Purple Rock Watch-Along: South Pacific Viewing Plan

Blurry Denzel and Barbara Anderson details the upcoming Watch-Along schedule for Survivor : South Pacific.


The Breakdown of the Schedule

Blurry Denzel-  The JV Squad takeover of this site for the summer continues with Barbara Anderson for the Watch-Along of Survivor: South Pacific . Every Wednesday for the next five weeks we will come out with a new post. For everyone that wants to join in, CBS All Access, Hulu and Amazon Prime have the season available. 

July 10th- Episodes 1-3

July 17th- Episodes 4-6

July 24th- Episodes 7-8

July 31th- Episodes 9-10, 12 (Note; we are skipping the recap episode, which is 11)

August 7th- Episodes 13-15


Why South Pacific?

Barbara Anderson- So, BD, why are we picking a bad season to watch this summer?

BD- Well there are some out there that would tell you it isn’t a bad season or at the very least not as bad as its reputation has it. I find that idea intriguing and want to explore that more. Some of my favorite parts of doing Palau was finding the flaws or mistakes of a season that I still hold in high regard. So I thought why not approach it from the other direction and explore a season I hated and see if there is some hidden gold the second time around.

BA- Did you ever watch Walking Dead, BD?

BD- The first few seasons before I looked at the flowers.

BA- Okay. What was your least favorite season?

BD- Season 2 by far. I thought it was so plodding as they never left the farm.

BA- Did you watch week by week?

BD- Yes, this was back when TWD was a big viewing experience that everyone was a part of.

BA- Except for me. I hold that Season 2 may be my favorite season of TWD, but I believe that is because I binged in one day or so. This way, the storytelling didn’t feel like it was stalling, but rather that there was a natural flow to it. I think that is why I like South Pacific more than most people. I got to binge watch it with Purple Tally (shoutout to her, she’s fantastic). I think there is some interesting stuff going on in this season that gets overshadowed by some not so great Production decisions. We have also been talking about doing this rewatch for literal months, right BD?

BD- Yes, this is an idea that has been brewing since Edge of Extinction was airing. The two seasons have a couple huge similarities. There are returnees leading tribes filled with first time contestants. Also if you are voted out, you can get a second chance or a shot of redemption to get back into the game. I see where you are going with the binge point. We are in this era where we consume TV in a much different way than before. It affects the way we view storytelling as a whole. We don’t sit with the storytelling pieces at time the way we did before. It’s a quicker digestion.

BA- There is no other reason as to why we would want this season that I can think of. 

BD- Perhaps if a certain player was returning for a future season and we wanted to see how their game turns out based on what we see here, then that would be another possible reason.

BA- I look forward to the return of Rancher Rick.

The Format of this Particular Watch-Along

BD- Like last year with Palau, our Watch-Along will be less of a recap of the episode and more of analysis of what’s going on. There are so many topics to touch on and I’m very excited to dive into all of it.

BA- Unlike Palau, a lot of South Pacific has been done before. What is different is how the cast reacts to it.

BD- While the game itself isn’t groundbreaking, the people are in their own ways. They make the storytelling go new places, whether for better or worse. We look forward to breaking it all down.

BA- So, that means we will be talking about spoilers for South Pacific throughout, right?

BD- Yes, there we will be quite a bit of big picture discussion. If you have never watched South Pacific before, I recommend you watch first before reading the posts. But definitely come through afterwards because I believe we are in for a lot of fun.

BA- Folks, just think that this rewatch could have been me ranting about Cambodia. Anything (besides Nicaragua) is better than that.

BD- This is also better than doing Big Brother recaps.

BA- Let’s be real. John and Andy would kick us off the JV Squad so fast if we proposed either one of these ideas.