Survivor Ghost Island Week Ten Predictions

Man, I don’t even know how we’re gonna do it this week. I better figure it out before I get to the end of the post.

Staff Predictions


Man, I don’t know. I made my picks for the podcast before any potentially clarifying previews were released. I still haven’t seen any. I’m starting to buy into the idea that Michael is getting a bit of extra treatment in the edit and thus is sticking around for a bit. Like… at least one more episode? So if not him, what’s the logic on TWO votes? I’ll say that he wins an immunity (under the assumption that he’ll get either two chances at one or a reduced field of competitors), which will force the big group to come up with a separate plan. Jenna would fit into “let’s finally vote out another Malolo plan”, but I’m not sure Laurel or Donathan would as well. So why not just get rid of the person they can’t stop alienating in a no-risk vote? I’ll bet Angela will be voting however they tell her to vote while they do it.


I’ve seen the extended preview, so I’m going to side with the group that thinks this double boot episode will be done in an ill-advised manner. Also, if it is done in that ill-advised manner I’m expecting, it will make it exponentially harder to get both of these picks right. So with that in mind, I’m going to guess that we get one that’s easy and one that’s a shocker (phrasing?). I’ll say Michael is one of the two to go home, because he just seems like a reasonable target at any point. And the other will be Domenick, who will go home without playing his idol because he’ll feel comfortable enough about the numbers that he thinks are on his side.


And I thought predicting tribe swaps was difficult! Without knowing the exact mechanics of how this double boot is going to work, there are a lot of mysterious factors in play. But the fact that Domenick seems to have realized Michael is a useful shield, added to the fact that he and Wendell don’t seem to care too much about #NavitiStrong makes me think luck has really changed for the Malolos. Kellyn had such a terrible read last week that I think she gets hit by the blindside she should have had earlier. And then I guess Angela is voted out because why not? It’s not like anyone is using her for a vote.


Hey, I already thought this one out because I was on the podcast this past week! Crap I don’t remember who I predicted! Michael and … Jenna? Sure I’ll say we’ll lose Michael and Jenna in this double vote. I think if the vote works like everyone votes out one person, then they all immediately vote out a second person, that makes it more likely that people will play it safe and vote out two people who are aligned and on the same side. Trying to change your strategy in that narrow of a space and time seems like it is an invitation for someone to blow the plan up.


With two immunity necklaces and two back to back votes, things could get messy. Jenna and Sebastian’s coupledom is a threat. Kellyn lost her Naviti Strong argument. And Chelsea is…there? Let’s say one man and one woman wins immunity. My odds are on Chelsea and Michael, so they’re safe. The main four are safe. So between the other four, I’m going to say Jenna and…sure, why not Sebastian.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Boot Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Laurel James Stephanie
Third Boot Libby Desiree Jenna Angela Chris Angela
Fourth Boot Bradley Jenna Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley
Fifth Boot Bradley Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna
Sixth Out Bradley Chris Noble Bradley Chris Noble Libby Bradley
Seventh Out Libby Libby Libby Libby Bradley Libby
Eighth Out Kellyn Chelsea Chris Noble Chris Noble Chris Chris Noble
Ninth Boot Libby Libby Libby Libby Libby Libby
Ninth Boot Michael Domenick Desiree Jenna Michael Michael
Next Boot Jenna Michael Kellyn Michael Jenna
Other Next Boot Angela Domenick Angela Jenna Sebastian


Your Turn

Time to vote. Pick two castaways.

Which players will go home this week on Survivor: Ghost Island? (pick two)

  • Jenna (28% Votes)
  • Michael (19% Votes)
  • Chelsea (16% Votes)
  • Kellyn (16% Votes)
  • Angela (12% Votes)
  • Sebastian (7% Votes)
  • Domenick (1% Votes)
  • Laurel (1% Votes)
  • Wendell (1% Votes)
  • Donathan (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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