Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Episode 2 Recap

Hello and welcome to the second week of Survivor South Africa, Immunity Island.
I am watching with my girlfriend who has never watched an episode of Survivor before, so I’ll keep you updated.


  • Renier and Amy are in secret, mafia style alliance apparently.
  • Over at Vuna, Carla and Pinty are arguing already, it’s three days in and they are already falling out!
  • At the reward challenge Vuna are thrilled that Jason is gone!
  • The challenge is swimming, climbing, diving, puzzle. The prize is the Ozzy Luth fishing kit. Vuna sit Anesu out.
  • Shit Paul is quick. Amy, not so much. Santoni is as imagined not very athletic.
  • My Girlfriend laughed at the dramatic slow mo of Santoni falling over.
  • Is the puzzle hard of are this cast just not that clever? Dino comes in and does really well, that might well save him after last week’s shenanigans.
  • Back at camp with Vuna Chappies, Pinty, Paul and Anesu go off and have a chat. Chappies tells the other three about diplomatic immunity, which might not be a great power, but as now he can send someone else it becomes more interesting.
  • Anesu is in every single alliance, she’s got Pinty/Chappies and Tyson/Wardah, she has decided to combine them. It’s a great position for her to be in this early.
  • Tribal Immunity: balance, throwing things and things and then puzzle.
  • The big Renier fall in slow mo made my girlfriend laugh, I think she likes slapstick.
  • Vuna get a huge lead before the throwing portion. Smash does an amazing job catching Zamba up. And Dino and Qieän kill the puzzle and Zamba wins immunity. It was pretty clear from the edit of the episode that it was going to happen.
  • Carla gets emotional about the loss because it was “partially her fault” and who hugged her? Pinty.
  • Santoni goes to Immunity Island and she gets a clue to a tribal immunity idol. I love a tribal immunity idol.
  • Anesu is going to have to choose a side here as Mike and Carla think that she is with them and Kiran and Tyson.
  • Pinty is being is very abrasive, the sight of her walking towards Kiran and Anesu made me laugh out loud.
  • I really don’t know why Pinty and her side are going for Mike when Carla is there, she isn’t close to many people and she isn’t helpful in challenges.
  • Santoni the brilliant thinker than she finds another immunity clue, this time to one at camp.
  • Everything at Vuna is messy as hell and I love it. Mike or Pinty, Pinty or Mike. I think Anesu’s read that you can get Pinty out later easily is completely true, or you can take them to the end and beat them.
  • At Tribal Council not much is really said. Anesu is a good talker, people will need to watch her.
  • The votes are cast and we aren’t shown any of them, the urn continues to be so cool.
  • Nico reads the votes: Pinty, Pinty, Mike, Mike, Wardah (who did that??), Pinty, Pinty, Pinty. Pinty is voted here.
  • The edit was pretty heavy handed from the beginning pointing towards Pinty and I was a little faked out that it could be Mike as I felt Anesu’s read that Pinty is an easy boot later down the line if you need to sacrifice one of your own was right. That being said a move for Mike this early for being a super fan would also have been bad.
  • My girlfriend said it was “engrossing” so maybe if it ever gets onto Netflix here I can convince her to watch Micronesia or something with me. She still thinks I’m a nerd though.
  • What were your thoughts on the episode?