellyn. Other than that, it is cool to see that this scene was EXTREMELY close to airing due to the presence of the subtitles, but it is easy to see why this didn’t make the cut.

This Week In Confessionals

Full Disclosure Time: The usual YouTube channel that uploads these confessionals didn’t upload them until Monday evening, so this article naturally got delayed. Then, once I started watching confessionals, some of them that would have made the cut had desyncing issues that prevented me from sharing them. Needless to say, it has been an interesting experience doing this recap.

”Things Are Getting Wild”

With this week, we have to get some coverage of Laurel vs. Desiree. Unfortunately with this recap, we are only getting Desiree’s side. However, this confessional will make those who sided with her in the post-episode coverage happy because she thinks Laurel made the wrong move by not making a move. But, it does seem like Desiree does not have the right read on the situation with Malolos by having Donathan as the longest lasting Malolo of the four (yes, Jenna does more than likely go before him). Also, Desiree continues to believe that she has fooled everybody into thinking that Laurel was lying, but as we all know, she did not.

”I Went Hunting”

Hey, you know who likes Kaoh Rong? Donathan. Hey, do you know who may not have the best memory of Kaoh Rong? Also Donathan. In this extended confessional, Donathan walks us through his idol hunt in his Donathan way. Man, this is giving me Keith Nale flashbacks in the best possible way. Finally, it does seem like Michael is just a literal idol magnet according to Donathan.

”I’m Willing To Take Risks”

I am including this confessional in this article for a particular reason. It is Wendell talking about how his real life is influencing his Survivor play since both involve a lot of risks, so it can be a bit dry at times. However, the edit reading side of me wonders why this didn’t make the cut because we have seen blander confessionals about how real life influences Survivor play make it yet this one didn’t. I can already see some of you saying in the comments that it doesn’t directly refer to the inherent decision in this episode, but we have seen this not matter in the past. I guess what I am trying to say is that Wendell’s odds of winning may be decreasing faster than Laurel’s at this point.

”It’s Never Your Way”

I never thought I would be saying that, but Domenick has a pretty good handle on the game. Sure, what he is saying isn’t revolutionary to Survivor fans, but the fact that he is saying it shows that he has finally settled into playing Survivor. It also shows that his interaction with Kellyn may not be a fluke because he describes that this behavior is his general behavior on days where they go to Tribal. I can clearly see why this didn’t make the cut (he doesn’t talk specifics relevant to the episode at all), but this may be the confessional people go back to if Domenick manages to pull out a win.

”A Little Bit of a Sour Taste”

I know we have discussed earlier in the season that a lot of Michael’s more questionable reads have not been making it to the air, but we need to bring that discussion up. First of all, he believes that everyone on the reward voted for him, which is technically not true. Secondly, his read on the inner Naviti alliance is particularly interesting if not correct because he mentions Chelsea and Kellyn may be closer to Angela than they are to Desiree despite the fact that Kellyn has been on a tribe with Desiree this whole entire time and this confessional is during the reward challenge. He also mentions that Sebastian is someone he can work with along with Jenna, so Sebastian may be further down the Naviti line than we are expecting. Finally, he sees Wendell and Domenick as part of core Naviti, despite the fact that they have voted for a Naviti almost every time they went to tribal.

This Week In Ponderosa

”She Was Treated With Royalty”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: this is a damn good looking jury and that is definitely on display in this Ponderosa. Despite her tumultuous exit, Desiree takes leaving like a champ and manages to put a positive spin on it. Also, she gets greeted by Libby and a bottle of wine, so I am sure that eased any negative feelings. Unfortunately, there was very little game talk in this Ponderosa, so not much to be gained about Desiree’s perspective of her exit besides the fact that she wants people to make big moves like she tried to do. But, you get some good personal content about her life like how she thinks that she was the first one to come up with the patty melt. However, the real highlight involves the dance between the Prince and Princess of Ponderosa.

”Ponderosa Dance”

Yeah, we have two Ponderosa clips this week. Unfortunately, this clip was included in the regular Ponderosa clips, but it is still fun to watch on its own. Desiree decides to choreograph a Nigerian-inspired dance for Chris and Libby to perform. I don’t know if it will go viral like Desiree thinks it will, but it is something pretty unique that you don’t see in Ponderosa video. Props to the Ponderosa editors for including it. I just wished that we actually got to see the whole dance uninterrupted. Hopefully, it will stay online longer than Chris Noble’s rap.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you find out the royal baby’s name is Prince Louis


When someone says that Cambodia is their favorite season