Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Week 5 Predictions and Polls

To no surprise, we all were able to see the writing on the wall to get our predictions right last week. Well, at least those of us who weren’t intimidated into sounding interesting for an emergency appearance on the podcast.


Andy: There’s no way of knowing who will wind up with who next week, but I think the odds are decent that Figgy won’t end up with Taylor AND Michelle AND Jay. And I think she needs them all to stay in the game. Or immunity. That would help. Let’s assume she gets neither.

John: CeCe is a woman of color. I’m playing the odds.

Matt: Once again I am echoing John and picking CeCe.  My theory on how this happens is that we get the swap, but CeCe is split up from Ken and David and when her tribe loses the challenge she is seen as the weakest link.  This wouldn’t be coming out of nowhere either, CeCe has performed poorly in previous challenges and people who aren’t her ally on Gen X certainly noticed before.  And her going home would also explain why Ken and David her two allies are getting much better edits than she is.  Because they stick around and she goes home.

Mark: Considering my choice for “screwed by a swap” got voted out in week 2, I’m going to stick with Gen X as the victims here. I can’t get David’s quote from the tribe summit out of my head, so I predict he’ll turn on his generation and vote out Jessica (who will have spilled the beans about the advantage when they get back from Tribal). Loose lips sink ships.

Emma: Okay, so swap boots are notoriously tricky to predict, because who the hell knows what configuration the tribes will be? So you have to go with a combination of story, gut, and past-precedent. The preview speculates that Figgy and Taylor might get split up, and considering the preview last week was not a red herring re: Lucy, I’m going to assume they do get split up. Conventional wisdom suggests that Figgy would be the one to go home, but at swaps, physical threats start to get targeted as a preemptive strike before the merge. Which means Taylor is about to get hit by a totally gnar gnar blindside, brah.

Andy John Matt
Mark Emma
First Boot Jessica CeCe CeCe Jessica Rachel
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy
Figgy Figgy

Lucy Paul Paul Bret

Lucy Lucy
CeCe Lucy

Figgy CeCe
Taylor question-mark
Taylor Adam
Zeke Mari

Make your picks below and don’t be afraid to give your explanation in the comments. 

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