Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Week 3 Predictions and Polls

Well, we sure nailed last week, huh? The result was so obvious that almost everyone had the same predictions, and, well… there’s a reason we don’t put money on this.


I think we all think there’s going to be some kind of swap next week, which would render the “pick one per tribe” idea a little less useful and makes predictions even more pointless than normal. We’re still gonna do both though.

Andy: I think we’re going to three tribes next week, which makes predicting based on current alliances kind’ve pointless. Instead, I’ll go with the pattern that’s been developed so far this season and say Lucy is the next to go, whatever tribe she ends up on. If it’s a Millennial that goes home, I’ll say that Figgy winds up annoying a majority of whoever she ends up with. Because I don’t see her getting LESS annoying now that she’s been validated.

John: Paul is already being set up in opposition to Handsome Ken, and I think we’re headed for a story arc of Beautiful Unicorn Ken and his Righteous Journey. Paul is the first to fall victim. Hannah’s strongest ally is Michelle, and Michelle’s strongest ally is not Hannah. I don’t see anyone fighting too hard to keep Hannah around.

Matt: If a Millennial goes home, I’ll say it will be Hannah. I think her vacillation at the last vote just pisses everyone off and makes her an easy target. Also, she isn’t as tied to Michelle as the other pretty people were so she won’t expend game capital to save her. If a Gen X goes, I’ll say Paul just because I believe the show is telling a story about how the Gen X people don’t matter this season except for Ken, David and maybe Sunday.

Mark: Even if there isn’t a swap, I think the majority alliance on Gen X is in trouble. David and Ken have an idol, and with the possible spy twist, whoever goes over could be at risk. Paul or Bret could go over as leaders, which would allow David to work the remaining members to get rid of one of them. I’ll say Bret in the interest of left field vote-outs so far. As far as the Millennials, I think Adam and Hannah are now in trouble. But Michelle has been shown to go to great lengths to save people she’s close with, so I think that Adam will sadly be on the outs. (There’s a reason he and Mari were on the outside looking in at the beach people last week).

Emma: Predicting before a presumed swap is always a dangerous game, because so much depends who ends up with whom. So instead I’ll just have to hope that the stories the editors are telling will pay off this week. In that case, I think Paul gets stuck will the Gen Xers not on his side and is thrown under the bus and that Figgy won’t be able to hack it after being separated by her savior Michelle.

Andy John Matt
Mark Emma
First Boot Jessica CeCe CeCe Jessica Rachel
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy

Figgy Hannah
Figgy question-mark
Gen X

Lucy Paul Paul Bret
Score 0-red 0-red 0-red 0-red 0-red
Taylor Adam
Zeke Mari

Make your picks below and don’t be afraid to give your explanation in the comments. 

If someone goes home from the Millennials in episode 3, who will it be?

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If someone goes home from Gen X in Week 3, who will it be?

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