Survivor Ghost Island Week Eight Predictions

Do you guys feel good about yourselves? Look, we all knew that Chris Noble was in trouble, but you didn’t have to jinx it by predicting it. Does it feel good being right? I hope you choke.

Staff Predictions


They’ve shown us a lot of clips of people in the game talking about how potentially dangerous Libby is. What they haven’t done is shown us a whole lot of Libby being dangerous. Or being much of anything, really. Which to me tells us that they’re not so much engaging us to root for her success as they are setting us up for her failure. Which I think happens now.


What Andy said. Libby.


Last week Andy predicted Kellyn for the same reasons I was leaning towards, and I decided I didn’t want to seem like I was copying, so I correctly predicted The Noble One to go home instead. Yet, though I once again listened to the podcast to find him (and John) using the same rationale for predictions, this time I’m going to stick with it. Libby going home just makes sense.


Libby because they have teased us with this for weeks and I am still upset over the Sixers loss so I am not going to commit any more time to this exercise.


I, too, am jumping on the Libby train.

Editor’s note

There has to be a reason we were shown her and Jenna conspiring during the Dom and Chris Show, and I can easily see Michael winning immunity, thus putting the target on another Malolo. Besides, this group is still figuring out loyalties, and Laurel/Donathan seem more in line with Domenick and Childish Wend-ino than their original tribemates.


Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Boot Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Laurel James Stephanie
Third Boot Libby Desiree Jenna Angela Chris Angela
Fourth Boot Bradley Jenna Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley
Fifth Boot Bradley Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna
Sixth Out Bradley Chris Noble Bradley Chris Noble Libby Bradley
Seventh Out Libby Libby Libby Libby Bradley Libby
Eighth Out Kellyn Chelsea Chris Noble Chris Noble Chris Chris Noble
Ninth Boot Libby Libby Libby Libby Libby


Your Turn

Vote again. Vote Libby. Now’s not the time to get crazy.

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