Survivor: Winners At War Bonus Content Roundup – Week 7

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Winners At War.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“I Hope It Was A Boa”

That was not a boa. I’m no Montgomery Montgomery, but that was not a boa. One of the things I learned today is that boas are native primarily to South American wetlands, so it seems extremely unlikely that a species of boa is chilling across an ocean in Fiji. Another thing I learned today is that when you search the term “boa,” the first page of results is all about Bank of America. But anyway, it wasn’t a boa.

This week’s post isn’t chock full of content. There are four scenes, and three of them are all about Tree Mail (must’ve been a slow two days). But this scene is a winner with Ben genuinely excited about the snake, Sophie overcoming her fears, and Adam begrudgingly tagging along as everyone leaves him behind. Like, tag yourself. I’m either Sophie—excited to go see the snake but still reluctant to get within five feet of it—or Adam—after Ben says, “C’mon!” Adam immediately lets out a revolted “No.”

*Indiscriminate Hooting*

The first clip of the tribes reading Tree Mail. Michele and Yul both express anxiety over potentially going to Tribal if they lose. Michele gets a necklace. Yul makes his three tribemates all walk over to him instead of going to the shelter where the three of them were already sitting. That’s some literal king shit; like, feudalistic and whatnot.

“Whoever Wins This Has An Advantage Going Into The Merge”

I want to know whom is considered a “Hero” on Dakal. Kim corrected herself to say Tony but … y’all know. Anyway, Kim goes on to say that she is also nervous about going to Tribal—which is understandable—and says that she’d hate to have to vote out Denise or Tony. Makes one wonder if she absolutely feels closest with Jeremy—I think that there is canonical narrative evidence to support that—or if she simply knows that Tony or Denise would be the biggest threat of the four and still wants to work with all of her current tribemates in the post-merge.

Don’t miss this moment at 0:54 where Kim is so disappointed they aren’t merging that she can barely bring herself to slap away the Tree Mail parchment in contempt.

“No! Don’t Get Too Excited!”

Another Tree Mail scene, but this one makes a great entry in the series of “Adam is a ding-dong” scenes. Everyone else reads the context clues and figures out there’s going to be a challenge. But not Adam! You’re saying there’s a chance!

This Week In Shitposts

I have to admit, Ethan got me with Rob and Amber.