The Amazing Race 31: Episode 7: Living Fearlessly


What a brilliant episode of The Amazing Race we got this week. There were trains! Arguments! Backstabbing, not really backstabbing. Self driving and Colin giving us an energy circle. There was the Purplerock favourite, thirst and there was a set up for a fantastic season to get even better next week.

Route Marker/Travel

Blurry Denzel: We have quite an explosive episode of TAR to talk about today. The drama between The Reilly sisters and Nicole and Victor is the big overarching story of this hour and I think there is a lot to breakdown from it.

Kemperboyd: This is the best episode of the season so far. It’s vintage Amazing Race, not much of the drama is who is doing well in the tasks but who is doing badly in the interpersonal relationships

BD: I absolutely agree. It was nice to start the episode with a conversation between teams rather than straight to the flight

KB: We start out flying from Uganda to Zurich and take a train this episode. You forget how important trains are for building the dynamics between teams. So much time trapped on transport together.

BD: It is a way to get all the teams together for a long period of time that you can actually film, unlike a flight.

KB: So lay out the drama for us Trav.

BD: Team Fun actually gets the ball rolling here by talking about other threats on the race that they might need to U-turn.

KB: beautifully interspersed footage of Becca saying she’s made friends with the Reillys with Rachel saying that they have to U Turn Team Fun.

BD: Rachel never forgets, no matter how innocuous a feud actually is. She’s not wrong here though to target Team Fun. Team Fun meanwhile sees Colin and Christie as the strong team to target, along with Nicole and Victor.

KB: I don’t see how Tyler and Korey aren’t in the discussion

BD: I think it might be their social game

KB: I enjoyed that this whole conversation seemed to happen while Becca and Floyd where drinking very large beers

BD: I love having drinks before a task

KB: I like a little rest period action. yeah, I love the idea they are just day drinking a few hours before setting off.

BD: We also had drinks before doing Cash Cab a couple years ago

Anyway, I like this from Team Fun. It shows that they are a multi dimensional team. Not just having the time of their lives but are also serious about winning.

KB: So after this discussion we see the Reillys telling Vic n Nic that Team Fun want to U Turn them. The way it is told is not quite truthful though.

BD: So what happened is Team Fun was talking to Leo and Jamal about the other teams to possibly U-turn. The Reillys joined in the convo where Colin and Christie plus Nicole and Victor were mentioned but nothing seemed set in stone. The Reillys didn’t want Nicole and Victor to be targeted because of their alliance but also wanted to use them to do their dirty work and go after Team Fun.

I think The Reillys are coming from a good place but took it a step too far

KB: so they told it as if Team Fun were saying everyone should be going after Nic n Vic. But Nic n Vic sensibly went and tried to confirm it with teams not mentioned.

BD: They should’ve mentioned that Nic n Vic’s name was thrown out there and kept it moving.

KB: Then the Reillys reacted like it was the largest betrayal in TAR history

BD: I disagree a bit here. I wasn’t crazy about how Nic n Vic handled this.

KB:but the Reillys can’t expect secrecy and outright belief on a season like this

BD: They blew up the Reillys spot immediately in front of basically everyone due to the close quarters of the train.

KB: And this is why trains are great.

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BD: Yes, they were clearly being manipulated but I also think it was in their best interest to at least maintain a relationship with the Reillys, who might be the only team that won’t run for them.

KB: Rachel doesn’t make it easy though with her remark to Nicole that “her brand is watching. I don’t know how much they really believed the Reillys were in on the BB alliance. I think there is a chance that they think they have better relationships with other teams.

BD: They probably do. We saw when the BB alliance was made that their attitude was just say yes to everything.

KB: so after Nic n Vic talk to everyone they talk to the Reillys and it’s just Rachel and Nicole talking over each other as Victor looks like he wants to be anywhere else

BD: But as least we have New Colin to save the day!

KB: Colin offers to do an energy circle where they all hold hands and feel the energy of the world!

BD: I fucking loved it

Kb: and Rachel rolls her eyes so hard they might have caused damage. Just a great sequence all around.

BD: I’m all in on New Colin between this and his rollout the helicopter later

KB: Rachel ripped Nicole with “Nicole your brand is watching”

BD: That cut deeps, harsh but not completely inaccurate.

KB: No but also I don’t think this would have been massive brand damage for Nicole

BD: Oh, I took it more as her identity as a player is watching while others do work around her. Basically her brand being she is the super passive type that relies on others.


KB: So we move on to the actual leg. They have to run through a beautiful area and get their clue

BD: I love the long run to get to the clue. Nice changeup

KB: The roadblock has one team member hike up to a gorge swing and jump off. Becca is in heaven.

BD: As is Christie!

KB: And Leo, to be fair everyone except Nicole loved it

BD: Can we talk about how Leo almost died on that jump?

KB: yeah, he was told, do not jump head first and then did

                            'The Amazing Race' Season 31 Episode 7 will see teams free-falling through a glacier canyon in Switzerland

BD: That legit scared me. Like I’m sure the random citizens of a country are scared when these teams are blowing through an airport. There isn’t much to this challenge skill wise. Jump off huge structure, move to next task. They take a helicopter to the detour.


KB: which is Water Power or Water Down.

BD: Tyler and Korey are much happier on this helicopter

KB: And even happier when they meet their guide. Was it before the Roadblock that we saw Christie thirst over her instructor?

BD: Yes, that was my “as is Christie” comment.

KB: ahhh, I called Christie the most boring contestant of the season last week in the comments but this week she looked right at the camera after seeing her instructor and gave us maybe the gif of the season, if anyone has been making gifs this season!

BD: An A+ episode for thirsting

KB: Yep because as Tyler & Korey get to Water Down, a detour where they go canyoning, they choose a 6ft 2 beast of a guide that they both thirst over.

BD: Oh Sebastian. Respect for that beard game.

KB: oh yes, very Central European that fella!

BD: I was also distracted by Sebastian enough where I forgot what this task was even about

KB: rappel, swim, jump into pools. Basic Becca stuff!

The Amazing Race 30 Episode 7

BD: The other task involved memorizing shit, tasks weren’t the meat of the episode.

KB: while riding a funicular!


BD; Every team do well in both tasks yada yada on to the pit stop.

KB: There is a race to the pit stop

BD: Finally self driving is back on TAR!

The Amazing Race 30 Episode 7

KB: Chris & Bret and the Reilly’s drive the wrong way and when turning around the Reillys block them off. Nic n Vic also go the wrong way.

BD: The Reillys and Chris & Bret’s battle was so much fun. Both teams screwing up but not wanting to be the first to switch it up because they don’t want the other team to possibly get the advantage. Also props to the Reillys for blocking them, that’s the game.

KB: Nic n Vic get to the mat right after the Reillys and Chris & Bret and right after Rachel ties the record for most legs raced.

BD: With Phil saying if she completes the next leg, she’ll have the record to herself. That statement seemed more ominous than he probably intended.

KB: With the U Turn vote ahead oh yeah it is

BD: This episode made it obvious this was a non elim leg and I’m not even mad at it.

KB: it’s a really good time for one. The argument erupts again on the mat and again it’s just the Rachel and Nicole talking over each other.

The Amazing Race 30 Episode 7

BD: I’m cool with having the non elims frontloaded to get more time with these teams

KB: the cast is so good.

BD: Rachel accuses Nicole of playing the victim, which yeah kinda

KB: Bret’s face through this discussion is awesome

BD:  Victor says they would’ve rathered the Reillys never told them in the first place about the U turn.

KB: All in all it was a great leg and I’m so excited for the next episode.

Wrap Up

BD: I’m excited too but I do want to talk about the U turn vote for a bit. We see it in the preview for the next episode. It seems like a public vote, which would be a mistake.

KB: I kind of love an out loud vote, it’s awful to be the first person to vote.

BD: The Reillys are getting U-turned. I don’t see how they don’t.

KB: The first team will say their name and why would any other team say something different unless the Afghanimals or Team Fun go out on a limb and vote for Colin & Christie and the others follow.

BD: I think they would be more likely to take the risk in a private vote

KB: But I assume it’s the easiest move, don’t annoy anyone else

BD: I would actually love for the vote to be for Nic n Vic. They already have to do a speed bump

KB: yeah but they are basically nothing these days

BD: It will be simple but will still be time doing something no one else would have to do. Also, it would make the Reillys so smug that they were right and I’m here for that possibility

KB: that’s not a bad bet. The Liese rules state never U Turn a team you’ll see again.

BD: I think the Reillys will be the U turn team and eliminated next week.

KB: I agree. I hope not, I really hope we finally lose Chris & Bret but I don’t see it. It’s hard for a team to survive a single u turn unless you’ve got a Rupert behind you.

BD: Chris and Bret have improved enough where they are not that team

KB: No there isn’t a team bad enough left. which is why I always prefer a double u turn

BD: And the Reillys aren’t as good as Tyler and Korey or Team Fun. BTW top four teams were TAR teams, not a coincidence.

KB: Although I said I’d eat my hat if Nic n Vic miss the finale I could now see an all TAR finale.

BD: I guess you can always get a new hat

KB: Nah, this one was from a very specific store that costs a lot to ship to the UK and I got it on massive sale. I’d have to order a new one to your house when I come visit in October. they also aren’t cheap!

BD: Wow these stakes are real high

KB: I know. PLus you know the allergy

BD: Yes, I have BJ on standby to do the finale

KB: I’ve never eaten wool but if it inflames my skin, imagine what it’s going to do to my gut

BD: You’ll be fine

KB: Hopefully. This bit could be dangerous and we don’t know if BJ would be willing to take over after I die!

BD: Music recommendation for this week. Not just one but two Janelle Monae tracks for your ears. Happy Pride Month