Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 15 Recap

Hello, welcome to this the 15th instalment of Surivor SA: Revenge of the Boring Season. We were all too smug last year about how good the SA reboot was. We brought this on ourselves pals. I am sad it’s been such a walk in the park for the Amigos.


  • Mike is talking very bloody loudly in the shelter about getting rid of the powerful.
  • Rob really is so good, he continues to make Mike think Nicole and Durao are his people and will be willing to get rid of Rob but it will never happen. He’s playing so well and I’m finding it so boring.
  • Nice twist on the auction reward. Rob telling Steffi to take Jacques’ covered item then not taking the next covered item he receives is insane. Steffi should be fuming. Steffi gets to go to the Island of Secrets.
  • I know Jacques had plans to use his reward steal on the family visit but could he not have stolen Steffi’s trip to IoS?
  • Mike telling Durao and Jacques he has Nicole to take out Rob or Steffi. Durao tells Rob immediately.
  • Holy shit: Steffi’s reward was her best friend. Jacques definitely should have stolen this reward! Steffi’s best friend tries to tell Steffi to start playing.
  • House of Cards Challenge: Mike wins.
  • Steffi wants to get rid of Jacques and Mike before going against Rob. What if it’s too late Steffi? for the love of god, he has an idol and is very good in challenges. If he plays the idol at 5 and wins at 4 you are all screwed!
  • Rob continues his amazing play by throwing Steffi’s name out to Mike, to make sure if Mike fires for him and Jacques plays his idol Rob doesn’t have to play his.
  • Rob realises that he needs a better back up plan in case Jacques plays an idol, he needs Mike and Durao to vote for Steffi so if Jacques votes for Rob, Rob can play both his idols and save them both and if Jacques votes for Steffi too everyone is protected. Rob says “I have two idols, I can play them both” but I thought Nicole had the other idol.
  • Everything goes as planned. Jacques goes home, Steffi gets 3 votes and Rob keeps his complete control.
  • EDIT: I managed to miss Laetitia finding an idol at the well right after Jacques had searched. Thanks Morgoth! so many bloody idols. This comes back to my complaints with American Survivor. If we are at final 7 and there are still 2 idols in the game you don’t need to rehide a used one. Or in this case 2 as Mbaba had one too. there are now 6 people and 3 idols. It’s too many.

Quick aside: the new Taylor Swift album is very average. Nothing wildly interesting and a travesty of a song about London.