Survivor Ghost Island Week Twelve Predictions

One more week until the finale. One more week until I have to create too many polls.

Staff Predictions


When Domenick heard that Chris Noble was coming after him, his number one priority was to get rid of him. When Domenick heard that Desiree was coming after him, he put the Michael plan on hold and got rid of her. Now he knows that Kellyn (and Angela) are coming after him. Time for Kellyn to go.


At this point, everyone not named Domenick or Wendell is just fodder on the path to victory. It would make sense for a group to get together and go after Dom or Wendell on this vote, but it would also make sense for Dom or Wendell to play an idol if they suspect such a thing is coming. And since there’s no single person either of them desperately need to take out in order to win, I’ll go with Kellyn as their target. Because eventually she will be.


When I predicted Desiree based off the episode previews, you all (read: Andy) laughed at me. Guess who went home? Desiree. So I’m going to follow that method again and say Donathan is the next to be voted out. He’s a loose cannon, but a damn good… caregiver, probably.


Kellyn’s uprising failed and Chelsea took the hit. The current people on the outs are Angela and Kellyn, but no one is worried about Angela it seems like. So if those five stick together, Kellyn is the person that makes sense. But… Donathan probably scared Wendell a bit with how hard he came after him at tribal, and if Sebastian and Laurel are still with him (lol at Laurel not being with them) they can roll with that as their four. And I think Donathan wants to make a move, but he didn’t have the numbers last time, because Laurel had no interest. And I think Donathan still wants to make a move, but still won’t have the numbers and will do the smart thing and appease Wendell and Dom. So Kellyn tries rebellion part two, but she is too late because she backed herself into all the corners and she goes home.


Everyone says this is Kellyn’s time to go, but what if we’re just Pagonging all the purple people? I think Donathan will be riding high and try to make a move to go after Sebastian to weed out competitors. Since Kellyn is an easy vote for the majority, they’ll let her bake until next vote. And now that Sea Bass won a challenge, he could be seen as a threat just a stone’s throw from victory, but without an idol. Peace, bro.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Boot Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Laurel James Stephanie
Third Boot Libby Desiree Jenna Angela Chris Angela
Fourth Boot Bradley Jenna Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley
Fifth Boot Bradley Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna Jenna
Sixth Out Bradley Chris Noble Bradley Chris Noble Libby Bradley
Seventh Out Libby Libby Libby Libby Bradley Libby
Eighth Out Kellyn Chelsea Chris Noble Chris Noble Chris Chris Noble
Ninth Out Libby Libby Libby Libby Libby Libby
Tenth Out Michael Domenick Desiree Jenna Michael Michael
Eleventh Out Jenna Domenick Kellyn Jenna Jenna Jenna
Twelfth Out Angela Michael Angela Michael Sebastian Kellyn
Thirteenth Out Kellyn Kellyn Wendell Kellyn Kellyn Kellyn
Fourteenth Boot Kellyn Kellyn Donathan Kellyn Sebastian


Your Turn

Time to vote.

Who will be the 14th boot of the season?

  • Kellyn (45% Votes)
  • Sebastian (25% Votes)
  • Angela (14% Votes)
  • Donathan (11% Votes)
  • Wendell (4% Votes)
  • Domenick (1% Votes)
  • Laurel (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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