Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 4

Taako From Teevhii shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

That’s right y’all, I’m back back back back again! There have been a few video problems up to this point, and that’s why these posts are starting back up again in Week 4. Some of these problems are still around, which you might notice if you click on any of the International Linques. I should warn you not to click those if you have motion sickness. Even if you don’t, it probably won’t be pleasant; maybe start the playback and look away.

Editor’s note: Can international readers of this post let us know if the embedded videos work for them or not? If so, we can abandon the separate, awful links. They play in Canada.

This Week In Secret Scenes

”People Wanna Work With Me”

International Linque

It’s a slow week in Secret Scenes when you’ve already seen half of it in the episode. There’s not a lot in this clip that we don’t already know, but it does serve as a reminder that Ashley is working with Chrissy (whether Chrissy is working with Ashley is a different story). Ashley and Devon are bonding at Levu beach, and Chrissy and Ryan are bonding at Soko. Could these serve as the seeds for a post-merge alliance? The Healers don’t seem to be pulling in any allies following this swap, and that doesn’t bode well for them long-term.

This Week In Confessionals

“It Is A Great Day”

International Linque

There are two quotes that stand out to me from this clip.

“Getting teamed up with Cole couldn’t have been a better pick for me.”


“Lauren’s a talker. She has an opinion about everybody.”

I don’t doubt that Lauren has an opinion about everybody, but she’s a talker? Really? I don’t think we’ve seen much of that at all. And it makes me want to see Lauren and Joe together on the same tribe.

“We’re Sittin’ Pretty”

International Linque

This clip is your reminder that Ben is a delight. I think the exact words that I told Barbara Anderson were “‘JT in Tocantins‘ is his ceiling, and ‘Keith Nale who can keep himself from screwing up a vote’ is his floor.” I think that this clip is in line with that projection, as Ben shows some pretty good reads of the other players. He is also correct that his tribe is the most balanced of the three, which was proved in both challenges with Yawa defeating JP & the Brainiacs Soko and Team Meathaeds Levu.

“Every Single Thing That I Do Is Calculated”

International Linque

Oh, Chrissy. Oh dear. I’m wondering if Chrissy is going to become everything we thought Ryan would be. I mean, Chrissy seems like she’s doing meta-analysis on her meta-cognition, and it’s just too much. The behavior is, well … deranged isn’t the word … no, not psychotic … we’ll say disturbing. Just take it down two notches. Or five. Nobody cares that you’re using a double-handed swing to open the coconuts. Also, half of your new tribe kept Lauren over Simone and Patrick. They probably don’t care that you’re a mom. Relax.

And if you wanna talk about something really disturbing: PŌ’tent’shel.

“Something Can Always Go Wrong In Survivor

International Linque

I think there’s more going on with Devon upstairs than his “Jason From The Good Place” vibe would have you think. And I’m not blaming him for not asking this question. But I have a question. Should the words “Don’t open until it’s time to vote” be a red flag?

Let’s assume that what you receive is, as it says on its face, an advantage. Why is it important that you not read it before tribal? That hasn’t happened with any other advantage, be it immunity or general voting shenanigans. Knowing what your advantage will be allows you to strategize and use your advantage in the most efficient way possible, which is to both your and the show’s benefit. So why is Production not letting you do that?

It might be a bit of a leap, but it’s not unreasonable to guess that it’s not really an advantage. And then, who cares if you open it and read it? What’s Production going to do? You’re already in the penalty box. Worst case scenario, it’s a real advantage that is taken away from you because you didn’t follow directions. But Devon had to know that he wasn’t going home this tribal, and based on the instructions and his knowledge of Ryan’s/Chrissy’s idol, he could probably guess that this (dis)advantage would only apply to the immediate tribal.

So is there a right or wrong move here? Probably not. The most likely outcome was the one we saw play out. Truly, I’m just including this clip to go on a tangent about why this type of play by Production probably won’t work again (not to mention them losing the element of surprise). But Devon is also exceeding my preseason expectations of him, and I think that’s commendable.

“Uh, Immunity Challenge Was, Uh, Was Good”

International Linque

This clip is submitted without comment.

This Week In Gifable Moments

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