Survivor: Game Changers Bonus Content Roundup – Week 12

Taako From Teevhii shares bonus scenes from the final episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

This Week In Secret Scenes

Your Friendship’s More Important?

International Linque

I’m compelled to include this Secret Scene, but honestly, it’s a pass for me. I’m not particularly moved Sarah’s argument. I’m sure it’s touching to someone, somewhere, but it really doesn’t connect for me. Not to be coldhearted, but there are LGBTQ, Latinx, and African Americans (plus many more) whose families are ripped apart or never started regardless of their financial standing. For Sarah to say that she only needs money to grow her family, well, I wish more were that lucky. That may be unfair to Sarah, and it’s possible that some extratextual information about her is giving me a biased lens through which to view this scene. Even so, Sarah and Troy’s feels disjointed and heavily cut, and with the poor sound mixing, this scene doesn’t really add to this episode.

“I Don’t Trust Him Completely”

International Linque

Ugh, just ugh. Fuck you, Brad Culpepper. Your entire beef with Tai was that he lied to you and betrayed you. But instead of just cutting him off and treating him coldly, you decide to lie to him and betray him. Not to say that such behavior is beneath the game of Survivor or that other players have not done/would not do the same. But when you name one of your kids “Honor,” this one does seem hypocritical.

Also, Tai is tiny, while Brad is huge and good at throwing things. Brad could probably throw Tai pretty far. Choose another metaphor.

This Week In Ponderosa

“She’s A Legend”

International Linque

The first half of this Ponderosa is a eulogy for Cirie, and the fact that her shock and distress is so palpable doesn’t help lift the somber mood. But the back half is lighter, and we get Cirie and Michaela making cookies (which is a show that CBS somehow passed over for another season of Kevin Can Wait. Choices). This is a good sendoff for Cirie, better than abruptly and undeservedly booting her from the game. And it helps cement Cirie as not “one of” but as the best player to never win.

Also, was anyone else getting Luminara Unduli vibes from Cirie’s hair? What? No one else gets that reference?

“I’ve Gotten Everything Out Of This”

International Linque

First things first, Aubry: you whip the glasses off, not on. David Caruso is rolling in his grave. What’s that? He’s not dead?

Well anyway, I don’t have much to say about this one. I’m not phoning it in, but all you Aubry addicts (Bracco-li heads?) have already watched her Ponderosa ten times before this post went up. And for everyone else, take our advice and watch this one. Aubry’s super cheery and gives great insight into her Survivor experience.

“I’m Nothing But Proud”

International Linque

Ok, this one I am phoning it in on. I have to include it because of Ponderosa’s status among bonus clips, but like also, this one was three minutes shorter than every other Ponderosa this season. So that should tell you something about how much the editors could pull together for this one.

This Week In The Jury Box

So there’s actually a lot of content here, but almost all of it is focused on who each juror will vote for in the end. And we kinda know that went. There might still be some mystery as to who voted for Brad and who voted for Sarah (though, c’mon, it was Ozzy, Debbie, and Sierra for Brad). But if you’re still curious, this confessional from Hali (YouTube Link and International Linque), which was recorded after Aubry’s boot tribal, should clear up one of the few ambiguous votes.

And for those of you who watched it, did Sandra leave Hali her shirt?

This Week In Gifable Moments

But to make up for the lack of clips, here’s a plethora of gifs, including a breakdown of the jury’s reactions to four idols/advantages being played.

Editor’s note: I think it’s here that they realize what this means for Cirie.

When you’re the only one of your friends to understand the Four Horsemen gif.

When you spend three weeks with a man and he can’t remember your name

And he doubles down by trying to make you seem like the asshole

But he brought the shovel and you gon let him dig.