Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 7 Recap: “Clark Kent isn’t just in movies”


As we are scorching in the beginning of a heatwave here I am sitting in my room watching tv to provide you all with my thoughts on Survivor SA.


  • Cobus, if you don’t want to hear people talk about Survivor don’t play Survivor, or some on this website.
  • Meryl is insightful. Nicole needed to do a better job of looking for the pretend idol.
  • I liked the tribe swap technique with bowls of paint. The tribes are quite even and there are some alliances together and some who are split.
  • Steffi will be on whichever tribe loses replacing the voted out competitor.
  • Nathan injures himself again, moron.
  • Durao is doing a good job. Get close to Nicole because he was close with Seipei
  • Rocco spilling everything to Seipei about Rob and Nicole like she isn’t in it!
  • Dante’s attempts to sew paranoia are bad, because Dante is bad.
  • Teal wins immunity, Laetitia hurt herself.
  • Voting out Rocco was dumb, he’s got the strategic ability of a rock and honestly I doubt at his size he’s going to win every immunity. But in this tribe with the alliances shaking out how they did I’m not sure what other move would have been achievable.
  • I think Seipei and Rob needed to be looking at Mike or Cobus.
  • The way things are shaking out with both tribes the Amigos and the Mike/Geoff/Mmaba contingent will be a huge alliance and will then have to eat themselves at merge.

Next week someone will be stepping in in my place as I will be in Lyon watching the Women’s World Cup!