Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 14 Recap

Post Tribal Camp Life

Tessa is worried by the closeness of the other 3. Dave is with the ladies. Lisa is feeling a bit rough after Adam used his time to rip her apart. Tara now isn’t sure Lisa can win.

The editors show a nice image of piranha swimming in the lake. Then Dave caught a fish. Why haven’t they eaten the chicken?

Tribal made Tara very suspicious of Lisa as Lida hasn’t been 100% honest with her. Maybe Tara will vote her out.

Reward Challenge

The reward is a luxury night in a hotel, air con, double bed, bathroom and dinner.

Dave wins reward and takes Tara. I like this, it looks nice because she hasn’t been on a reward but also it leaves Lisa with Tess who will not listen to her and gives Dave some time with Tara to discuss whether to take Lisa or Tess to final 3.

Post Reward Challenge

Dave is doing a good job talking with Lisa and Tessa. He’s trying to make sure that whoever wins immunity he doesn’t go home.  Tessa sees right through him but knows she has to trust him anyway.


Far out! The reward hotel looks amazing. I wonder when Dave is going to complain about eating to much and throw up into a real toilet. Tara believes that Tess will win, because if it’s down to popularity then Tess has a huge number of friends on the jury.

Immunity Challenge

The tight three know it’s an imperative that Tess doesn’t win immunity. Tess sees it as her only route to the final 3. The challenge is one that comes from Australia. Hang upside down from a pole. Simple. But then Dave gets stung by something.

Tess wins immunity

Post Immunity Challenge

Tess takes Tara off for a chat and asks her to vote for Dave but Tara cannot write his name down. She is willing to vote for Lisa which should be a result. Tess is like a godfather talking to each of her opponents one by one.  I am very confused by what is happening until Tara makes the world’s stupidest plan ever. The plan is to make sure that two strong players who deserve to go to the end can. It doesn’t seem to involve Tara herself getting to end. It’s very dumb. I am not ok with it, I was actually hoping we’d lose Dave.

Tribal Council

We start off with Lisa talking about how she was ok with Adam’s questioning and she feels you can only play for the jury you would be, which makes sense that she’s playing for a jury of objective superfans. Dave still wants to go to the end with strong players and “play his own game” a sentence that means nothing. For Tess is comes down to who she thinks she can beat, which is the only smart thing she’s said all game. Tara says she isn’t throwing the towel in, right before she throws the towel in.

Tara goes home ins 2-1-1 vote.

Post Immunity Camp Life

What’s this? another scene? They talk a bit about how Lisa and Dave didn’t want Tess’ plan.

They have the day 39 breakfast.

OOOOOHHHHHHHH a nice long flashback to Lisa’s game across 39 days, being awesome at puzzles, on a boat. She then talks about how hard it’s been and if the jury values hard gameplay then she’ll win. Oddly they show a few vote outs but not Matt which is her big one.

Now it’s Tess’ turn for an epic retrospective of her game. Challenge stuff etc. Basically she lays out that her game was being social (which is fine).

Dave’s turn, it shows Matt, little does he know that Matt has told the jury already. Dave doesn’t want to mention it because it will undermine his narrative.

Jury Village

Matt is telling Adam that Dave and Matt are friends from school. Voice over of all the jurors talking about it being a bombshell. Oh Matt you screwed him. He might not be one of your oldest and dearest friends anymore.

We close on Chisholm’s final tribal council intro speech. The power is now with the jury.

The next time on shows a very fiery tribal, maybe not as bad as Barb had to deal with but still. Also the fashion is awful, Brad’s shirt might be worse than anything Savage ever wore.

Final Thoughts

Tara sucks and this explains the terrible edit she was given all season. She quit. To give up your own spot at final tribal means you should never have been cast. Survivor NZ needs to find a new casting department because this one was poor. This season has been entertaining but there wasn’t a balance between superfans who were there to play and people who wanted to do things with integrity. Even Lisa wanted to play a slow under the radar game until final 7 or so and that meant a lot of the season has been slow and predictable. Again Tara sucks.