Survivor Ghost Island Week Five Predictions

With the unpredictability of the swap out of the way, I’m sure this is the week we start putting some points on the board (besides the preseason points for the podcast hosts, that is).

Staff Predictions


It took awhile, but I’m finally at a place where I’m no longer holding out hope for any possible interesting outcome pre-merge. Finish the Pagonging handed to you by two remarkably lucky breaks original Navitis. Let’s get this over with.

If the tribe still named Naviti goes to tribal, they’ll vote out Libby. I’d like to take this moment to explain why on earth I said I was “in” on Libby on the podcast. There are a few reasons, including that at that point, I was worried I was out on too much of the cast, giving the wrong impression of my opinion of the season (which I’m enjoying). But I think the main reason was when Domenick and Bradley were sizing her up last week for elimination, I found myself not wanting it to happen. Was that because I cared about her? Probably not. It was more because I wanted the plan of Dom and Bradley to fail. Which is probably why I’m in on those two. I dislike them in the game so much that they made me care about Libby, the person I least liked in the preseason.

If the tribe currently named Malolo-but-is-really-Naviti loses, they’ll take out the last non-Naviti: Michael.

And if the tribe whose name doesn’t matter because they are the Chris Noble tribe loses, they’ll vote out Laurel, who will be deemed a more dangerous threat than Jenna. But they’re not losing.


Purple- Libby‘s existence was noted this week, and she was referred to as a new Parvati. I’m guessing she’ll be the kind of new Parvati that doesn’t make the merge.

Green- Jenna barely exists on this season and would make sense as an easy target. So, yeah, her.

Orange- It makes sense for Michael to go home here despite the amount of focus he’s gotten because the show likes to highlight people that are playing hard. Since Michael is giving them what they want, he got screen time. But that screen time will run out if his tribe ends up at tribal council this week.


Malolo: In a world where we are getting our predictions right, it’s probably Angela. But we have not been getting predictions right. No matter how much we want to believe, it seems much more likely that the Pagonging will continue. Will Kellyn figure out that a 20 person cast means they’re likely to merge at 13? Because that means there’s no point in worrying about challenges, and in that case, it is smart to get rid of Michael. Goodnight, my sweet prince. You were too handsome for this world and also for your age.

Naviti: Please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby, please be Libby.

Yanuya. Oh as if they’ll go to tribal council. Come on.


Yanuya: If the golden gods that are Yanuya led by Chris Noble somehow lose, I say Jenna is gone. Sure Sea-Bass might want her to stick around, but last week we saw Laurel humoring Chris Noble and that is the best thing you can do for Chris Noble. So I say he targets Jenna who has not spent the time buttering him up and making him feel like he is the Chris Noblest of Chris Nobles.

Malolo: If Malolo goes back to tribal, I say it’s Michael. Hey, Kellyn and Desiree have already shown that they have no desire to spare any original Malolos so why not finish the job on their tribe? The only way I see it going differently is if Angela balks at losing Michael’s strength and they decide to turn on her instead. But we already saw Angela vote off strength in James, so I don’t really see it.

Naviti: What’s that you say? Someone was calling someone else “a new Parvati” last week? That means it is time to say goodbye to Libby who as one of two Malolos on the tribe is already gonna be targeted by Bradley, and who has Domenick worried. Donathan will skate past by virtue of not being her and not being threatening to their games. So long Libby.


Malolo: It would be really sad to see Michael go after fighting so hard, but I don’t see the others budging to force a tie. Better luck in a few years, man.

Naviti: I know we say this every week, but…Bradley? He’s such a villainous ass that if they don’t vote him off, my TV remote just might.

Green Tribe: Continuing the villain comeuppance, Chris is rubbing everyone the wrong way, and I think Laurel could easily get three votes to toss him if the merge is nigh.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Boot Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Laurel James Stephanie
Third Boot Libby Desiree Jenna Angela Chris Angela
Fourth Boot Bradley Jenna Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley
Fifth Boot Bradley Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna
Sixth Out Bradley Chris Bradley Chris Libby Bradley
Malolo Seventh Boot Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael
Naviti Seventh Boot Libby Libby Libby Libby Bradley
Yanuya Seventh Boot Laurel Jenna N/A Jenna Chris


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