Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Episode 3 Recap: “I have it bulging in my pants”

Smash scoffs a protein bar

Welcome to week 3 of Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island. I don’t have a good witty intro so on with the show:


  • Is Paul playing the idiot or is he an idiot?
  • Will Santoni find either idol?
  • Ok, I like Carla, ” typical man, underestimate the blondes and that’s why you are going to lose”
  • Mike wants to go for Chappies, this screams of too big too soon. You do have to win stuff.
  • Santoni tells Chappies about the clue, and starts looking. No need to tell him yet.
  • At the Reward Challenge,  Nico tells them all to drop their buffs. The swap ends with the new Zamba having:  Mike, Carla, Santoni, Chappie, Paul, Wardah, Amy, Smash and Sean.
    and the new Vuna having: Marisha, Nicole, Qieän, Kiran, Thoriso, Tyson, Renier, Anesu and Dino. Each tribe has a minority of 3.
  • The Challenge is Sumo in the Sand, a reward for each round. Santoni tells Paul about her clue. Carla v Nicole for fishing nets,  Nicole wins for Vuna. Paul v Tyson for chairs. Paul wins but tells Tyson about the idol clue, Dino sees though. Guys, Paul is not subtle, that pretty idiot. Renier v Chappies for blankets and pillows (Chappies has a cut on his hand), Chappies wins. Wardah vs Marisha for tarp, Marisha is tonk, she’s hench, she’s built, she’s ripped, she drags Wardah the whole way and wins easily. Smash vs Dino for Future Life nutrional kit and tribal advantage. Smash is a rugby coach, which means he was a rugby player and he destroys Dino.
  • Renier noticed the whispering between Paul and Tyson it’s painted a huge target on Tyson’s back.
  • The old Zamba take the new tribemates to see the well and Smash looks for a clue but doesn’t find one, he eats a protein bar and takes another.
  • Tyson sneaks out to the well and finds the idol. But they now know he has it because Renier wasn’t born yesterday hey.
  • Survivor SA has taken on the US idea to have the chryon say who has an advantage or idol.
  • Tyson tells Anesu and then Kiran he has the idol.
  • Carla starts straight away trying to get in with OG Zamba but Mike doesn’t believe it. Mike makes the right call that they should stay Vuma strong. Carla doesn’t trust Chappies and Paul.
  • Chappies and blonde #2 talk at the well. Amy doesn’t like Mike, she says that her, Smash and Sean will vote with Chappies, Paul and Santoni. Amy talks to Santoni too and Santoni is on board, she does not like Mike and Carla.
  • At Tribal the Challenge is the Drewschbag special. The tribe advantage is one fewer ring to collect. Carla is a really good swimmer, I was wrong last week calling her weak in challenges. Zamba have a big lead but Kiran is nearly Reynolds levels good at the ring toss and Vuna wins Immunity. Vuna send Amy to Immunity Island, they think they saving her from being voted out but they could be crumbling her chance of switching things up (although Chappies and Santoni are pretty set).
  • Amy chooses to stay and play, which makes sense in an individual game also mathematically they only need Sean, Smash and Chappies, Santoni and Paul can still make the vote work.
  • Amy’s prize is kind of shit, the opportunity to raid the other tribe for 3 items or the other tribe can raid them. She loses and can’t decide whether to tell the truth or not.
  • Mike chats with Wardah and Santoni about being Vuna strong but sends Santoni to talk to Chappies about it but she isn’t on board. Mike then wanders down to make Chappies leave Smash and Sean to come to a “Body corporate” about staying Vuna strong. Chappies say he cannot give them his word yet. Chappies and Paul shake Mike’s hand and agree and as we know no one has every broken a handshake in Survivor.
  • At Tribal it’s all the typical questions, Smash starts out so strongly, “do you start with new people or stick with those who have betrayed you already. Paul didn’t know anything last time, Carla said there was mending to do that wasn’t done. I really like Smash, he is a smooth talker. Carla is talks herself into a hole here about the rift, the opposite of smooth. Mike straight out asked Chappies if he is still Vuna strong and Chappies lies to him. Paul is basing his vote on making the tribe stronger and rekindling some broken trust.
  • The votes come: Mike, Smash, Mike, Smash, Mike, Smash, Mike, Mike. Mike is voted out. These international superfans never do super well.
  • I don’t know how I feel about this move. Paul gave Mike all the credit for the move Carla made last episode and that’s part of why Mike went home. That’s some benevolent sexism for Carla there. I can’t help but feel had Mike been voted out last episode, Pinty stays with Chappies and Co post swap, they keep Wardah and vote out Smash. It happened 3 days later but was worse for OG Vuna. The only Zamba member really for the taking to switch is Thoriso and she has no one to go with so can’t do it. Unless it’s to stop the negation of the idol in a 3-3-3 split on Vuna.
  • FYI: so far I think Paul is just not a great player, he’s pretty but he ain’t bright.
  • What do you guys think?