Survivor Edge of Extinction Week 9 Predictions

Hey, if you treat previews as spoilers… you might want just avoid this week’s post. (We’re not spoiled on results, I promise. Not that our predictions record should ever make you question that).

Wasn’t easy figuring out how y’all did with the shit show that was our polling last week, but it looks like it was a tie between Ron and Julia. And one of those Ron votes may have been me testing it (can’t remember if that was one of those polls or an older one). So congrats! You get the Julia prediction.

Now on to this week’s predictions for a double elimination episode (that would be the spoiler). Order counts.

Staff Predictions


Let’s say the newly formed group sticks around each other long enough to take someone on the other side out. Gavin wasn’t an option at that tribal because he was immune, so maybe this time he won’t be and they’ll vote him out. But after that, Julie will prove too difficult to work with and they’ll just get rid of her instead. Throughout the episode, the former Lesus will talk about turning on each other, both in plotting with non-Lesus and in confessionals. Then circumstances will align that encourages them to vote together anyway.


So I think that this episode won’t necessarily fall Lesu vs. Kama, but two formers Kamas will go here. Basically, if Wentworth-Lauren-Portkey, Rick-David, and Ron-Julie-Victoria make the key voting blocs trust clusters packages groups, they’ll want to trim the fat so their group has maximal leverage over the game come F8 or whatever. Basically, Aurora and Gavin are next to go. In that order though? Well, they’re alphabetical, so sure.


I believe in the podcast I predicted Rick, so I guess I’ll stick with that for the first boot of the night? The idea being that he’ll continue to want to make moves and people will see him as a threat. I don’t feel confident about this.

The second boot is always hard to say because we have no idea what dynamics will be introduced. I’m between two options, both people who haven’t gotten a ton of airtime. I’ll say Gavin will go home* because everyone will continue to forget Aurora is there.

*to the edge of extinction


Since Rick/David incorrectly played an idol last time, I’m going to bet that the ex-Kama crowd sees this as an opportunity to take out David without a risky vote split. Kelley, Lauren, and Wardog jump on board because they were fine with ditching David anyway, and he’s our first boot of the night.

In the second vote, the ex-Kama crowd (plus Devens, who joins them) try to take out Lauren. But I’ll bet on Lauren keeping herself safe for this one with an idol play, and that the votes end up on Gavin instead.


The previews are crying that “no one is safe!” so it must be the first time no one wins immunity, right? Oh, that’s just hype? Never mind. Let’s say Gavin goes as the final architect of the Eric blindside after Julie flips with Lesu, and then things break open and Rick wants to target his old tribe again. Maybe Goof Troupe’s stealth mode doesn’t work so well in the humidity and he is a victim to a split vote/Wentworth idol play. Bye, Dan.


Now that Kama is self destructing I just don’t think it’s gonna stop anytime soon. So first to go is Julie. The Kama survivors will want revenge and lesu will be happy to throw her to the wolves. Then I say they turn around and vote out Gavin. Breaking up anyone with bonds on Kama left in the game


Andy Brad Emma John
Mark Matt
2nd Boot Wendy Keith Wendy Wendy Keith Wendy Wendy
3rd Boot Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy
4th Boot Wendy Aubry Kelley Aurora Wendy Aurora Wendy
5th or 6th Boot Wendy Aubry Wendy Aubry Wendy Wendy Wendy
7th Boot Wendy Julia Dan Joe Dan Dan Dan
EoE returnee Wendy Chris Rick Rick Chris Rick Rick
8th boot Ron Wardrobe Ron David Ron Ron Ron
9th boot Ron Gavin Ron David David David Julia
10th out Gavin Aurora Rick David Gavin Julie
11th out Julie Gavin Gavin Gavin Dan Gavin

Your Turn

Who will be the first boot of the episode?

  • Aurora (45% Votes)
  • Gavin (19% Votes)
  • David (13% Votes)
  • Julie (6% Votes)
  • Ron Clark (6% Votes)
  • Rick (5% Votes)
  • Wardog (5% Votes)
  • Kelley (1% Votes)
  • Lauren (0% Votes)
  • Victoria (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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Who will be the second boot of the episode?

  • Wardog (21% Votes)
  • Gavin (19% Votes)
  • Aurora (17% Votes)
  • Ron Clark (12% Votes)
  • David (9% Votes)
  • Julie (9% Votes)
  • Kelley (9% Votes)
  • Rick (4% Votes)
  • Victoria (1% Votes)
  • Lauren (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 81

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