The Amazing Race 31, Episode 10: Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

It’s been a weird week for me, as those of you who follow me on twitter will know. On Thursday I quit my job and then had to watch Team Fun get eliminated from the Amazing Race. Blurry Denzel and I talk about our sadness losing the most funnest team to ever run the race.



Kemperboyd: So the Amazing Race! How devastated on a a scale of 0 to Aubry lost Kao Rong are you?

Blurry Denzel: The Aubry thing was more baffling at the time than anything else. This is more of a Cirie going out in Game Changers feeling.

KB: I’m devastated though

BD: I don’t like when Team Fun is sad!

KB: Me too. This was a bloody heartbreak.

BD: We did speculate based on the edit that Team Fun was destined to fall short but I wanted more time with them. I needed more time.

KB: Me too, but to go out the same leg and on a U Turn, it was too much man.

BD: Third time is the charm.

KB: Team Fun for every season of TAR.

BD: And this current season of Big Brother. I spot a couple of people that could’ve been easily replaced by Team Fun.

KB: Becca could not be on a BB or Survivor, she needs the stimulation of TAR.

BD: I would still welcome it!

KB: So let’s get into the episode. We start off with flights from Croatia to Amsterdam and the teams end up reset.

BD: I got excited when I heard about different flight times again just to be disappointed

KB: Yeah but with so few teams you absolutely have to reset the teams or the top two would never have been close to the others. It’s early on when I’m less keen on it when there are a larger number of teams.

BD: I know, it makes sense here. Just don’t tease me TAR! We have tandem bike adventures.

KB: I felt so bad for Floyd there were more fucking bikes.

BD: But he had the support of Becca this time and not insane weather.

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KB: I really liked Tyler just not peddling.

BD: I gotta remember that when I’m on the Race and this situation comes up.

KB: you are very tall so you will likely be on the front and in control.


BD: We have the Detour first. Hoisting (fake) cows vs jumping a canal on a pole.

I’m surprised teams thought they were dealing with real cows and still chose that one.

KB: All the teams except Nic n Vic chose hoisting the cow. Both were very physical tasks with a lot of cycling.

BD: Team Fun falls behind early getting lost.

KB: They never lose if they don’t get lost here This was the point that lost them the whole thing. They likely would have reached the board third and U Turned someone else.

BD: They mentioned it earlier in the season, navigating is not their strong suit

KB: No, but they should have been able to either stay with the pack or ask

BD: They did seem pretty confident in their wrong direction

KB: yeah, it really wasn’t good at all

BD: All the initial teams hoisting cows did pretty well with getting them up in 40 seconds

KB: Colin was a beast, an absolute beast.

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BD: It’s crazy to me that they did this show 26 seasons ago and might actually be better now

KB: And they were great back then

BD: But with more dysfunction

KB: The greatest teams don’t have the dysfunction. The ones who get to top 3 or 4 and crash often have an alpha male type and a girlfriend/wife they don’t understand or respect enough. He had that attitude but it seems they have really developed a partnership.

BD: It really has become a fantastic multi season arc. Over on the pole side, Nicole really struggles.

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KB: While I am entirely biased in favour of Team Fun, how was she allowed to pass on either of her jumps?

BD: I thought the point of it was getting over the canal, which admittedly can be difficult, but I guess getting an inch of the ground is the same thing, go figure

KB: We aren’t bitter or anything

BD: Not at all

U Turn Board

KB: Colin and Christie and Tyler and Korey get to the U Turn Board and decide to leave it to the Afghanimals. This a good decision for them both but I hate that they made it

BD: They know after Victor targeted the Afghanimals in the U-turn vote, Leo and Jamal will get revenge. I’m sure Leo and Jamal told everyone they would as well.

KB: But they could have U-Turned the Afghanimals and then they would have targeted Nic n Vic and Team Fun would have survived!

BD: It does seem that the TAR teams are working together. They did travel as a pack to the detour and to the not named final challenge

KB: So the Afghanimals get to the U turn board and U Turn Nic n Vic who in turn U Turn Team Fun.

BD: Thoughts on the U turn coming after the detour?

KB: I always prefer it post-detour, even if it screwed us this time.

BD: Same

KB: It rewards the performance not getting the best cab

KB: Nicole and Victor are off to hoist cows but Victor is a little exhausted from doing all the pedalling earlier and Team Fun go back to jump the canal.

BD: They do it successfully but when they get all the way to the market are told one egg is slightly cracked


BD: Yes, so part of the canal task was grabbing eggs and cheese and taking it to a market. Amazing Race 101. When delivering anything, make sure it’s in good condition.

KB: They again would have been ok had they just checked and redone the jumping there not cycled both ways twice

BD: Exactly, a horrible misstep for Team Fun. Selfishly I wanted that clerk to just accept the fucking egg but it was cracked

KB: I was so angry with him doing what the producers told him

BD: But Nicole can pass for bare minimum shit

KB: We’re not bitter

BD: Not bitter at all

BD: Victor and Nicole fail the first time cow hoisting

KB: Well to be fair Victor got very close to being successful doing it alone

BD: I don’t think Nicole even touched the rope for the first quarter of the task. They get it done soon after and maintain their lead over Team Fun going into a final task I quite liked

Route Marker 3 & Pit Stop

KB: The navigation of canals to collect 3 boats and boat train them to an island was interesting. the Afghanimals did very poorly

BD: You think they are rushing through tasks too fast? They tend to miss a lot of details

KB: I think it’s a problem for sure, they struggle with staying calm too

BD: Colin and Christie completely smoked the task and finish way ahead of Tyler and Korey and Leo and Jamal

KB: Finally a new winner!

BD: I was happy to see that. Tyler and Korey almost injured a kid with their steering

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KB: they could easily have capsized those women and their kids

BD: Those locals were not happy with them

KB: but as they are Dutch they were nice and helpful.

BD: It was very gentle scolding

KB: I loved the Netherlands, it is a really lovely country to visit. Some towns are unbelieveably beautiful. Utrecht was a favourite, looks like Amsterdam without being full of twats on Stag Parties.

BD: I have no Netherlands stories. I need to travel more. Tyler and Korey finish second

KB: I went two years ago to see the women’s Euros, it’s easily traversable by train and everyone speaks English.

KB’s Holiday snap of Rotterdam

BD: I’ll be going to Florida in August where everyone is not all nice and helpful and also sometimes demand you speak English

KB: I see why you left!

BD: My first time back in three years. I didn’t miss it much with some exceptions

KB: The Afghanimals have some propeller problems but eventually finish 3rd and then Nic n Vic come 4th and my heart is broken.

BD: Nic n Vic almost caught the Afghanimals. They are looking like the favorites to be eliminated next. My heart was broken too and an extra gut shot when Becca suggested this was a possible non elim leg.

KB: Becca clearly has had too much fun in her life if her memory is that weak. Team Fun seemed pretty up beat over all.

Wrap Up

BD: This has been quite the journey. To meet on the show as strangers, connect immediately, become close friends and do it again is real awesome to see play out. And never forget they got Phil to rap

KB: Their end of episode rap as really bad and it was hilarious.
As someone who has made amazing friends by watching reality tv, it sounds amazing to have gone on a tv show and made a friend like that. The Perfect Strangers season was a very weird one, but it produced Team Fun and that team is enough for it be one of my favourites

BD: A weird but fun season (no pun intended). I really believe they will play for a third time if the show survives

KB: I really hope so too. Becca is one of the toughest, strongest women who have raced and Floyd is a fucking delight

BD: Agreed on both fronts. They bring joy to the show and that is needed. We have a two hour finale next week

KB: I’m hopeful we lose the Afghanimals

BD: I think we will. Who is winning the season though? In the preseason we both predicted Tyler and Korey

KB: I could see anyone except the Afghanimals winning

BD: Yeah, there is a case for three teams. I like Tyler and Korey but I find myself rooting for Colin and Christie to take it all.

KB: I feel like Tyler & Korey were robbed in their season but they don’t feel like they’ve had a big edit

BD: They don’t have the same story as Colin and Christie or the ups and downs as Nicole and Victor. They are just really good

KB: And really fun

BD: Agreed

KB: But we haven’t really been shown their defeat in the first season, or given a sense of growth and redemption

BD: It will be interesting to see how it plays out

KB: I still see the Afghanimals coming 4th!

BD: Poor Pablo. But yay for you not having to eat your hat. I don’t think BJ would’ve wanted to cover for you under those grave circumstances.

KB: No probably not. also I did say “finale” not top 3?  am I safe?

BD: You are.

KB: woohooo!

BD: My music recommendation of the week is Amber Mark. She’s been in my ear a lot lately and hopefully in everyone else’s ears soon

Also there is this…

KB: I would never go to Ballieballerson a) because it’s got a name I find really annoying and B) it’s full of twats and the balls are covered in god knows what.

BD: I had the pleasure of meeting Aurora at the Survivor finale. She was amazing and amazed I would fly from to NY to LA to go

KB: She seems lovely but it’s such a cheesy terrible spot in London.

BD: At one point the Trustcluster tried to convince her and her friend to ditch the finale after party to go to a club that was having a lesbian night. So I shouldn’t go there when I eventually come to visit you?

KB: Nah, we’ll get my friend Bea to give us all the best cocktail bars and do a tour She’s industry royalty. We can then do all the awesome tourist stuff I’ve never done because I live here

KB: That sounds super fun. I’m all about seeing different cocktail bars. I’ve many cocktails in the last two days and I don’t plan on that stopping tomorrow when I’m watching England v Cameroon.


KB: well jel

World Cup Chat

BD: Yes, we are onto the knockout stages of the World Cup. USA plays Spain on Monday. With maybe France on the horizon

KB: That’s going to be easy. Spain have been wildly disappointing, with a striker like Hermosa they have no attacking quality. France v USA will be fun.

BD: That is a can’t miss game. We have the premiere of Big Brother on Tuesday and the season is already a shit show

KB: if the winner of the whole thing isn’t in that QF I don’t know how. I like the Netherlands but they can’t defend to save their lives and as fun as Italy have been they don’t look quite up there. Germany I suppose is the other option, solid, boring Germany.

BD: And your squad?

KB: I just did a very big sigh. I think that the manager is playing some players due to reputation rather than current form and quality. There is a line up I would like to see and it includes a couple of younger players who are on top form but not known quantities.  He is playing Parris out of position to fit in Kirby who has been anonymous. And that means Beth Mead ends up on the left or bench despite coming into the tournament in the form of her life

KB: And you think that will eventually come back to bite them

BD: I think when we come up against a quality team we may be in a lot of trouble

KB: I’d love to be wrong. I love this squad. Bunch of absolute legends. I just don’t rate the manager. He got the job despite never having managed any team ever. He is an ex-England international. Seems like a wonderful guy though, really good man manager, just no tactical nous

BD: I’m off to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory.