Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Ghost Island Episode 13 “Always Be Moving”

The final podcast before the finale finds John and Andy searching for new things to say about Survivor: Ghost Island. Find out if we succeeded!

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Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ghost Island Episode 13 “Always Be Moving”

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In this episode, the Andy and John look at:

  • Laurel discussed moving against Domdell, then backed down. Must be a Wednesday.
  • Are Wendell and Domenick getting a little TOO comfortable?
  • What we make of Donathan’s failed attempts to shake things up.
  • If Wendell was unfairly beaten by a bunch of rules at the immunity challenge.
  • Final assessment of Kellyn as a player and a character.
  • Relic relitigation: Kellyn’s misplayed vote.
  • How the cultural exchange failed to generate the same emotional heft as seasons past and what this says about modern Survivor.
  • Predicting the finale, sixth place through to the winner.

Thanks for listening.