The Amazing Race Recap: Episode 1: You’re In Our Race Now


Kemper Boyd: I was happy to see Phil give as a walk and talk about the season, that hook necklace is a classic

Blurry Denzel: Phil makes me happy. He doesn’t get enough credit as a host.

KB: He’s a superb host. And his necklace isn’t douchey because he’s a Kiwi.

BD: Yeah, he can pull it off in a way American white guys couldn’t.

KB: I’d like to talk a little about how iconic “I’m doing this for Pablo” is. I took notes and I have #teampablo written down.

BD: That made me chuckle. Great introduction for Leo and Jamal. It made me want to root for them because I want good things for Pablo.

KB: I completely turned around on them about 3 minutes into the episode and am fully on board for their win, I’d be ok if they took the whole thing because they are legit fun.

BD: I think this episode did an excellent job building up characters and showing a lot of them in their best light

KB: and for some their best is bad.

BD: Ha, fucking Art and JJ.

KB: How did you feel about Rupert sounding like Rob C’s impression of Rupert? “Survivors are tough”

BD: Rupert has been dwelling in full caricature for awhile now. No one talks like that.

KB: I thought the intro for Nicole and VIctor was quote. The 3 “I vote for Victor was fun”

BD: They came across as very cute together. I thought that was a smart way to go over their history

KB: Yeah, they have a nice energy together

The Amazing Race 31

First Challenge

KB: So, the first challenge if you can call it that is to dig through a giant sand octopuss for a clue. DO you think there were like 20 clues?

BD: What a pointless challenge. They were better off just having them run to their cars and taking it to the airport. They were definitely at least 20 clues. You could tell me there was 50 and I’ll nod in agreement

KB: everyone made the same flight

BD: I was disappointed by that. Airport shenanigans are the best shenanigans

KB: at least I like a good “there are only 4 tickets on the first flight” first leg

KB: It gives things a sense of urgency right from the jump, which is ideal for a race. Things felt relaxed in this episode

BD: One airport scene I need to mention is Corinne and Eliza roasting the others

KB: oh, yeah, classic Corinne and Eliza. They are so superior and I’m not sure they’ve proven in any of their appearances on tv and they didn’t this week either.

BD: That might be the best part. They aren’t that good. I did like that segment though. I think it remained on the right line of their mean girl schtick.

KB: I think Eliza did, that thing about Sugar’s dad is still the worst

BD: Absolutely, I wish they didn’t flashback to that and used a different Corinne moment. Maybe something like her ragging on Phillip in Caramoan.

KB: I’d quickly like to talk about Team Fun’s package.

BD: Phrasing.

KB: Floyd dropping “we’re dating now” make me laugh outloud.

BD: I loved it. Floyd had some moments between that and his betting on Becca completing a task in less than 30 seconds. I think them becoming closer friends will help them this time around.

Arrival Task

KB: So the arrival task was to go to the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing and then find one of two places for clues.

BD: Amazing Race 101 here of trying to push through crowds and distractions like bright lights to get to a destination.

KB: Find an English speaker with a phone, go from there. Some Survivor teams did very badly here and finding the Edge Of place they had to get to for the Roadblock.

BD: The TAR veterans advantage really showed here.

KB: The Afganimals really showed how good they are.

BD: Agreed. They were able to separate themselves from the group. It is good to sometimes help but don’t do other teams job for them.

KB: Rachel and Elissa helping Tyler & Korey made sens.e to me as they were only two teams there.

Corinne & Eliza really crumbled and it was fun

BD: So quickly. Eliza especially got very panicky and Corinne doesn’t strike me as a calming force

KB: So it takes Corinne and ELiza and Art and JJ so so long to find their clues then we get to the first Roadblock.

Roadblock #1

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KB: The racer has to find a chocolate covered shoe in a room of wooden shoes.

BD: A good strategy for roadblocks like this is to go with your less athletic team member always, a couple of teams made a mistake.

KB: Victor shouldn’t have done it really, although Nicole isn’t unphysical and Rupert really should have

BD: In current day TAR, teams have to do pretty much an equal number of roadblocks and later on in the race, there are some extreme tasks.

KB: also often in the first leg there will be like there is here a second road block where the other racer has to complete it. We also get the spectacular editing in this sequence of Victor’s 43 attempts.

BD: Very great, especially in contrast to Janelle getting hers immediately because “she’s a lucky bitch.” This is one of those needle in a haystack challenges TAR loves to do.

KB: it’s so amazing to have Corinne & Eliza and JJ & Art get their clue from the locksmith after Leo & Jamal have finished the next road block.

KB: Horrible sign to get so behind so early. I like the exchange between Rupert and Corinne about how they don’t want to make Survivor look bad, as if they were the benchmark to aspire to.

KB: the first 3 teams to finish are TAR teams, it’s not a surprise.

BD: The first 5 had at least one player that has been on TAR.

Roadblock #2

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KB: the next Roadblock was to climb Mount Fuji but mount Fuji is a slippery slope. I’ve got high and watched over an hour of that game show it’s so good.

BD: I’m watching TV wrong

KB: it’s on youtube. I’ve also watch Mable Races, which are really fun and stupid, they have commentary like they are real races.

BD: I will check this out. I thought it was fun to see on TAR. Some players really struggled, some like Colin made it seem ridiculously easy. Then there was Bret.

KB: Becca beasted it as expected too but oh god Bret. First rule of TAR is read the clue.

BD: Yet every season people will fuck that up, multiple times in fact.

KB: Rupert and Laura getting lost for 2 hours because Rupert said “it’s not across the street” as they walk passed it across the street!

BD: Rupert is always so confident in his wrongness. At least no one would’ve drowned here. Also, two hours is crazy to not realize something is wrong.

KB: I have never been more disappointed that not getting to watch Corinne fall multiple times. Then we get to Art. Jesus Christ Art

BD: All episode these border patrol fuckers were talking about how they were never going to quit as they fell further and further behind. One cramp later…

KB: I really think there is a chance that he did that for like 2 hours as Rupert and Laura wandered the park.

BD: Actually, now that you mention it, that seems likely

KB: My note from the point Art is getting treated for cramp and Rupert and Laura stand still said “can they both be first out?”

BD: Well Rupert and Laura aren’t making it past episode two.

KB: if they get a leg with more cabs they might be better

BD: They need that but tasks will only get more physical. We haven’t even gotten to detours yet, where both members need to pull their weight.

KB: yeah, it could be very bad.

KB: Art & JJ got eliminated and I was thrilled.

BD: So happy. So right before the premiere Kemper and I did a draft and neither of us selected this team. I like to think we had a role in this.

KB: Who wants Border Patrol guys?

BD: I wish my country didn’t

Take Aways

BD: What are some other takeaways that you had from the episode?

KB: The TAR teams have such an advantage; it really is a completely different world and game.

BD: Agreed

KB: Team Fun are still my absolute favourites and Leo & Jamal took the win by a long way and looked really good.

BD: Leo and Jamal really impressed me. I do believe them when they said they matured. Colin and Christie haven’t lost a step.

KB: That and TAR editing makes it such a fun show to watch

BD: It makes it feel like their all family that will lovingly poke fun but are all in the laugh together.

KB: what were your thoughts on the “this season on” reveal of a u-turn vote?

BD: I’m fine with it. A decent way of incorporating elements from the other shows. Also, a TAR team is a lock to get it.

KB: or they really hate one team!

BD: Well, Rachel and Elissa had a good run.

KB: I doubt Corinne and Eliza are even there to vote for!

BD: That was my thinking as well

BD: Yes, I thought this was a good table setting episode that has me excited for what to come. Also I feel better about our winner pick with those guns Tyler is carrying around.

KB: I know, girl he got ripped.

BD: Prediction for next week?

KB: Rupert and Laura go

BD: I agree.

BD: Everyone go listen to Lizzo’s new album. It’s the best thing you’ll hear all week. We’ll be back after the next episode.