Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Edge of Extinction Finale – “I See the Million Dollars”

Andy, John, Emma, and Matt discuss the Survivor: Edge of Extinction finale and the season as a whole.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Edge of Extinction finale – “I See the Million Dollars”

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Our evaluation of the season’s theme now that we’ve seen it play out.
  • What we think about Chris as a winner.
  • How bad was Lauren’s idol play?
  • If it’s hard to believe that the jury chose a person who was voted out to win the season?
  • Where were all the Gavin supporters at before the final minutes of this season?
  • If it’s possible to tell a satisfying story about a contest whose winner is absent?
  • Final evaluation of Rick as a player and personality.
  • The fetishization of “the Social Game”.
  • If Julie deserved better.
  • Why women aren’t winning Survivor.
  • Final evaluation of Victoria.
  • Marked for Extinction: final four fire-making.
  • Season 39 talk.