Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Finale Predictions

Lots of predictions to make heading into the finale, so it’s a good thing none of us shot our wads with a long ass post predicting a bunch of stuff. That would make this anticlimactic.

Note: there are spoilers that have been available since the preseason for a twist this finale. We all know it and can’t make our predictions without mentioning it. So if you want to remain unspoiled, avoid this post. Because we will be speaking freely of it, and so will commenters (without tags). BE FOREWARNED!!!


Reader Predictions

Make your finale predictions

Who will finish fifth in Survivor HHH?

  • Mike (54% Votes)
  • Ben (28% Votes)
  • Devon (11% Votes)
  • Ryan (3% Votes)
  • Chrissy (3% Votes)

Total Voters: 116

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Who will finish fourth in Survivor HHH?

  • Ben (32% Votes)
  • Devon (24% Votes)
  • Ryan (20% Votes)
  • Mike (18% Votes)
  • Chrissy (6% Votes)

Total Voters: 114

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Who will finish third in Survivor HHH?

  • Chrissy (42% Votes)
  • Ryan (41% Votes)
  • Mike (10% Votes)
  • No one (tie for second place) (5% Votes)
  • Devon (3% Votes)
  • Ben (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 111

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Who will finish second in Survivor HHH?

  • Ryan (32% Votes)
  • Chrissy (31% Votes)
  • Devon (23% Votes)
  • Ben (10% Votes)
  • Mike (4% Votes)

Total Voters: 110

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Who will win Survivor HHH?

  • Devon (45% Votes)
  • Ben (35% Votes)
  • Chrissy (12% Votes)
  • Mike (8% Votes)
  • Ryan (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 112

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Staff Predictions


Fifth place: Ben is somehow immune (via necklace or idol) and Mike, the biggest threat not named Ben due to the concentration of Healers on the jury and due to the fact that Devon has everyone fooled, is taken out instead.

Fourth place: LAST WARNING! ADVANTAGE SPOILERS TO COMMENCE!!! Chrissy wins the final immunity and challenge and chooses Ryan to go to the end with her, triggering a final firemaking challenge between Devon and Ben. Devon loses. A bright, beautiful light is extinguished.

Third place: Chrissy has felt like a no vote getting finalist for so long I forgot that JP could reasonably vote for her and keep her out of last. Fuck it. I STILL say he doesn’t (despite publishing something just yesterday that says he will. Hedging!)

Second place: Ryan gets a vote from somebody. Check my unassailable post from yesterday to figure from whom.

Winner: Ben fulfills the destiny of “guy who will win if he gets to the finals” that everyone has been bestowing on him since just after the merge.

Bonus predictions:

  • JP will not speak in the final tribal.
  • No matter how much the jurors tear into Chrissy, people will still say that the rest of us are making things up in regards to her likeability.
  • Chrissy’s fake/expired idol will do nothing strategically. Especially since you don’t need a fake idol if no one wants to vote you out.
  • The reunion will be hot garbage.


5th place: I think the Devon, Chrissy, Ryan alliance is a real thing, and I think they really want Ben gone. But I also think Ben is going to be immune for this vote, so Mike will go home.

4th place: Assuming Chrissy wins immunity, Ben and Devon will be going to a fire challenge to determine who makes it to final tribal with them. Of course, Devon’s bright and beautiful light ignites the kindling and leads him to a victory, sending Ben to the jury to become yet another Devon voter.

3rd place: Upon further consideration since the podcast, maybe Chrissy gets JP’s vote? JP is such a void that I have no idea how he would vote. But other than JP, I can’t imagine Chrissy getting anyone else’s vote.

2nd place: I’m not sure what Ryan‘s case would be to a jury. He can’t argue that people were trying to get him out and never did it- they never tried. He can’t argue he called the shots- the fact that he wasn’t in on it when the 7-person alliance split shows that. He can’t argue that he had a superior social game (though I’m sure he will) if he’s sitting next to Devon. Maybe he tries some really strained joke about how terrible he is with women, and that nets him a vote?

Winner: Devon‘s win would redeem the season ever so slightly. He’s been the best player since the merge (although that’s not saying much), voting in the majority every time. And if he’s not up against the person everyone has been claiming would win easily, the easy win should be Devon’s to grab.


5th: Mike just screams final five boot. He’s the one they’ll suddenly be afraid of as a jury threat. I don’t know if Ben is immune or they just get scared, but they vote Mike instead.

4th: Ben then beats Devon in the final four fire-making challenge.

3rd: Ryan gets no votes and is barely spoken to at final tribal.

2nd: Chrissy gets JP’s vote and is excoriated at final tribal.

Winner: Ben.


Andy asked me for 5 predictions, so here goes:
  1. The season will suck.
  2. People will defend Chrissy despite her sucking.
  3. There will be a fire challenge.
  4. Mike will still be clowned on.
  5. I ran out of predictions.

Also, the boot order is as follows: Mike goes 5th, Ryan goes 4th, Chrissy gets 3rd, Devon 2nd, Ben 1st. Why not, I’m feeling wild (this is the scenario where either Ben or Devon win the final immunity challenge).


Oh my God, I got one right! With this newfound cockiness, I’m here to tell you exactly how this season will end. Probably. Maybe.

5th: Chrissy plays her fake idol here, and thanks to Ben’s shenanigans, people believe it’s real. With his whole tribe on the jury and no more idols to waste, the other players cut Mike loose on his raft to Ellis Island. (Editor’s note: how does Chrissy’s fake idol result in Mike’s departure?)

4th: Here’s where it gets interesting. There’s supposed to be a new final four format (4mat?), so I think Ben has a chance to win any fire challenges against his likely opponent. This won’t be an immunity challenge, so everyone votes for Ben and Ben votes for Ryan because he knows how pathetic he is. (Plus you eliminate the brains behind the whole season.) Thus, Ryan goes out at the very end. (Editor’s note: this is not how the twist supposedly works).

3rd: The one thing these jurors can agree on is that Chrissy sucks. She gets zero votes and third place.

2nd: IF there is a tie, I think Chrissy’s emotions run high and votes for Devon out of spite. Thus, Ben just misses out on a win, and all the Aubry fans lose their minds… (Editor’s note: whuck?)

Winner: …as bright light Devon pulls out a surprise win. His winner reel consists of a GIF of him on that beach over and over.


Andy John Emma
Matt Mark Readers
18th Place Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
17th Place Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren Lauren
16th Place Lauren Lauren Patrick Patrick Lauren Lauren
15th Place Joe Jessica Joe Joe Cole Joe
14th Place Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark
13th Place Ali JP JP Ali Chrissy Ali
12th Place Cole JP Desi Cole Cole Cole
11th Place Joe Joe Desi Desi Joe
10th Place Joe Cole JP Joe Joe
9th Place Mike JP Joe Ashley Ashley
8th Place Joe Joe Ben JP Mike
7th Place Mike Mike Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan
6th Place Ben Mike Devon Ashley Ashley Ben
5th Place Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
4th Place Devon Ben Devon Ryan Ryan
3rd Place Chrissy Chrissy Ryan Chrissy Chrissy
2nd Place Ryan Ryan Chrissy Devon Ben
Winner Ben Devon Ben Ben Devon

Bonus polls

Will the first vote in the final tribal council result in a tie?

  • No (61% Votes)
  • Yes (39% Votes)

Total Voters: 83

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Will Chrissy's expired idol affect the outcome of fifth place?

  • No (75% Votes)
  • Yes (25% Votes)

Total Voters: 83

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Will JP speak at all at final tribal council?

  • No (55% Votes)
  • Yes (45% Votes)

Total Voters: 84

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How many former Survivors not on this cast will Probst talk to at the reunion?

  • 2-4 (49% Votes)
  • 1 (27% Votes)
  • 5 or more (13% Votes)
  • 0 (11% Votes)

Total Voters: 83

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Will Andy yell during this week's podcast?

  • Yes (94% Votes)
  • No (6% Votes)

Total Voters: 81

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