Survivor Maryland, Major Conflict: Episode 6


Eric was a pre-merge character who honestly shouldn’t have survived to the 5th episode but I fear without him the season could get stale quickly.

Thoughts on the episode:

  • Stem have a good core 6 who could stick together but Doug and Dale Aram have outs with their roommates.
  • TRIBE SWAP: new Yellow is Jasmine, Dain, Morgan, Amanda, Santi, Ange and Tim and new Red is Abbie, Josh, Doug, Dale Aram, Sadie, Mike and Liam. Red is stacked. Original humanities have a 4-3 majority on each tribe but that means only one person has to switch to sink their ship.
  • Red wins immunity! And Josh has now had like a gazillion idol clues.
  • Mike and Liam whining about the swap despite winning immunity is annoying. Josh will use that idol for you if you work your alliance with him well enough! He doesn’t even have the idol!
  • Morgan slays Dain! “apparently Dain has been trying to get Amanda out forever, he isn’t good at it because 4 people went before her”. FIRE.
  • Liam and Jasmine meeting up was fun, Liam is right they can vote out Santi if they want, or target Dain.
  • Why are Yellow talking about voting out people to stay strong? Just vote out Dain, then Santi. Merge is so fucking soon.
  • Jasmine has pegged Santi, he is so powerful and if you can get him pre-merge you should. Why would Tim not want that?
  •  Jasmine is talking to everyone. I’m not sure Dain will believe the other men are going for him, why believe a woman?
  • Dain runs to Doug, Doug runs to Santi and Tim and now Tim and Santi are going for Jasmine. Great.
  • Santi talks to Ange about sticking together and voting out Morgan.
  • The Tape Alliance go and talk to Amanda and she does not care for it.
  • I really hope that Amanda has grown out of the internalised misogyny she is suffering from during this season. It’s 4 years later and maybe she is able to look at other women and not see them as a threat but it’s insufferable to watch.

  • the Tape Alliance told Amanda Tim will pick Santi over her and they are right, completely right. All these boys are picking Santi over their actual allies.
  • Jasmine is voted out and I blame Amanda. She could have put herself in an actually good position, voted out someone who has been gunning for her since day 1 but she instead goes for someone who would have had her in a 5 person alliance not just as a vote outside their real plan like Tim, Doug and Santi all do.
  • I know it’s easier said than done but the casting of this season has way too many overlaps. Two sets of roommates and 3 people who play Quidditch together.
  • Are you guys as disappointed as me in this move from Amanda?