Survivor NZ Episode 7 & 8 Recap

It should be noted that the author’s football team won the FA Cup on Saturday so she is in a fan-bloody-tastic mood and Survivor NZ is looking good again through her rose tinted glasses.

Episode 7

We enter the seventh episode of Survivor NZ with Shannon on Redemption Island waiting to join Mogoton after their trip to tribal council. What doesn’t make it easy is the castaway who she is replacing is her closest ally Georgia. She needs to either not lose another immunity challenge or get herself in with one of the pairs. What might work for her is she has expressed that she isn’t a huge fan of Mike (and I mean who is at this point?)

Shay is in trouble at Hermosa. She always was going to be after Tom and now he’s found an alliance of likeminded individuals; a dreaded all-male alliance and he’s not going to rock the boat to try and save her.

The Reward Challenge is a hero challenge. In which Avi jumps on a seesaw and launch sandbags into a net better than Lee. He wins his tribe chocolate.

Shannon is slowly trying to build her position with Mogoton she gets a good read early that this isn’t a group of people who appreciate strategy or scrambling so she talks to Sala about trust and Bara about being sorry. But Barb is one to hold a grudge and she’s still unhappy Shannon had the audacity to be 5th in an alliance with power rather than sit with Barb and Nate as the first three to go.
Nate decides it time for him to godfather Shannon. So Nate gives Shannon a nice talk about how useful she could be as a mole into the other alliance post merge; which overall is the best thing Shannon can sell to this lot as to why she should be kept. She should be saying Tom is a lost cause; if you keep me I can work within their alliance to find ways we can destroy them. Whether it’s what she decides to do or not doesn’t really matter.

The Redemption Duel is Broken China. Izzy and Georgia must stack dishware on a platform whilst holding it steady with the other hand. It doesn’t go on very long , on the 5th item they both drop within seconds of each other. Georgia was just after Izzy and she stays alive.

Post Duel we hear about Mike and Lee’s plans to throw the next challenge to get rid of Shay and keep Shannon around. Which all in all makes a lot of sense but Mike is still a douche about it in confessional.

Episode 7 Edgic

Gouis who has never watched a moment has sniffed out Obvious Winner Avi’s obvious winner’s edit.

Episode 8

An even numbered episode in Survivor NZ means something important. That someone will be voted out of the game and onto Redemption Island. Let’s see if Mogoton throw a challenge to vote out Shay or Hermosa decide it’s time to get rid of Shannon.

Our pre-credit scene shows Georgia feeling sick and wishing she was back in the game; is that a return from Redemption to the game I smell?

Over at Hermosa, Shannon has worked her magic on Sala and he believes she is with them 100%. She has also become very close with Avi. Slowly Shannon is using her social skills to get herself up from 5th at Hermosa towards the top.

It’s challenge time, Barb says she is good at puzzles but hilariously thinks she sucks at everything. The boys from Hermosa are doing a “I’m good at Sudoku” level terrible job at pretending to try in this challenge. Yet Mogoton catch up because Shannon was right, Barb is not good at puzzle but Shannon is no good either. Eventually Shannon and Barb get it after Mike and Jak just stand still to let them figure it out. Hermosa wins immunity and it looks like it’s curtains for Shay. Shannon cries, which is made sadder by the fact that the other team were throwing it so hard.

Sala and Nate sniffed out the blatant challenge throw by Mogoton and Sala knows Shay is in a lot of trouble.

Shay goes to work on Tom and Jak about how strong Mike and Lee are. She’s right of course but it’s doubtful it’ll help. Tom offers up a plan to Mike to vote with Shay so he can say he stayed true. Then post-merge he can be a mole with Avi and Sala and take info back to the boys. Mike is not excited by the idea that his name would be written down twice.
It’s basically exactly Shannon and Nate’s plan for Shannon post merge. Survivor NZ: Mole v Mole.

Tribal goes exactly as you’d imagine. After a round of cocky answers from the group Shay is voted out.

Episode 8 Edgic

Take a look for yourselves, it’s pretty obvious that Georgia has this thing won, Redemption cannot stand in her way.