Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 2 Recap “I hope they just have beach bodies”


Another classic Survivor SA decision episode this week here is the run down:

  • Corbus sharing his idol clue with Jacques was a big mistake. Corbus clearly wanted to reconnect with Jacques after naming him the weakest and because of it Jacques now has an advantage and an idol and is in a really good spot.
  • Rocco wanting to save Laetitia is nice but he’s pushed Mike away and now Mike and Geoff have decided to go with the two other women to form a 4, leaving himself and Durao out.
  • Tania being Tania. Everyone dislikes her but her perception of the situation is very wrong.
  • Reward Challenge: chickens, or fishing gear. Winner gets immunity.
  • Rocco wins it for his yellow tribe, I originally thought the idea of having your Olympic Javelin thrower not holding the heavy coconuts was mad but his longer reach gave him way more stability in building his tower. Steffi was very bad so Purple get second place.
  • Rob is send to the Island of Secrets (creepy ghost noise)!
  • He wagers his vote for the power to send someone to the Island at any point up to merge. He loses his vote. This did not seem like a good enough power to risk the vote for.
  • Tribal Immunity is between the two losers from reward. I like this way of doing things. You can strategise and leave you weakest player out hoping you get immunity and won’t have to play them in the second half as Yellow did or you’ll be forced to like Blue.
  • It is the Stephanie LaGrossa Shoulder Memorial Challenge. Bring the ring to the mat.
  • Holy shit Steffi is quick.
  • Blue lose again and honestly they suck. They look like they should have destroyed Purple but Nathan gets hurt again.
  • I was confused by why Nicole didn’t trust Steffi on a firm two.
  • I think Nathan being willing to throw himself on his sword for Rob was sweet which has no place in this game.
  • Paul is voted out. When did that change? At Tribal? was it just those head nods between the others? This tribe is mind boggling.
  • But good news, insane decision Survivor SA is back!

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