Survivor Kaoh Rong Week 5 Predictions and Poll

Alright, no medevac this episode (probably). Instead, we have to somehow make guesses based on new tribal alignments that we have no way of knowing how they will go. Despite this, we try to apply logic to predictions. Which might not be the best strategy.


Medevac Scenario Game

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No medevac scenarios this week. We’re respectful like that.

Current score: John 2 Andy 1


So it looks like all of us but Emma watched last week’s preview well enough to predict the exit of Caleb, but not enough to predict two eliminations. So we’ll have a gap in our chart that doesn’t really mean much since I’m sure we all would’ve predicted Alecia as the next Brawn to go. In other news, I ended my scoreless drought stretching back to predicting Mike would win Worlds Apart. So I’m good for the obvious stuff. Let’s see who we predict this week:

Andy: If pressed, I could have predicted a lot of possible outcomes for Neal. None of them included “invisible”. So why so invisible? Sure, one answer could be “because Brawn was a tire fire sucking away all storytelling that wasn’t otherwise reserved for the Caleb origin story”. But another could be “is unceremoniously voted from the game upon falling victim to the swap”.

John: Joe. Because he’s old.

Emma: Predictions before a swap are always a crap shoot, as seeing how the tribes are set up makes a big difference. But considering how my predictions and fantasy leagues have gone this season, I suppose I shouldn’t be too worried about being off base. Let’s go with Nick. He’s on the outs with his tribe now, so even if he somehow ends up on a tribe with a Beauty majority, they may be willing to sacrifice him in order to shore up new allies.

Mark: It’s time for the biennial screwing of the players! With a lopsided swap coming, there’s some kind of twist (player as Reward Challenge prize? 7-to-6?). Since we have no way of knowing who is where, I’m gonna trust screen time and say Anna, Nick, and Debbie are likely targets. Since I have to pick just one, I’d say Anna gets the Alexis edit as being too smart for her own good, but thanks to Tai’s idol, ​Nick goes.

Matt: Okay this is a tough prediction but I’m really between two people Joe or Neal.  But it will definitely be a former brain, I don’t think they are a cohesive tribe, and I think Peter will gladly stab someone in the back.  I don’t think it will be Debbie because she is getting a larger edit, so I think she will be around, but Joe and Neal have both been a bit invisible.  I think I will go with Neal, because he obviously has something to say, and the show isn’t showing him saying it, meaning he doesn’t have a lot of relevance to the big story of the season.  Plus he and Peter really got into it during that tribal, so Peter might be happiest to stab him in the back.

Andy John Emma Mark Matt Readers
Alecia Alecia
Alecia Alecia Darnell  Alecia
Cydney Cydney
Cydney Alecia Alecia Alecia
Joe Joe Liz
Joe Joe
Caleb Neal
Caleb Caleb
Joe Nick
Nick Neal
Score 0-red
Peter Michele
Peter Jennifer

So there you have it. Make your picks below and don’t be afraid to give your explanation in the comments.

Who will be eliminated in the fifth episode of Survivor Kaoh Rong?

  • Nick (27% Votes)
  • Neal (21% Votes)
  • Anna (10% Votes)
  • Peter (10% Votes)
  • Scot (10% Votes)
  • Joe (8% Votes)
  • Jason (6% Votes)
  • Aubry (4% Votes)
  • Debbie (2% Votes)
  • Julia (2% Votes)
  • Tai (2% Votes)
  • Cydney (0% Votes)
  • Michele (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 52

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Through week 4 poll: who will win Survivor Kaoh Rong?

  • Anna (27% Votes)
  • Michele (27% Votes)
  • Cydney (12% Votes)
  • Neal (8% Votes)
  • Debbie (7% Votes)
  • Jason (5% Votes)
  • Peter (5% Votes)
  • Aubry (3% Votes)
  • Julia (3% Votes)
  • Tai (2% Votes)
  • Joe (0% Votes)
  • Nick (0% Votes)
  • Scot (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 59

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