Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Week Two Predictions

Time to take everything we learned from the 42 minutes of meeting 18 people last week to apply it to the science of predicting what will happen this week.

Staff Predictions


I feel like we were getting the opening salvo of “aggro guy goes to hard early, causing his tribe to cut their losses with him” last week. I just can’t decide which aggro guy it is, so I’ll predict them both: Alan for Heroes, Joe for Healers. Bonus prediction: if Alan goes due to continued paranoia and aggressive play, many of you will claim that it was all part of Chrissy’s plan. Bonus, bonus prediction: you’ll convince of nothing. For the Hustlers, I’ll continue to predict Simone due to my belief that Diversity Advocate might be the most-mismatched career for a Survivor contestant ever.


Healers: It could be entertaining- and probably not a terrible idea, given the rest of their tribe — if Mike and Joe teamed up. But Joe doesn’t seem like the most rational of actors, so I assume he’ll try to convince the rest of the tribe to target Mike. And maybe Mike finds the idol, plays it successfully, and makes my whole theory moot. But maybe Mike doesn’t find the idol, and the lovable underdog just gets defeated by Target Clearance Section Tony Vlachos. That feels like a 2017 kind of story.

Heroes: I’m once again betting that the Heroes don’t lose. But if they do, Alan is the target. Chrissy’s “sit here and do nothing” plan pays off, just as 100% of us agreed that it would!

Hustlers: Ryan, Simone, and Lauren would all fit the typical mold of the first boot for a tribe. But when your tribe is composed in such a way that the misfit first boot types can make a majority — or at least force a tie — the misfits can get before they get got. And that’s why Patrick will be going home.


Hustlers: I’d like to stick with Ryan since it’s not like he still has an idol, but that bonding with Devon thing seemed to work. Man, this entire tribe seems like they could be voted out early. Let’s go with Lauren. The tribe is otherwise young, and we’ve barely seen her.

Healers: I don’t think they’ll go to tribal, but if they do, I think they vote out Joe. The other four seem unlikely to bond with him or Mike, but I think Joe’s Tony factor will scare them more than Mike being a possible David Wright type.
Heroes: Alan, I guess?


First the Heroes. I don’t think Chrissy will be a target but not because of anything she has really done, rather I think Alan and the JP-Ashley relationship will continue to fall apart. Ben will be the one choosing and in the end I think Ben will continue to favor manly strength over the women. But I also think he will have bonded with Chrissy and see that Ashley and JP are close and votes out Ashley.

Hustlers: I don’t know, let’s say Ali. Same general reason as last week (you know why), plus maybe the tribe thinks she is getting too close to Patrick.

Healers: I don’t really remember any of these people except Mike and I thought about him “wow Mike you have a bad poker face and are not bonding with everyone.” So Mike will go.


Heroes: I think Ben and Chrissy become a power duo here, and Alan’s suspicions lead him to take their side as a swing vote (sorry, little JP). And because you still need to win challenges, Ashley gets the axe.

Hustlers: They are in good shape, but if someone goes, that Mike/Joe fight might be prescient. There can only be one Tony, so Joe goes.

Heroes: I hate Ryan and I hate Simone, but Lauren seems like the odd one out in this group. (Not that we know much about dynamics yet.) Off you go!

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark
First Out Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
Heroes Second Out Alan Alan Alan Ashley Ashley
Healers Second Out Joe Mike Joe Mike Joe
Hustlers Second Out Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren


Your Turn

Time for you all to consensus pick who will be the first boot, depending on which tribe goes to tribal council.

Week Two: If the Heroes tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Ashley (55% Votes)
  • Alan (34% Votes)
  • JP (8% Votes)
  • Chrissy (3% Votes)
  • Ben (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 71

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Week Two: If the Healers tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Joe (49% Votes)
  • Mike (21% Votes)
  • Jessica (12% Votes)
  • Roark (12% Votes)
  • Desi (4% Votes)
  • Cole (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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Week Two: If the Hustlers tribe goes to Tribal Council, who is going home?

  • Lauren (34% Votes)
  • Simone (27% Votes)
  • Patrick (25% Votes)
  • Ali (9% Votes)
  • Ryan (3% Votes)
  • Devon (1% Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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