Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 1 Recap “The Castaways are Sexy”

If you needed something new to wipe away the huge disappointment of someone who didn’t actually play Survivor winning Survivor it’s time for Survivor South Africa! Last season was a breakout year for rebooted version of South Africa’s Survivor product. The game was intense, the players ranged from impressive to full blown insane. And the winner was almost as surprising as Chris! So let’s jump in to season 7!

Thoughts from the episode:

  • Ting-Ting is right, this cast is sexy. Welcome to the Island of Thirst
  • The “pick your leader twist” was very well executed. Making them pick, then making the leader pick the weakest but sending the leader away was a welcome twist on an old classic.
  • Jacques has a very specific extra vote for merge, but will he make it?
  • Looks like the Island of Secrets will be a little bit more like Ghost Island without the parlour games.
  • Rocco did the bets to take the flint and read the clue, it’s a real shame he didn’t remember it very well or didn’t understand it.
  • Tania is playing way too hard and there is zero chance she isn’t the first voted out on her tribe.
  • The playing too hard is a bit of a theme with Mike not liking Rocco saying it should be 4 boys (which makes sense)
  • The Amigos were an obvious alliance to build but they do not work well together.
  • I always enjoy a tribe who prides themselves on strength losing on a puzzle.
  • Somehow after deciding it would be Seipei voted out at Tribal they decided to vote their feelings and got rid of Lee-Anne. I’d say we hardly knew her but we had more information on her than any other contestant before the game.
  • I’m very disappointed that the only tribe with a female majority got rid of it immediately, but relieved they didn’t vote out a black woman.
  • Not as fun a first boot as last year but we still didn’t know until Tribal and I do like that.
  • What did you guys think of the episode?