Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 6 Recap: “biggest lie I’ve ever told in my life”


Tough week for all of us as whoever is uploading the Survivor SA episodes took almost a whole day to upload the episode and we all panicked.


  • Dante hiding the flint was dumb, but has somewhat worked.
  • Rob throwing himself under the bus with plans to use his idol was interesting but also kind of dumb.
  • Seipei sending her two biggest allies to Island of Secrets together was genius and the Misfits should never have let her.
  • I bet producers desperately wanted the team to send two enemies to IoS to get the halves of the idol! Now it’s just a regular idol, no will they, won’t they.
  • The Misfits losing the immunity challenge after winning reward was hilarious to me.
  • Holy shit Nicole is a good actor! Her story about loved ones vs clue to the idol is good, I think it would work better a little later but she sells it hard. Obviously though all contestants will be suspicious, not having a clue you say you read is a huge red flag on a lie, just ask Nick Iadanza. Even if you tell the truth you won’t be believed, which is why Geoff bringing the sweets back and sharing is the only option.
  • Nathan gave a lot of information to her tribe.
  • It’s so weird to see the yellow tribe openly discuss who to vote for.  Everyone said Tanya and it was very very odd to see.
  • I loved seeing Tanya go to Durao and talk about getting rid of Jacques then go back to Seipei and offer the same thing. I loved her saying “it’s all about Jacques vote tonight but does it have to be?”
  • Tanya should categorically not have spoken about talking to Jacques at Tribal. Just be silent and let the boy go home, he has an idol and if he played it then it would have been very bad. If she had thought the blindside would happen and she was his vote, then giving him any inkling that he should play his idol would make her the vote again.
  • I think Tanya was the right move here, for everyone. Tanya was a fantastic pre-merge personality. She was mad, annoying, frustrating and fun to watch. She made it a lot further than she ever should have and she had really good perspective on the game. I particularly liked Durao trying to give her her hat back as she left and her pushing it back to him.