Survivor Island of the Idols Week 9 Predictions

On top of everything else, the dream is over.

Note: Previews say there will be two boots, suggesting some form of two at once. So two predictions this week, but the order doesn’t matter.

Staff Predictions


Not only does Janet not have enough allies to survive, she also proved herself dangerous by finding and playing an idol. Also, none of these people can allow her to get near the end. So, either I’m predicting that Janet goes home or trying to reignite my magical retroactive protection powers. For the other vote, it’s time for the big group to break up and make a Move. Sadly for the original Vokai, they kinda forgot to notice in all their excitement to eliminate threats like Kellee and Jamal, they’ve left themselves outnumbered by the original Lairo. Whoopsie. Tommy is the Move.


Look, I know that the collective no hitter is over. But I’ll still aim for the individual distinction of whiffing on every vote. So to do that, I need to pick people who are well insulated and/or not the obvious target. Maybe next week we’ll introduce some random noise into the picks. But for this week, Tommy seems to have narrative protection and Aaron is racking up immunity wins (with Tommy usually close behind). So Tommy and Aaron.


Well it seems that this is a “divide the tribe randomly and vote one out in each” episode and I don’t know how the fuck to predict that in the best circumstances when I don’t know what the division will be. But it’s also like, how can we be expected to care? I think I said Karishma and Aaron on the podcast, so I guess I’ll stick with that. Whatever.


I don’t see a reasonable path to victory for Janet, Guardian of Life. And the past few years have taught me to not get my hopes up, so I’m going to just rip the Band-Aid off and predict that Janet goes home here. She’ll be joined by Aaron, who is chosen because he’s an immunity threat. An immunity threat seems to present a more clear and present danger to this group than, say, someone who is a threat to the mental health and well-being of other players. (Though I still maintain it was the job of production to prevent them from keeping Dan around).


My prediction for the rest of the season is Dan, until he is voted out or removed. Because you need a second person for the double vote: Elizabeth.(That will stand until they’re both voted out. Eventually I will be right).


I think after last week I am conditioned to expect the worst so I am predicting Janet goes home this week. Also after last week I need to hope for something good, so I’m predicting Dan dies in a fire and goes home. (The exact mechanism of how painfully he leaves I’ll leave to your imagination).

Andy Brad Emma John
Mark Matt
2nd Boot Noura Tommy Noura Dan Noura Kellee Noura
3rd Boot Karishma Karishma Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron
4th Boot Karishma Karishma Karishma Tom Dean Karishma Karishma
5th Boot Janet Dan Missy Missy Missy Missy Missy
6th Boot  Missy Elaine Elaine Missy Dan Aaron Missy
7th Boot Noura Karishma Noura Jamal Noura Noura Noura
8th Boot Dean Missy Elaine Aaron Dan Aaron Dan
9th Boot Jamal Dan Jamal Dan Aaron Jamal Dan
10th Boot Janet Aaron Aaron Aaron Dan Janet
11th Boot Tommy Tommy Karishma Janet Elizabeth Dan

Your Turn

Time to vote for the next person to go

Who will go home? [Pick two]

  • Dan (24% Votes)
  • Janet (24% Votes)
  • Aaron (18% Votes)
  • Elizabeth (11% Votes)
  • Missy (10% Votes)
  • Karishma (8% Votes)
  • Lauren (3% Votes)
  • Elaine (1% Votes)
  • Noura (1% Votes)
  • Dean (0% Votes)
  • Tommy (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 57

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