The Amazing Race 31: Cast Preview

This season of the Amazing Race involves 11 team of reality tv “stars” from the Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor. Blurry Denzel and Kemper Boyd pitched to the PRP some TAR coverage of the season and they were perfectly happy to let us do it as long as it was no work for them.

Blurry Denzel: Let’s begin

Kemper Boyd: Even though I’m not wild about the whole cast I’m kind of psyched for the season

BD: I am too. I’m surprised they haven’t tried this concept before considering their history of taking players from Big Brother and Survivor.

KB:It’s a great chance to see some big characters in a different situation. I think some of them will be awesome and some will be a huge shitshow and I’m excited.

BD: I want Rupert to be that shitshow.

KB: oh yeah and Corinne.

BD: I actually think Corinne and Eliza are primed for success, at least in the early going. Also, them together will make for excellent TV. I think Corinne is at her best when she has someone to play off of.

KB: TAR is a completely different reality show. It involves a lot less of the strategy that Survivor and Big Brother involve but is more about your overall cognitive and physical abilities and how you cope with stress and pressure.

There are a few contestants especially Rupert who just don’t seem cut out for it.

BD: Absolutely. I think Rupert will have a tough time adjusting though he will completely buy into this theme and mug for the cameras. A good partnership is very important in this show and while I’m confident him and Laura will get along well, I’m not sure if she will be able to rein in his bad impulses.

BD: Let’s go over the teams. I may have already ranked them based on my excitement that they will be on my TV.

Here is the Team Preview in order of how excited Blurry Denzel is for their return to his TV:

Rupert & Laura

KB: Rupert, where to start? Firstly he’s 55, which is pretty old for TAR. It’s a physical game.

BD: Very physical. You are also moving, doing challenges, navigating around places you’re not familiar with. Along with physical, your brain is always on alert. You have a 12 hour break at pit stops, definitely the inverse of Survivor, which is a lot of down time.

KB: I fear Laura is even less cut out for the Race than Rupert. I’m excited to see them but more because if they manage to survive a leg or two they should be entertaining.

BD: I don’t like when Rupert is successful. It’s gets to his head quickly, especially in an all star setting. I’m curious in Laura’s investment level on being on the show. I think she’ll have more fun on this than Blood vs Water.

KB: so first out?

BD: That would be great but I don’t think so. They are a solid pair who has been with each other so long. I think their problem will be longevity rather than an instant implosion

KB: Also the first leg of TAR is a lot of luck

BD: They do tend to do broader things with a lot of contestants.

Art & JJ

KB: these guys can quite frankly fuck right off. Border Patrol agents who have only been cast because they were on a season of TAR with Rachel Reilly and hated her

BD: It’s really their only value to the show. I love rooting against them and as a Rachel fan (we’ll get that later), I hope she gets under their skin again and then destroy them. Where would you put their chances of winning?

KB: They were a really solid team, they did very well their first time out but they are older and this field has some really strong teams I like better. They could hang around and I wouldn’t be surprised. Just disappointed.

BD: I agree. I do think there is an advantage of doing the race before that the Big Brother and Survivor teams don’t have. Little important things like airport maneuvering will give them a leg up initially but other stronger teams will adjust.

Leo & Jamal

KB: We’ve seen them twice, was never keen on them really. The Afghanimals are two Afghan-American cousins who annoy me quite a bit.

BD: Yeah, I was a little surprised they were brought back for a third time. I don’t have much of an opinion on them. They were fine, I guess. I don’t actively dislike them and they have value as goodish players.

KB: I really wonder if there were no other male/male teams who wanted in. They are again pretty decent Amazing Race players but their antics were not for me. They could easily stick it out long into the Race.

BD: Absolutely. They are one of the safest bets to stick around. I think you are on the money about male/Male teams. Interesting that they picked a lot of women from the non TAR shows.

Nicole & Victor

​Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo

BD: Our first Big Brother team, Nicole and Victor.

KB: I don’t know ’em!

BD: They are the generic hetero dating couple that has been a TAR staple.


She looks short. I’m always team short, well not always but we gotta stick together. She reminds me of the female newscaster who won a few years ago.

BD: I like Nicole. She won her second season of Big Brother (18). She is smart. Victor got decent fan fare by getting evicted and winning his way back into the game twice. As a character, I find him boring.

KB: I have no more comment.

BD: Together, I don’t see them popping on screen but I think they have good odds of winning. They are young, reasonably athletic, and unlikely to explode under pressure.

Tyler & Korey

Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl

KB: I liked Tyler and Korey. They were the stars of their season on the Amazing Race. They are in my mind the strongest TAR team cast. Solid racers who know how to entertain. Big thumbs up for me on Tyler and Korey.

BD: I like them too. This is the point of the list where I’m very excited for everyone else. Their winning chances are relatively high.

KB: Yeah, this is a team who were robbed by the design of their finale race leg and should have won. They are only 3 years removed from racing and are young and fit

BD: And well rounded for the different types of challenges TAR throws out. They are a safe bet. The only reason they rank as low as they do is because of how known they are to me in this environment. Recently I must add because there is another team later that I’m familiar with but it’s been a long time.

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Rachel & Elissa

​Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater

BD: Back to Big Brother, Rachel and Elissa, this ranking is almost solely based on Rachel.
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KB: I have zero idea who Elissa is but Rachel is a TAR and Big Brother superstar. I’m exicted to see if without the calming force of her boring husband she will implode in a delightful way

BD: She is a fun villain to cheer against or she is such a crazy character that you can’t help but love her. She has done very well on the race before and won her second season of Big Brother. She is athletic and very competitive. She is one of the best individual casting choices on this season. Her sister is also on the show.

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Brett & Chris

Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle

BD: Back to Survivor with Chris and Bret.

KB: this fine. They are entertaining but I just don’t know how they’ll do. They aren’t in great shape. I don’t know how well they really know each other and I just have no clue how it’ll be.

BD: I think that will be part of the fun, finding out how well or horrible they’ll do. I like their dynamic and they will be good for a few laughs along the way. Also, I think TAR should go to the Survivor well more often, especially with players that aren’t high on the list to return on Survivor.

KB: They should be fun and that is important.

BD: Absolutely, they won’t take shit too seriously and that helps to balance things out. Their winning odds are pretty low.

KB: very low.

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Colin & Christie

​Colin Guinn and Christie Woods

BD: Next up is a throwback to the early Race days, Colin and Christie.

KB: I’ll be honest, I don’t remember these guys well. They come from the days when the guy would just do every road block and it was cool.

BD: I think Colin did all of them except one. They played all the way back on a very fun season of TAR 5. They were fun people to root against. I never thought they would return.

KB: 15 years is a long time but they look in good shape. The race has evolved since then and I’d imagine so have they.

BD: Yeah, they were very argumentative during their season and I think that will be better. They are still kinda young too. I think they are in top half of winning potential.

KB: yeah, he’s very intense but she’s had two kids with him so hopefully she can handle it.

Corinne & Eliza

​Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins


BD: Go on.

KB: Oh two stressheads on a race around the world? I expect them to explode, temper tantrums and wild reactions and overall insanity.

BD: So much explosive potential and they are ones to speak their minds. I will say that they seem to get along excellently.

KB: I don’t expect them to fight each other but all the other contestants.

BD: Yes, they will be very antagonistic. They are very smart though and in good shape.

KB: I think Art and JJ will hate them and are both well travelled, they could do really well.

BD: I think they go far and will be very entertaining. One of the highest odds among the non TAR players.

KB: I hope so, but maybe not too well because I do not enjoy Corinne’s cool girl schtick. Although Eliza finally noticed Emnscout is a Public Defender and asked if they were soulmates so we can deffo root for her.

BD: Yes, anyone who recognizes Em’s greatness is good in my book.

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Becca & Floyd

​Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce


BD: Our last TAR team, Becca and Floyd. I love them so much.


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I am 100% all in Team Fun. This is my rooting interest.

So guys, here is how it happened. TAR did a Perfect STrangers season, cast like 30 people and then let them pick a partner based on the first challenge.

Becca, a massively weird rock climbing goofball, picked Floyd, a equally weird marching band goofball and it was magical.

They had the most fun and were adorable and also really good at the game.

BD: Floyd is basically me if I was on the race.

KB: pretty much.

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BD: I think they will improve from their last showing. They are smart and correct the bad decisions. Becca especially is a beast. Super versatile and down for every type of challenge. I want them to be successful.

KB: They now live in the same place and are pretty good friends. It’s all trending upwards. Becca is one of the best female racers I can think of at least in recent seasons.  and Floyd is all heart, he will try his best on everything

BD: Exactly, they will push for that extra mile and really that makes a difference in this game that by design keeps racers close.

KB: I love them so much.

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BD: I want to hang with them.
They top the people I would get a drink with list.

KB: it’s Colorado, I think Becca has more than just a few beers

BD: Even better

KB: so that leaves one team and we all know thank the lord it’s not Tai and Caleb, so who is it?

Janelle & Britney

​Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes


BD: It wasn’t even close. I’m so excited for this team. Two of the five best people that have ever been cast on Big Brother. Janelle and Britney

KB: oooohhh I know Britney, she was the one who got duped by Hayden but was great and I loved her.

BD: So great. Britney will give Courtney Yates confessionals. She is so fun. I can’t wait for her commentary on the other teams.

Related image

KB: I have no idea who the other one is.

BD: Janelle is my all time favorite Big Brother player. She us a dynamic personality. Janelle walked so Rachel could run.

KB: that sounds exciting. So how do you see this team doing?

BD: Janelle is the best Big Brother comp player ever. She is also very confrontational but so charismatic that you have to love her. I think will gel well as partners. Reasonably athletic. They have potential but I’m not objective.

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Wrap Up

KB: so that’s the Amazing Race: A Bunch of CBS Reality “Stars”

BD: Yes, I think we are in for a great season and I hope everyone watches and join us as we do recaps after each episode

KB: I’m very excited. I hope a we can enjoy it all together.

Winner Picks

BD: Do you have an official winners pick?

KB: I’m going to bet on Tyler and Korey. that’s my pick, you?

BD: I’m going with Tyler and Korey as well.

KB: glad we are in agreement.

BD: Hopefully we haven’t jinxed them.

First Boot Pick

KB: I’m going to guess Brett and Chris. I don’t have a feel for it at all!

BD: This is a lot tougher. I think you may be right.

Going Forward

Tell us in the comments what you think of the teams, of your thoughts and please join us for recaps as the season goes on!