Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Edge of Extinction episode 10 – “Blood of a Blindside”

Strap into the jump seat and put your chairs in the upright position and have a listen to your original Purple Rock co-pilots, Andy and John discuss the latest double boot episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

They shoot dead horses, don’t they?

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Edge of Extinction episode 10 – “Blood of a Blindside”

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In this episode, Andy and John discuss:

  • A very busy episode of Survivor.
  • John’s horniness for David getting voted out.
  • Did Ron and Julie make the right call siding with Wardog over David?
  • Kelley’s idol-holding ballsiness didn’t work this time.
  • Dog vs butterfly.
  • Crazy dog or crazy like a fox?
  • Was David’s advantage decision the wrong one?
  • Was Aurora’s worse?
  • Ron and Julia’s games.
  • Does Queen Victoria still have a chance?
  • Wait… isn’t returnees playing with newbies the easiest thing in Survivor?
  • Marked: Edgic of Extinction
  • Season 40 casting rumours (spoiler warning)