Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 13 Recap

Back at Camp

Adam explains why he voted for Tess that he thought it was him or her and that’s why he voted for her. Tess has sussed out that Lisa but for someone who was saved by a gorgeous blindside she is really butthurt. Tess, darling, lying and breaking trust is part of what Survivor is about. Maybe if you want to be on a tv game show watch like a season or two before committing next time?

Post Credit Camp Life

Tess continues to be utterly butthurt about never having broken any trust and being at the bottom. She’s so whiny about the fact the others were going to write her name down despite the fact THEY DIDN’T. I am over this nonsense. If you don’t want to play the game just don’t but don’t be offended that other people will.

Adam feels betrayed by Lisa’s move against Matt. He’s way too rude about my girl Lisa. The anti-Laurel shall not be spoken about in such derogatory terms as “chicken skeleton”, sure she’s a weirdo but she’s a weirdo who is better at the game than you Adam!

Reward Challenge

You can really see the lack of budget as it’s the domino challenge but only the first two finishers on a balance beam can do the domino part. Tess wins reward! She takes Adam.

Post Reward

Adam thinks the blindside of Matt was about turning him and Tess against each other.  Adam, sweetheart, not everything is about you. He thinks no one will vote for her for the same reason no one voted for Dawn. But I don’t think Lisa will be sitting next to someone like Cochran that people can credit for all her gameplay.

Adam is turning into a huge villain here. Where his previous edit was mean but funny. Now it’s just plain mean. He says he wishes he hadn’t let the jury leave so he could have better company, but he hasn’t had any control over the game. Adam has only voted for two players who have gone home out of five. He didn’t let anyone go.

Tara doesn’t want to sit next to someone who has been dragged along and you can beat easily. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Tara, stop it.

Adam and Tess come up with a plan to get rid of Lisa by going to Dave. They think Dave won’t be tied to Lisa after one vote as though he hasn’t just spent the whole post-merge voting together!


It’s raining and these people all have cagoules. RAINCOATS.  Tess wins an immunity. Dave comes second again.


It’s Adam then guys? That’s why he’s had such a terrible edit this week. Surely?

Tess and Adam continue to be wrong about everything, Tess thinks the others are gutted that she won. Tara says just before, it means nothing because they were planning Adam all along.

Tess does a really good job selling Dave saying that he should think about who he can beat.

“there’s 110% chance Lisa could vote for me”. That’s not how percentages work David. How did you become a pharmacist with maths skills that poor?


Lol, Tess believes she can win the game because she’s won immunity now. Dave talks a lot about how hard it is, how he can’t decide who to trust. He has a meltdown a little. I think that this will do the opposite of Sophie’s crying in South Pacific. I think it will make the jurors think he’s weak. Adam asks Lisa if she trusts him, she says on a personal level yes but not really in the game. He’s doing a final tribal interrogation of Lisa.

This is a very long tribal council which is all about if people can trust or should trust Lisa. I think Dave and Tara can trust her for sure. How do they think she can screw Tara and Dave over when there are only 5 people there? It’s very dumb.

Dave doesn’t play his idol even though it runs out here and Adam goes home 3-2.

Final Thoughts

This was a very straightforward vote. Adam is well liked by the jury and the three weren’t going to turn on each other.

Adam was a prick this episode, I wonder how much stuff that crossed from funny mean to just mean was cut early on.


As you can see real man Dave is definitely going to win.