Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 5 Recap

Week 5 is here. In true PRP style, I’m procrastinating and I’m doing this instead of writing a job application that is due on Tuesday but I’ve barely started because I am also moving house this week.

Post Tribal

Dylan is shocked by the Kaysha boot. Matt liked her but is really happy the blindside worked. Tara is pissed Dylan threw her name out like she isn’t the obvious weak link. The Tight 5 never told her it was Kaysha not Dylan so let’s see how that goes. Dylan being really annoying is being relitigated. We know he’s annoying, that’s why he should have been voted out.

Reward Challenge

Old Chrissy says it’s time to drop your buff and again we are shown that Dylan should have been booted. Kaysha could have been pulled in but Dylan will flip if he gets a chance.
New tribes are:
Khangkaw: Eve, JT, Lisa, Tess, Liam, Brad, and Tara
Chani: Dylan, Renee, Dave, Matt, Josh, Adam, and Arun

This is not good for the new Khangkaw, Chani is stacked.

The reward challenge involves someone being pulled on a spinning platform and immediately the pole Tess is holding on to breaks and she falls hard to the ground. Well done budget Survivor you’ve nearly killed someone.
They complete the second half of the challenge and Khangkaw wins as Liam leads them to victory.

New Tribes at Camp

JT has a plan to get to know the new members of his tribe. Although he thinks he needs to use the idol correctly when I think he should at least try and switch Tara or Lisa from the bottom with the promise of being 3 or 4 and target whomever they want to get rid of. Liam is the guy who thinks this is the best plan. Also, JT is an idiot because Eve left her idol hung up at Chani not in her bag. What are the rules on this as it’s her idol and it can’t be stolen from her? Should production bring it to her?

This swap is not as good as Dylan thinks it is. He’s ended up with the worst Chani members as Dave is friends with Matt and Arun is another big alpha. If he can convince them to stay strong with him and vote out Josh or Adam then he might be ok though. Dylan chats with Arun and offers himself as a way to keep all 3 Old Chani members.

Dave rescues the idol and Chisolm calls Eve to see a medic but gives her back the idol.

Dave and Matt wander off to hug and remember they are best friends from boyhood and it’s massively unfair to everyone else on the season.

Tara is being an idiot in not wanted to flip on Brad and Tess. Liam goes to talk to Lisa to chat about the game and her position in it.

Immunity Challenge

It’s diving and a puzzle. Chani has the athletes and Khangkaw has Lisa who can puzzle.  Yet JT puzzles. Chani wins. Come on guys have Lisa do the puzzle.

Post Immunity

JT and Lisa have a chat about stuff. Liam doesn’t want to flip. Liam and Eve try and convince Khangkaw to vote for JT.


Eve says it’s obvious the imbalance is there and it doesn’t let them come together to vote someone off.  Everyone thinks JT has an idol but he tells everyone he doesn’t. Tess calls JT’s words riddles.

Eve plays the idol for herself but the votes fell on Liam, poor little Liam he is the first boy voted out on this season of Survivor. They tried and it didn’t work out but I’m mostly disappointed that Lisa and Tara haven’t looked at shaking things up a little more.


Somehow Matt continues to show he is the only person who can win.