Survivor NZ Recap – Episodes 5 & 6

Kemper Boyd continues her descent into the Kiwi madness that is Survivor NZ

Episode 5

Previously on Survivor NZ Izzy went home and now she’s at Redemption Island with Tony who is still salty as all hell. He calls Shay trash, stupid and other rude names, I get the feeling this is how he makes himself feel better about his anger.

It’s Day 9 and Hermosa are complaining about how skinny they are, it’s only going to get worse. Jak floats the idea that they need to throw a challenge to get rid of Barb or Nate to stop them flipping. Lee says, “no one wants to lie to someone’s faces, no one wants to backstab”. Lee what game do you think you are playing you idiot? This is Survivor!
Nate knows they’ll be thinking about throwing the challenge, he can be pretty observant when he wants to be. Cop work.

Avi seems to think that Jak is not in with the young’un alliance over at Hermosa, just because Jak has sat out a challenge.

Reward challenge is the JT Thomas Tooth Memorial Challenge for fishing gear. Nate wants to use the challenge to bond with Sala, it’s a good idea. Mogoton catch three off Barb’s slingshots. Going to 5 on this challenge was a bad idea, way too long a challenge. Mogoton win. Their first challenge win.

Somehow there is still 35 minutes left in this episode.

After some stuff at Hermosa about how they have no food. We see Mogoton do a little victory dance that I really enjoyed. We then get another couple of minutes of filler about how Mogoton are here to stay and Hermosa should maybe be worried.

Wait, Avi has a paper and pen. He’s writing in a sodding notebook!
Lou went looking for shiny shells like the 18-year-old she is. She cut her foot, it’s infected, Tom says she needs to antiseptic it then keep it dry, thanks for the useless advice Tom!  Where is medical?

At Redemption Island, Tony says bad things about Shay. Izzy doesn’t dwell. The duel is the Boston Rob v Candice ropes course and Izzy wins easily. It really wasn’t the type of challenge an old bloke like Tony could do well at.

Hermosa take news that Shay is actually playing the game back to their tribe. I’d have kept that shit secret but whatever.

Lou is really ill. Seriously guys, where the fuck is medical? Avi doesn’t know what to do, the answer is get fucking production.

Over on Hermosa, Shannon is driving herself a bit mad, she’s got the idea she needs Big Moves TM to get the votes from the jury, which is probably right but it’s only day 11ish and she’s clearly going a big mad having not eaten.

Fucking finally! Medical is dealing with Lou and she is getting removed for testing but Matt asks the doctor if she can continue and he says 50/50. This means in Survivor NZ you can be removed for medical treatment and testing without being removed from the game. They load her into a van which also means Survivor NZ puts aside the pretence of “the island” and it’s separateness from the real world.

Survivor NZ Episode 5 Edgic

The Edgic continues to support Barb’s inevitable win.

Episode 6

Episode 6 opens the way I wish all Survivor did; with conversations about how starving Hermosa are. Survivor is at its most entertaining when the contestants are hungry, miserable and have no energy.
Mogoton are worried about Lou and Shay discusses how it will affect them in the game going from a 3-2 majority to a 2-2 tie at Tribal. Yep Shay, you kept voting off your allies and now you are getting towards a rock and a hard stone.

At the immunity challenge Matt breaks the news that Lou cannot continue and the real problem with the 16-player season comes up here, a medevac means that we’re in for more episodes without an elimination. The 4 man Mogoton are going to be competing for her, except NO it’s a swap!

11 people in the game and Matt announces that there are 5 Hermosa, 5 Mogoton and one black buff; which sends the drawer to Redemption before joining the tribe who goes to Tribal and votes someone out. The Hermosa 5 are not happy, they thought they had it all sewn up. Such pretty morons.

The new tribes are:

Hermosa: Avi, Barb, Nate, Georgia and Sala
Mogoton: Tom, Shay, Lee, Mike and Jak

Shannon is off for a a few episodes at Redemption.

It looks like Shay and Georgia are in trouble here. Nate and Barb will be happy to get rid of Georgia but Shay could well be saved by the strength of her new tribe. It’s 3 strong guys, her and Jak.

Immunity is the SDT Memorial Barrel Racing Challenge and New Mogoton wins immunity!

It looks like Georgia could be in trouble but jesus Barb was shooting her mouth off. Georgia needs to go after her with Sala and Avi. At camp Nate and Sala are chatting and they’ve decided it’s Georgia.

Over at Mogoton’s beach it’s the dreaded Men’s Alliance! Shay is all women in this moment when she says “one on one they are nice guys but when they get together I don’t know if it’s a chemical imbalance or something but they just turn into apes”.

Georgia is trying to hustle and get Avi on side; Barb and Nate are ready to get rid of her but wait she’s working on Nate.
Tribal Council time, Barb is sticking with the theme of this season, being completely salty about anything and everything. Georgia makes a great plea to Nate and Barb about creating a strong 4 with her and Shannon against the 3 strong Hermosa boys. She is a smooth talker, she’s smart and she is physical and at the end of her speech she basically says “fine, if you get rid of me and I do come back then I’m 100% not with you”. It’s Georgia who is voted out.

Georgia did it to herself, she could have been fine, swapped onto a tribe 3-2 with her tribemates but she wasn’t making sure to nurse all her relationships once she was in the strong 5 and it screwed her.

Survivor NZ Episode 6 Edgic

As you can see this is Shay’s to lose.