Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Twelve Predictions

One more week until the predictions get serious. Who’s not going to be around for the finale?


Reader Predictions

Who do you think will go home?

Who will be the thirteenth boot from Survivor: HHH?

  • Ben (38% Votes)
  • Ashley (26% Votes)
  • Devon (16% Votes)
  • Ryan (9% Votes)
  • Mike (7% Votes)
  • Chrissy (4% Votes)

Total Voters: 92

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Staff Predictions


I’m gonna be basic and just go with the guy who five of the remaining players left in the game not only voted for last tribal, but have also been talking about for weeks now as the biggest threat out there: Ben. Sadly, I’m also starting to feel more and more like Ben is the winner of a final three against Ryan and Chrissy. So let’s hope I’m right this week and not worry about that then.


It would make very little sense to get rid of Mike. He’s strategically inept, he doesn’t have a really strong ally left, and he should be beatable in a final tribal even with a large number of former tribemates on the jury. So naturally, Mike is the target.


I tried optimism, and all it got me was the fan favorite going home after making an all-time dumb mistake. This week, optimism is gone and so is Devon.

Apparently this episode is supposed to be wild and crazy, so I just can’t see Ben being eliminated as easily as he should be. Perhaps he pulls a Penner and surprises everyone by winning immunity. All I know is Devon lost an ally, and the only one he has left has been itching to make a big move.


Ashley is going home. Why? I think the most solid three together are Mike, Chrissy and Ryan which means Chrissy gets to pick a target, so yeah its the only other woman left in the game. Bye Ashley! What about Ben you say? Somehow these dummies will have forgotten that they all just voted for him.


I don’t know why I bother with this anymore. But I’m going to say Ashley. She won’t win immunity and Chrissy will want her gone. Plus she was gunning for Ben, so he’ll be mad. Not to mention this means Ryan and Chrissy are destined to be in the finale and why not continue the tire fire. The finals can only have one surfer.


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First Out Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
Second Out Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren Lauren
Third Out Lauren Lauren Patrick Patrick Lauren Lauren
Fourth Out Joe Jessica Joe Joe Cole Joe
Fifth Out Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark
Sixth Out Ali JP JP Ali Chrissy Ali
Seventh Out Cole JP Desi Cole Cole Cole
Eighth Out Joe Joe Desi Desi Joe
Ninth Out Joe Cole JP Joe Joe
Tenth Out Mike JP Joe Ashley Ashley
Eleventh Out Joe Joe Ben JP Mike
Twelfth Out Mike Mike Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan
Thirteenth Boot Ben Mike Devon Ashley Ashley