Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 14 Recap: “Mother**cker”


Hi all, sorry for the delay in the recap this week, I am off in rural France having a lovely sunny time with mediocre wifi.


  • Steffi goes on a rant at camp about her voting from for the wrong person
  • Jacques says he will be voting out the biggest motherfucker in th game and Steffi and Laetitia do not like his choice of words. Steffi calls him cocky and patronising like she isn’t a huge pot talking to a small kettle about their colour.
  • Now its 7 v 1 and the one has an idol.
  • Mike tells the group about Jacques’ reward steal.
  • The group get to vote two people to Island of Secrets. They send Steffi and Mbaba. I do not get why they chose Mmaba.
  • Mike is working up a blindside and if it isn’t going for Rob what is even the point? Durao says he now trusts Rob more than anyone else.
  • Steffi and Mmaba get a feast. Plus Bio Strath.
  • Mike goes to Durao about “causing an upset” ie voting out Rob. Durao has done a good job playing every side. But he is picking the wrong side with Rob.
  • Steffi and Mmaba play Connect 4 for an advantage. Steffi starts in the corner which is hella dumb. Mmaba destroys Steffi and wins the tribal council immunity idol.
  • Mmaba tells Steffi that it is a challenge advantage she can play at any point.
  • Mike for some reason speaks to Laetitia about making a move in front of Nicole. He thinks he’s got numbers but Durao has already told Rob.
  • Rob for some reason gives the idol to Durao as a show of trust. Durao handed it straight back! Just wall away and vote his arse out! Rob is playing such a good game. He has these players wrapped around his fingers.
  • Nicole wins immunity.
  • No one is allowed to speak to Jacques.
  • Laetitia wants to vote out Mike as their vote split. This is very dumb. They are handing this game to Rob.
    Steffi wants to vote for Mmaba because of her nonexistent reward advantage.
  • I loved watching Jacques playing his idol before the vote. Absolutely loved it. It may not have worked because Rob and the Amigos have such control of the game.
  • Mmaba does not play her idol and the first two vote come up Jacques then Mmaba is voted out with an idol. Gutting. They had a shot at Rob and didn’t take it.
  • Rob is in complete control and its frustrating as hell to watch