Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 3 Recap: “Something Therapeutical”

It’s Survivor SA time again. This week I hung out with my mum’s cousin who was over from South Africa and now I’m finding the accents even more comforting that I was before.

Thoughts on Episode 3:

  • I’m starting to feel like Tania is this season’s Tom. She’ll just be kept as a huge goat.
  • Blue’s tactics in the challenge were dead on, sacrificing the solo leg because it would be vs Rocco so they could win all the duos.
  • Rocco is painting a huge target on his back playing this well in challenges, but he is an Olympian.
  • Sending Tania to the Island of Secrets was obvious and brilliant from Blue (I will not be remembering tribe names), she’s the obvious boot and what can she bring back is scary AF.
  • Rocco’s victory dance is awful but at least he didn’t have to use it at the Commonwealth Games because he never won anything.
  • Tania’s offer on the Island of Secrets is mad and way too strong! Being allowed to just swap tribes is way too big a benefit.
  • Purple have decided to vote out the “weakest” member, like Ting Ting didn’t get them through the first challenge puzzle.
  • Jacques is an idiot and plays the idol for himself despite there being no doubt it was Ting Ting. So much for being the strategic genius of the season!
  • All round poor play by Jacques, there was no need to play an idol this early, let alone misplay it lose your ally and have Cobus know you were gunning for him.

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