Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 8 Recap

In the last episode before the merge, Blurry Denzel (with an assist from Barbara Anderson) is subbing in for Kemper Boyd to talk about another fabulous effort from the current best version of Survivor.


  • Dante is frustrated with Geoffrey and Mmaba because they aren’t contributing enough around camp or in challenges and are only concerned about their social games. The way Dante pouts about this makes it seem like he isn’t concerned about his social game existing.
  • Geoffrey is itching to pull off a move on merge eve. The lack of going to tribal has only increased the feelings. He checks off the goals of getting out the person he wanted and flushing an idol but his status as a schemer won’t be overlooked by others. Also, while I don’t hate the idea of making a public enemy, it can be risky if things flip their way.
  • Durao gets to go to the Island of Secrets and is awarded with a onetime idol to use at the next tribal. He smartly realizes that with all the mayhem going on, he doesn’t need to draw attention to himself by playing the idol. We now have the prospect of more fake idol plays, which I’m mostly meh about.
  • I’m waiting for someone to get super weird with their Island of Secrets story. People are already suspicious that you aren’t telling the truth about the options that were laid out, so why not have fun with it? Just tell an off the wall tale with specific details. This is probably bad strategy, but it would be so fun to see.
  • I was hoping it was burgers when Nico mentioned cheese at the reward challenge, but I knew better. While the pizza doesn’t look appealing, I would be all over the soft drinks. So refreshing.
  • Steffi joins the Ta’alo tribe after they lost a player last tribal and is off on the wrong foot. I’m sympathetic towards players that are exiled while new tribes spend time together building relationships. Having to play catch up puts you at a disadvantage but Steffi could’ve played it better. I think the move is make yourself small, be agreeable and work on bonding. People are watching the newbie and any gaming is easily seen. She is even losing Rob, one of the connections she has going into the current situation.
  • Rob continues to get closer to Mike, giving him information about the idol. I don’t hate this. Rob comes across as someone I would want to be my friend. He sells loyalty well; I feel like he would care about me.
  • Seipei remains the best. She was a beast in the reward challenge and gave good instructions in the immunity challenge. Her pep talks would have me ready to run through walls for her.
  • The spit handshake between Ta’ako was something I would dread but reluctantly join in on. Alliances > being disgusted. Even if the seven is fairytale, it is nice to have options.
  • I’m devastated that Nathan is the one voted out. I liked his energy and grew attached to him during the bad early days for OG Sa’ula. Nicole’s reaction to hearing he would be blindsided was a good scene, really highlighted their relationship. The verdict is out on whether this was a good move for her, but Nicole has done enough positive stuff that I have faith in her. Nathan was not the subtle mastermind he thought he was though.
  • The merge coming up has me excited. We have some tight pairs right now and I believe Survivor is great when you get a solid ride or die pair that is good at navigating the game. We will see who breaks out on in this next stage of the game. I’m excited to see it all go down. South Africa is really keeping my Survivor love alive.

Kemper is presumably back next week but she may still be in awe getting to witness USA take home the World Cup. Getting to see greatness up close, I’m jealous.